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Chapter Ten

I took a cab to reach Trina's place and all the while I couldn't stop thinking about Ray's harsh words. The least he could do was try to be atleast friendly towards me but this guy was so fucking unpredictable and mean.

Was I that boring that he can't even imagine of having a girlfriend like me?

The fact that he was not even a least bit attracted towards me made me feel so bad and low. I mean, I've been drooling over this guy since day one and even if I like him which I do not, I don't think I have a chance because he was way out of my league.

Fuck! I wasn't even in a relationship with him but he still manages to hurt me.

I decided to mind my own business from now on so he can do whatever the hell he wants.

I am not going to give a fuck anymore.

Oh, how wrong was I?!

After reaching her apartment, I took a deep breath to calm myself and made up my mind to enjoy myself. I was not going to let that asshole ruin my evening. I knocked the door and waited patiently until the door flung open to reveal a really good looking guy. He was tall, dark and handsome with smoldering grey eyes.

Completely opposite to Ray!

Ugh! Don't even go there.

I shook my head and scrunched my eyebrows in confusion, looking at the stranger in front of me.

"Umm..this is Trina's apartment right?"

"Yes and you must be her Indian friend, Ridhi? I'm Simon." He extended his hand for me to shake with a warm smile and I instantly felt welcomed. I shook his hand and entered inside. The smell of garlic and pizza's hit my nostrils, making my mouth water immediately. I took a good look at the apartment which had a nice homey vibe to it. It was so bright and colourful and tidy unlike my place.

"Oh my God! There you are. I thought you were going to ditch me. Come here," Trina rushed towards me and pulled me in for a tight hug.

"So glad we are going to have a sleepover. This is Simon, my friend and my roomate. I assume you've already met him." She started to introduce us after pulling back and I gave him a small smile.

"Yeah, we just met."

"Cool. Let me introduce you to my girlfriend. Mia!" She squealed in excitement and called out for her to join us. A petite girl with mid-length blonde hair and soft blue eyes walked towards the living room from the kitchen. She looked so beautiful and had that 'girl next door' kinda vibe towards her which was totally opposite to Trina's.

"Hi, I'm Ridhi. I've heard so much about you." I waved at her and balanced my weight on the other feet, feeling a bit nervous around these new people.

"All good things I hope. I'm so happy that you are staying with us. We are going to have so much fun," she clapped her hands excitedly and I let out a soft sigh.

I can get used to this.

We all settled down on the couch and decided to watch a movie while Mia was making popcorn in the kitchen.

"Have you seen this movie?" Simon asked from beside me and I shook my head with a small smile.

"It's real good. So, is this your first visit to Texas?" he asked and I understood that he was trying to have some small talk to break the ice. I was trying to stay cool and not make a fool out of myself. I mean, he is just a guy after all.

A good-looking one at it.

"Uhh...yeah. My dad used to go to the same University and he has told me so much about studying abroad. I guess it inspired me."

"That's so cool. I just completed my masters in literature and now I work for a publishing house," he added with a smile and I raised my eyebrows in appreciation.

"Wow, that's impressive."

"I'm gonna check on Mia in the kitchen," Trina announced, leaving us both alone. Now that our mutual friend had disappeared, I was starting to feel a bit awkward.

"How are you liking Texas so far?"

"It's pretty good. To be honest, I was finding it difficult with the food and adapting to the culture in the beginning but now I think I'm quite comfortable." I explained and for a second I thought about my pain in the ass roommate.

Yup, super comfortable!

Just then, we both heard a notification sound from my phone and I looked down at my phone to see a new message from Ray. I stopped breathing for a second and my mind went blank. We don't text often and I was surprised to see a message from him, especially after our argument before I left the apartment.

"Please don't tell me you got yourself an American boyfriend already," Simon commented with a small chuckle, bringing me back to the present.

"Wha--No, ummm...it's just my roommate. It's nothing important." I shrugged it off and he gave me a small nod.

"So if not an American boyfriend, then Indian boyfriend?" he asked with a hopeful look in his eyes and that's when I realised he was trying to hit on me.

Holy Shit!

Was this guy actually interested in me? Because he was totally hot and I couldn't believe it.

"No, I was not allowed to have a boyfriend in my household. My family was pretty strict and orthodox," I rolled my eyes and he let out a small chuckle.

"That's just crazy."

"Tell me about it,"

"Hey guys, are we ready to watch the movie?" Trina and Mia joined us on the couch and we both nodded in unison.

Halfway through the movie, my phone went off again and I could hear continuous notification sounds.

"Babe, do you need to get that?" Trina asked and I looked down at my phone.

All four messages from Ray.

"Umm...yeah. I'll be righ back. You guys continue," I excused myself and walked away from the living room towards the balcony. I clicked on the messages, eager to read his messages.

'Where are you?' - Ray

'Are you coming home or what?' - Ray

'I'm thinking of order in some Chinese. Should I order some for you?' - Ray

'Whatever. Forgot it.' - Ray

Well, if that was his attempt at apologizing, he really sucked at it. I put my phone back in my pocket without replying and took a deep breath, running my fingers through my hair.

"All okay?" I turned around at the sound of Simon's voice and gave him a light smile.

"Yeah, it's just my roommate. He wanted to know if I was coming home or not."

"He seems really concerned about you."

"Hardly. He is just an asshole," I blurted out without thinking and he raised his eyebrows at my foul language.

"Wow, what did he even do for you to call him an asshole?" he asked with a small chuckle and I let out a loud groan.

"We would probably miss the movie if I start complaining about him,"

"I've seen it a lot of times and this is way more interesting," he added with a small wink and I didn't know if it was the pent up rage and anger. I started to ramble about him to Simon from the beginning and by the time I was done, I was feeling angry and pissed at Ray even more than before.

"Damn, he does sound like an asshole."

"I know, right?"

"Listen, why don't you move out if he is being difficult?" he asked, throwing me completely off guard. That thought has never actually occurred to me. I mean, I could but I had no idea why I didn't think of it before.

"I don't know. I just thought it would get better if I give it some time and the commute to the uni is also easy from his apartment," I started to list down the points which almost felt like I was giving some lame excuses to not move out.

"Well, I can help you find a new place if you ever decide to move out." He replied, giving me a warm smile. That was really sweet of him and I was glad that not every guy was an asshole around here.

"Thanks Simon. I really appreciate that," I smiled back at him and to be honest, I actually felt better after talking with him and after hanging out for a while in the balcony, we both decided to head inside and watch the movie before it ends.

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