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Chapter Eighteen

"What? I just did you a favor. You should be thanking me." He replied cockily while red hot anger raged through my body.

"How is kissing me a favor? You had no right to do that." I snapped, pushing him away by placing my hands on his hard chest but he didn't bulge and stood there staring at me with amusement twinkling in those deep blue eyes.

"I'm pretty sure you enjoyed that but the point is," he paused, taking a deep breath,"He just--He wants to get into your pants and I know for a fact that all you want is a 'loving boyfriend'." He scoffed, air quoting the last two words which didn't make the situation any better.

"Oh and you are so much better than him." I spat with sarcasm dripping in my tone and noticed the vein in his neck popping out in anger.

"Atleast I'm fucking straight forward about it instead of swaying you with chessy lines or silly romantic dates," he spoke, taking a step closer towards me and I was taken aback by his response.

Maybe the fairytale was better than the bluntness he was showing me.

Maybe I'm desperate like that because I don't know what being in love is actually supposed to feel like.

"Go fuck yourself and don't you dare touch me again," I spoke slowly enunciating each word clear enough for him to understand. I bit my lips to stop the trembling and I knew that I was almost on the verge of breaking down.

"Are you sure about that?" he asked with a lazy smirk, stepping even more closer and looked down upon me. I hated being shorter than him and felt powerless when I felt the heat of his bare chest radiating towards my body.

So warm.

So inviting.

"God, you are so full of yourself. I should have taken Simon's advice and moved out a long time ago." I added, giving him a tight smile and folded my arms in front of my chest. I was not going to give him the satisfaction of the effect he knew he had on me. I saw an unfamiliar emotion pass through his eyes but he quickly masked it by letting out a low chuckle.

"Oh, Ridhi, sweetheart!" He started to laugh as he sat down on the couch.

Why was he laughing? Was he waiting for me to move out and was happy that I had finally said it out loud.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." He tsked, shaking his head at me with an evil glint in his eyes.

Why not?

I should have done that earlier but I couldn't because deep down I knew I liked this asshole even if I didn't want to admit it out loud.

I could easily do it even now and save myself a heartbreak but...I was still hesitant.

I guess my face gave away the unspoken question because he opened his mouth to explain.

"Because, I could easily call your grandma and tell her that you've been staying with a guy all these months." He finished and looked at me, waiting for my response while all the colour drained from my face.

"You can't do that. That's not possible. She wouldn't believe it." I started to stammer as I thought of all the possible reactions I could get from my grandma, hurt being the most of it.

"Oh I can and I will. I have her number from the rental agreement and trust me when I tell you this, she will believe it because I can very convincing if I want something." He stated casually with a wink and all I wanted to do was slap him so hard on his face.

I wasn't even sure if I wanted to move out yet but the fact that he was ready to go to such lengths to make me stay here was stupid and unreasonable.

"Why would you do something like that? You are literally blackmailing me." I yelled, throwing my arms in the air, feeling frustrated and annoyed by him.

"I have my reasons, darling. Now, how would your grandma feel if she comes to know that her sweet innocent grand-daughter has been staying with a foreign male?" he faked an apologetic smile, knowing that I had no smart ass reply for that.

God, how good would it feel to punch that sexy face of his right now?!

A part of me believed that he wouldn't go that further and he was just bluffing and trying to get on my nerves but I do need to tell my grandma about my living arrangements sooner.

Blackmail or no blackmail.

I can't continue to lie to her.

"I hate you, you annoying piece of shit." I cursed in anger and was about to walk away towards my room. He grabbed my wrist, pulling me flush against his chest.

"Careful with your words there. I'm an impatient guy." He whispered in a dangerously low tone which I would had found sexy some other time but I was so mad right tone. I held his stare for a long time which automatically fell on his parted lips that looked inviting, tempting and teasing. Before I could do anything I would regret, I pulled myself away from him and turned around to walk away not before giving him the finger.

Who the fuck does he think he is?

He thought he could do whatever the hell he wants and I would be quiet like the naive innocent girl he thought I was.

Well, he is wrong

I sat down on my bed and touched my lips, still having that lingering feeling of the kiss we shared minutes ago on, still trying to process everything. One moment he shuts me off and acts cold towards me and the next moment, he grabs me in for a kiss like an animal marking it's territory.

I hated my body for enjoying it and I hate the fact that it was so damn hard to hate him even when he does these things.

My traitorous heart was drawn to all that he was and begged for more of his darkness and mystery.

Minutes turned into hours and I had lost my appetite for food so I decided to go to sleep but I heard a light knock on my door and stood up from my bed with a jerk.

Did he want to apologise now?

I quickly fixed my hair and reached out to twist the door knob slowly.

Blue eyes met mine and I sucked in a deep breath.

Hate him.

He blackmailed you.

You are supposed to hate him.

"I was wondering if you were hungry. There is some leftover Chinese." He pointed to the kitchen counter and just like that my heart melted into a puddle.

Damn you, Ray.

So are we on talking terms now?

Where the fuck did we stand?

"I--I'm not hungry." I replied with a straight face and he just gave me a small nod. We both went silent and I was about to close the door.

"Wait." He called out again, halting my actions.

"Uhh-- The air conditioner is not working in my room."

"So?" I asked with raised eyebrows.

"So, the couch is too small for me." He said as a matter of fact, making me frown in confusion.

"But you managed fine when we---" I stopped talking as the realisation hit me, "No,no, you are not sharing my bed. No fucking way!"

"Come on, I don't have a choice."

"What made you think I would even let you in my room after the stunt you pulled earlier?"

"Because I'm your friend?" He said which came out more as a question.

"The hell you are. You literally blackmailed me. I don't give a fuck about where you sleep." I barked and slammed the door right in front of his face and rested my back against the door, letting out a huge sigh.

Maybe I was being too rude.

I kept pacing around the room, wondering if I did the right thing. The thought of him spending the whole night sleeping in that uncomfortable couch made me feel guilty and bad instantly.

The things he make me do.

I opened the door and walked towards the couch slowly. He was lying on the couch, busy scrolling through his phone and didn't notice my presence until I cleared my throat.

"You can sleep on my bed. I'll take the couch." I offered, not meeting his gaze and he sat up straight immediately.

"This is interesting. Do you have so little self control that you are scared to sleep next to me?" he asked with a playful gleam in his eyes.

Stupid prick!

And here I was feeling bad for him.

"Excuse me?"

"Come on, admit it that you are scared."

"I'm not scared and I have plenty self control, asshole. Need I remind that you were the one who kissed me earlier." I scoffed and he raised his hands in defense.

"Fine. I won't as much lay a finger on you if we agree to share the bed. Let's find out shall we?" he asked, confidence dripping in his tone as he extended his hand for me to shake.

A deal with the devil?

Don't do it.

Don't you dare shake his hand.

My mind screamed at me but...he had provoked me.

"Deal!" I slapped my palm against his with a challenging look on my face and I think I saw a hint of smile on his face which almost made his dimples visible but I must be imagining it.

"Deal." He repeated after me, letting go of my hand slowly.

What have I done?
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