Apartment No : 107

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How far can you go resisting the attraction you have for your roommate? Especially when he is hot as fuck, And you are the conservative girl from a different culture, which he finds amusing as hell every single day. Ridhi D'Souza, a 22 year old Indian girl decides to move to Arlington, Texas to do her Masters. A girl whose only dream was to live in US, hoping that life abroad would be just like how she had seen in the Netflix series and movies. How wrong could she be? Ray Anderson is every girl's worst nightmare once you pull out the sex from the equation. Being sinfully hot and brutally mean are his speciality. But what is he hiding behind his tough exterior? What would happen if these two totally different people have no choice but to live together? Would she last even a day being his roommate? Read more to find out how exciting, thrilling and difficult life becomes for Ridhi, a girl who has no idea what the future holds for her in this strange city.

Romance / Erotica
Chaotic Soul
Age Rating:

Chapter One

I kept staring down at the piece of paper in my hand unable to believe what I was actually seeing. When I came down to get the mail this morning, I never really expected to see this. My hands were ...
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