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Oneshot story. Kyoko x Razor. There is a famous academy name Teyvat Academy which is located in Celestia. All sorts of people from different nations fought to be able to transfer there. Kyoko and Lune from Inazuma got accepted into Teyvat Academy but there is something familiar. They were reincarnated and were addicted to Genshin Impact. But now, the school they got accepted, the characters from Genshin are also there. Kyoko is from Inazuma while Razor is from Monstadt

Romance / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Let's meet again

Genshin Impact High School Modern AU
( Kyoko x Razor )
- -
miHoYo owns the whole Genshin Impact while I only own my story and my OCS
- -
My Characters:
Kyoko Hayaki
Lunette Hiraki
and others
- -
3rd POV

Kyoko and Lune died and got reincarnated.

They remember everything that happened in their past life.

They were best friends but got reincarnated as cousins who live together.

They somehow moved on and forgets their past life.

They are now 16 years old.

Even though the world they’re in was named Teyvat, and the nations there are similar to that one game,

They just pretended that it was all a coincidence until the day they got accepted to Teyvat Academy.

Students in Teyvat Academy get accepted if they have visions and talents.

Lune uses a Red Scythe and has Pyro Vision while Kyoko uses a sword and has Geo Vision.

And now it’s the day where they transfer to Teyvat Academy.

They’re now traveling from Inazuma to Khaenri’ah since Teyvat Academy is located there.

“Lune don’t you think that this world is similar to ‘that game’?.”
Kyoko asked, thinking it isn’t a coincidence anymore.

“No, this is simply a coincidence. Besides we can’t go back to our world anymore.” Lune said with her cold eyes looking outside the window.

“Oh sorry.” Kyoko started fiddling with her fingers.

“Stop apologizing when you aren’t at fault. You might become a victim of a bastard.” Lune eventually slapped Kyoko’s hand, since it’s her way of showing her affection.

“Thank you!.” Kyoko smiled which made Lune smile too.

A few minutes later, they arrived at the academy.

They were now walking but the academy is too big that they were lost, until.

“Excuse me, both of you must have been lost. We’ll show you the way! What are your classes?.”
A girl with long, salmon pink hair and has bright teal-green eyes with ovoid pupils asked.

Next to her is a girl with long, dark brown hair and scarlet eyes with flower-shaped pupils.

'They look somewhat familiar... But they are trustable' Lune thought.

"Oh yes, we are. Our class is 2-A." Lune said with an unbothered face.

Kyoko was just there, letting Lune handle the situation.

"Oh, we're from the other class in 2-B!." The brown-haired girl was looking at Kyoko for ways to trick her.

"Pardon my intrusion, we forgot to introduce ourselves. I am Yanfei and she is HuTao. I haven't seen both of you before, perhaps you're new." Yanfei, a treasurer from the student council office.

"Ok we're lost, please show us the way," Lune said.

"That's rude! Aren't you supposed to introduce to us?." HuTao glared at Lune and pointed her.

"There is no need TaoTao, I already know Ms. Hiraki and Ms. Hayaki." Yanfei smiled and started to walk to their classes, Hu Tao frowned and followed her. Kyoko and Lune followed her as well.

While walking, Yanfei discusses Teyvat Academy to Lune and Kyoko.

The classes with different nations are separated. Inazuma and Monstadt in Class A, Snezhnayan and Liyue in Class B and etc.

after a while of talk, they finally reach their classes.

"This is it. Let's meet again." Yanfei elegantly said.

"Thank you for today! If u didn't show up, we would be late." Kyoko said her farewell.

Inside The Class.

"Good Morning Class, today there will be two new students from Inazuma." an elegant woman who has long light blue hair and purple-yellow eyes. Ms. Lawrence

Lune and Kyoko are in front of the class.

Lune still has an unbothered face while Kyoko is smiling.

'Right we need to introduce!.' Kyoko was thinking and signaled Lune.

Lune eventually got it and started to introduce nicely as she can.

"I am Lunette Hiraki but at least call me Lune. I am a Pyro user and wields a scythe." Lune bowed, it was Kyoko's turn now.

"I am Kyoko Hayaki, I wield a sword and is a Geo User. A pleasure to meet all of you." Kyoko bowed as well.

"Ok then, please sit at the remaining chair." Ms. Lawrence said and pointed at the chairs.

The remaining seats aren't next to each other, so Lune and Kyoko can't seat together.

Lune's chair is beside the window and at her right, a calm boy with red highlights was sitting, at her back is an elegant noble girl and at her front is a young bard.

And at Kyoko's chair, it is beside a girl with an eyepatch and a girl with pigtails.

" Since today is the 2nd week of class except for the transferees. I will group you into partners and all you got to do is learn about each other. And since we're 19, I will group one of you to three." Ms. Lawrence announced.

She stands up and looked at the attendance to start arranging groups. Even though the task today is a waste of time for her, it is still required for her students to know now another.

After a few minutes, Ms. Lawrence already decided on the group.

The only three persons in each group are Kyoko, Bennett, and Razor.

As for Lune, she was grouped with Kaedehara Kazuha, her seatmate.

"Alright everyone, I want you all to change seats until you and your partners are sitting together. Do it quietly." Ms. Lawrence warned.

Everyone did as Ms. Larence said.

- Kyoko's POV

This isn't simply a coincidence anymore, since Lune always says that it is all a councidence.

But I'll wait on what she'll tell me later.

I have to focus on today's business with Razor and Bennett.

"My name is Bennett! and he is Razor."
Bennett started first at introducing.

"Hello, Bennett and Razor. I'm Kyoko Hayaki, don't both of you have any last name?" I smiled, saying my introduction.

This is it, this must be Genshin Impact but modern. In my past, I always have thought if Razor and Bennett have last names.

But I just realize what I did. Why would I asked something stupid!! Lune already taught me this...

"I mean, don't both of you have any nickname."
I corrected, so they would think that I said the wrong thing.

I remember Lune telling me that Bennett is naive... And Razor is unbothered.

"Oh! I didn't think much about having a nickname." Bennett thumbs up.

"Razor what do you like?." I asked so we can continue talking.

"I liked Potatoes!." Razor answered.

Ah, Razor is so cute! I wonder if I can touch his hair... It is described as silky and his hair looks shiny too.

Let me see what's going on to Lune with Kazuha.

I turned around to catch the sight of Lune's action.


I have never seen Lune flustered for a lifetime!.

Maybe she's now realizing that this is Genshin Impact AU.

And she really looks agitated, she doesn't want to show her emotions to strangers and she has always look unbothered.

"Kyoko, what happened? Why are you smiling evilly." Bennett asked, concerned.

I look back at Razor and Bennett.

"I finally can go to my usual self." I answered.

"I do not understand you." Razor stated.

Wait no! Why am I telling the precious cinnamon roll Razor.

Well fine, since he doesn't understand.

"I'm not actually dense and naive as what Lune has thought. That was just a facade." I smiled and those two guys still didn't understand what I'm saying.

I waited all this time for her to have emotions showed.

- Lune's POV

Ms. Lawrence told us to sit together with our partners.

But we're already sitting together...

What do I do? I'm not into talking normally.

Besides he's Kaedehara Kazuha. Kazuha!

I turned to look at the boy beside me.

As I turned to him, he was staring at me while his face is with his right hand.

And he looks like he was observing me.

I turned to look in the other direction, which where Kyoko is.

She was talking with Bennett and Razor cheerfully, while I'm here awkward.

This isn't a coincidence anymore, this is really Genshin Impact.

I became confident and faced Kazuha.

"I- um, as you heard I'm Lune." I said, looking unbothered.

I'm professional at looking unbothered, but in reality, I still have emotions inside me.

"I know." Kazuha said, looking calm.

I hate Kazuha now.

I can imagine killing him with my scythe, torturing him until death, and burning him alive.

I should ask HuTao to bury him, but his remains are already destroyed... By me.

Months Later.
- 3rd POV

Lune and Kyoko are in Teyvat Academy for months.

But every month, they seem to grow more distant.

Many things happened and they also have dorms.

But there is still one thing that no one knows about Lune.

And this is the day where she reveals her secret.

This Morning-

They're now traveling, and are doing a field trip.

Lune went with Kazuha and Kyoko went with Fischl, Bennett, and Razor.

"Kazu, you said you weren't going to come!." Lune frowned.

"It was because you said you weren't going to come." Kazuha answered and patted Lune's hair.

Lune and Kazuha grew closer during those months.

"Razor come here." Kyoko told Razor.

Razor went to Kyoko and Kyoko patted his head to relieved her

[A/n: um ok I did this days ago and I'm embarrass pls don't judge me, that's why I dont show you my fanfics cuz I'm embarrass that I once made it] - June 13 now

Lune: Ok guys look at me.

Lune shouted and everyone looked at her.

Kyoko: Talking now?

Kyoko went in front her.

Lune: I have some secrets to say!

Lune confessed.

some bitch girl: and what is it loser?

Kazu: omg did u just called my lunenene cute pretty pie cinammon roll loser?

Kazuha began to go to the bitch girl and kazuha started to jump and killed the girl with his sword.

everyone ignored it cuz its normal for someone to kill another.

lune: umm okay so what I'm saying is.

Kyoko: revealing now?!

Lune: what I'm about to say is....

to be continued


i will continue.

Kyoko: omg what??.

Lune: I will go to another world!!

Kazu: omg nooooo

Kyoko: wait no whyyyy

Lune: to buy kfc!! and venti is in Starbucks so bye losers.

Kazu: I also want towork there!!

Lune: ok come with me loser.

Kazu: yay I'm a loser

Kyoko: No! Dont go. I love you!

Razor: omg me thought me love by you???

bennett: u r mess up kyoko kirigiri

Lune: losers! y'all cant see venti since he's in another world.

Then what happens was Kazuha and Lune killed and went to another world

Their next life as a kfc worker and being buddies with venti size in starbucks.

Kyoko: NOOOOO.

10 Years Later.

Kyoko: omg I have so many husbands.

Razor: yes lol.

Fischl: omg that's mess up, u even took away my bennett.

Bennett: aha yes, you have like 10 husbands haha.

Kyoko: oh sheesh I love being in a harem haha.

Fischl: What are your husbands name then?

Kyoko (KC Yang) : Oh its easy, the names are Ajax, Tartaglia, Childe, Teucer's older brother, Ed sheeran, Ginger, the 11th fatui harbinger, the greatest toymaker in sneezhnayan.

Ginger: Oh yeah its me. Hey girlie whatcha doing??

Razor: omg u forgot me, I thought i was ur main.

Kyoko: Oh yeah ur name is Gorou right?

Razor: no I am Razor and I like potatoes.

Kyoko: who cares, Gorou has tails and ears.

Bennett: lol do u remember Lune?

Kyoko: oh yes she'ss the one who died a decade ago. Omg I think she reincarnated and became bffs with venti in starbucks.

Meanwhile with Lune and kazuha:

Lune: lol i think we just died.

Kazu: oh yeah lol that was my best day ever.

Lune:Oh yeah lol let's become kfc workers, our boss is named deelook and our co worker is named donna.

Kazu: omg how about venti in starbucks

Lune: Omg yay great idea lol.

Back in present with Kyoko

Kyoko: LuuNeeeeee!!! i remember she wanted to be a harem protagonist and now I became a harem protagonist for her.

Lune: hey lol bitxh i came back alive.

Kyoko: omg really? yay.

Lune: lol I thought venti in Starbucks is barbatos but venti in starbucks is just a size so i came back lol.

Kyoko: Lune I became a harem protagonist!

Lune: Ok who are ur husbands?

Kyoko: Ajax, Childe. Etc.

Lune: Ok bye bitxh, ur the worst. Im going to kill myself again and become a kfc worker and be with the venti size and with my loser kazuha bye.

Kyoko: nOOO

Childe: hold still girli-

and what happen was lune stepping on child with her dirty shoes that is inserted with poison.

it is the end, do not cry my friend, for I will be always there for u. i also can create another fanfic and this fanfic is only one and only for my beestie day!! shoutout to suzuki kyoko in FB with her kyouka jirou pfp.

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