Heart in Knifepoint

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People usually believes in God's direction but sometimes they utterly forget their own work too. Sadness was never anyone's love but when love turns to sadness you start loving It. It doesn't matter anymore if the love is worthy for you unconditionally start loving. "My world is snagged in misery. I can't let you be in this cruel miserable world. Let me make this better place for you Love and welcome you with peace." He said, each word he really mean it. "I loved you knowing your dark side then why?? Yo-You are my everything I can't, I'll accept whatever comes to us we'll face together I don't care what it is but I will never let anything apart us." I said gritting my teeth to stop my warm tears which is way in rolling but I take it back to stay strong. "I'm ready to keep my HEART IN KNIFEPOINT"

Romance / Fantasy
Summer rose
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New Guy

"Rose do you want to deceased in that clownish hand of Mr. white?" I opened my eyes to see Finely cuddling at the corner of my bed.

" Hope to not but never mind better than dying in rowing" I sneered

Finely is my little brother whom I consider as my best friend than brother. Not that he is my brother but his manifested hair enthrall everyone's attention. In school Finely always have been popular unlike me where his cohesion helps a lot.

I don't care that I'm not popular but the attention I get becz of Finely is the most nagging.

I stretch my hands and leg before sprawling myself to bathroom.

After I was done with my stuffs I came out wrapping my body in a towel. I walked upto my closest to take my outfit, I prefer normal baggie clothes other than like body showing bitches.

After I was done I brush my hair and leaving it open though I don't like to tie up my hair other than when it's necessary.

I toddle down to the dining where dad and Finely having breakfast and mum doing with her dishes.

"ohk so Finely are you done with your tearing hair that we can proceed to school" I looked upto Finely who's busy setting up his hair with gel erecting it shiny. I must say half of his pocket money go in this.

"yeah done let's go" finally he spoke and ran out of the door. We both are in same school but I'm just one year older than him. Though he doesn't even give a minimum respect to me that I'm his sister. I don't mind either because we are being taught to playback.

Sliding my bag I kissed mum's cheek before waving to my dad.

After 30 minutes we finally reached school by our car... I won't say my personal because Finely has a prosperous taste of cars and this Buggati Divo.

Yeah I won't grudge that we aren't rich but we are abdicate from the luxury others get.

I parked the car in the parking lot before walking inside the busy entrance growling at each other.

I don't know why today I'm feeling something strange with these guys like they are searching someone.

"Rosey you go I'm going to meh class" Finely went as I nodded heading towards my lockers.

Where I could see my friends waiting for me. Seeing them I enchanted my speed of walking seeing them impatiently tapping there foot.

"sorry guys i was -" before I could complete Layla cuts me off " Fast take your stuffs and come fast bitch". I blinked few times before I speed up.

Olivia, Skylar, Layla and Blake... they are the ones I could trust and love the most without any hesitation.

"We're gonna be late" Skylar groaned in frustration. Blake rolled his eyes.

What the heck happening??

"Guys is there any prodigious in class. That you all are tugging me so crankly" I cackled when I got no answer just Blake sighed.

But for the massive number of students here and there we decrease our speed there they talk.

"We are getting fast because a new guy gonna arrive and we have to get the seat close to him-" Olivia continued turning to me "because we don't want you to be single any more" My eyes widen in her little explanation.

"Guys I'm coming from washroom" Before they could stop i ran toward the washroom where I could see almost vacant with no people.

As I was going back I hit up a hard chest " ouch" I let out a short wail before I look up to the person.

MF freaking greek God!!

Icy blue eyes staring at me with perfect face shape. I must say God has took a massive time to create him. His parted juicy lips with messy hair making him more handsome. Freaking tall for what I have to pretty much tilt my head upwards. A white t-shirt wrapping his upper body showing some of his abs and a loosen dark jeans. I looked at his emotionless eyes but something is there I couldn't make out.

"Are you done looking me?" He told with his husky voice. I blinked twice to realize that I'm looking at him observing him for few time.

" I-I'm sorry" I hurried to go to the class. I wanted to know his name but anyway I'll come to know by my lads.

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