Apartment No : 107

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Chapter Twenty Two

"Uh...I didn't..I mean, I had no idea." I let out a nervous chuckle as his dad gave me a puzzled look.

"I'm sure he must have his own reasons." He stated, adjusting his tie and we both stood facing each other in awkwardness as I had no idea what to say and my mind was still trying to figure out why in the world Ray would need a roommate if he owned the apartment.

How rich was he exactly?

"Would you like some tea? Or some Indian sweets perhaps?" I asked, trying to break the ice and he just gave me a warm smile.

"I would love that, Ridhi."

"Perfect, please sit down. I'm sure Ray would be back home any minute now." I added and walked towards the kitchen to make some tea.

"Which part of India are you from?" he called out from the living room, as I was boiling the water and throwing in some tea leaves.

"Uhhh...the south actually."

"Cool. I've been to India a couple of times for business myself and we visited a city called Delhi. Such a beautiful and colorful place."

"That's so nice but Delhi is actually in the north." I replied, pushed my hair away from my face as I arranged the sweets on the plate neatly, "And..It's actually Diwali today, an Indian festival. So that's why the dress and sweets, just in case you are wondering why I'm being weird or anything." I spoke, as I walked back into the living room with a plate of sweets.

"You look great, dear. Trust me, I've seen weird and this is far from it." He laughed, taking the plate from my hand and his eyes lit up like a child who had just seen a toffee.

"Wow, these are so good." He spoke, munching on my grandma's sweets and I grinned widely, witnessing his child like excitement for these sweets. He was such a down to earth person for a man who was rich and wealthy.

"Ray goes crazy over the Indian food I cook too. Especially the parathas," I laughed and noticed his eyes go soft at the mention of Ray's name.

"H--How is he?" he asked, clearing his throat as if he was scared to know the answer to his question.

"He is doing really well. I mean, he used to be so difficult and mean and lazy in the beginning. He never cleans the apartment or does the dishes but he is so much better now." I smiled, thinking about him and his father blinked back his tears and gave me a small nod which made my eyebrows scrunch in confusion.

I wasn't sure why he was getting so emotional and I really wasn't sure if he would be okay if I ask him.

Maybe he was simply missing his son.

"I'm gonna go check on the tea. Will be right back,"

I left the room, hoping he would have some space for himself and let out a huge breath. Thankfully, I heard the front door being unlocked and I felt my heart fluttering in happiness at the prospect of seeing him. I quickly poured the tea into a cup and decided to go see him.

"Ridhi, I don't know what to get you for diwali so I bought some.." his voice trailed off as I entered the living room and he was staring at his father, looking so angry like he was ready to kill him.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" he snapped, running his fingers through his hair and I stood near the couch, stunned beyond words at the way he was talking to his dad.


"Not now." He cut me off and placed the bag he was holding on the coffe table before pointing his finger towards his dad.

"I want you to leave now." He roared angrily, frightening me in the process and my hands started to shake.

"Ray, I haven't seen you for almost a year. I just wanted to check on you, son." his dad voiced out in a tone completely opposite to that of Ray's.

"Well, I'm not dead as you can see. I have nothing to say to you. Please leave my house."

That's it. I wasn't going to let him treat his own father like crap.

"Ray, you have no right to talk to your father like that and I don't care what issues you might have with him but this is simply not acceptable."

"And you had right to invite anyone in my house without asking me." He replied almost immediately, his words cutting right through my heart.

Wow, so much for waiting so long to see him.

"That's right. Few minutes ago, I thought this was 'Home' but you made it very clearly that it's your home. I mean, it actually makes sense because you own this place after all." I scoffed, placing the cup of tea on the coffee table in front of the couch and walked out of 'his apartment' angrily.

I had no idea where I was going and I had no phone or keys on me but I just wanted to get out of there. I wiped away the tears that were falling down on my cheeks angrily as I took the elevator.

Why would he say something so mean to me and his father for Godsake?!

I came out to the streets and I noticed people staring at me.

Fucking hell, I was still in my Lehanga.

All because of him.

God, I wanted to slap him so hard.

I ignored the stares and kept walking aimlessly not knowing where to go. I knew the directions to my university so I decided to head over there. As I was walking, I heard some guys whistling and calling me by some names.

"Yo, Cinderella. Need a ride?!"

"Are you lost, sugar?"

Eww! Guys are so disgusting.

Maybe I made a mistake running out of the apartment like that.

I need to stop being so dramatic sometimes.

I tried not to panic and started walking as quickly as possible without drawing much attention. The road was dark and the cold icy wind greeted me, making me shiver in my revealing clothes and I felt like it was going to rain.

Once I reached the university, I tried to find some security but I couldn't find anyone and the lawn in front of the building was deserted. I found a small stone bench behind a huge tree and rushed towards him, hoping no one would find me there. Someone must show up because I have seen security guards in the building even over the weekends.

I was hurt and angry and scared, sitting alone in the middle of nowhere.

Why didn't I think this through?

I kept praying and mentally chanting in my head that it was going to be fine. I will get back to the apartment after some time and he will probably apologize for his rude behaviour and just as I predicted, it started to pour heavily and I was completely drenched from top to bottom.

I hated it.

I hated this stupid dress.

I hated that I was out here all alone.

I hated that he still hasn't come looking for me.

Maybe he doesn't care about me as much as I thought he would.

So I started to cry all over again. I cried feeling lonely for the first time since I came over here. I missed home and I missed my parents. I hated feeling so much and tried to control my sobs as the rain wasn't going to stop anytime soon. I was freezing to death.

Suddenly, I heard some rustling behind me. I turned around quickly, hoping it would be Ray but my heart sank to the floor when I saw two guys walking towards me. It must be the same guys who were whistling at me before.

"There you are, Cinderella. Thought we lost you,"


I couldn't make out their faces in the dark but they were huge and bulky.

"Crap! I don't want to die like this." I started to walk away from them slowly and looked around to find someone. I could probably run back to the streets and ask someone for help.

"I've already called my friend. You should probably go," I stumbled upon my words in panic and they started to laugh.

"And how did you call without a phone, sugar? Come on, it's raining. Let's get out of here." The other guy spoke and I was scared out of my mind now.

"Please just let me go," I started to sob, my entire body shivering in fear as I kept walking backward away from them.

"No way, sugar. We can keep you warm and I'm totally digging this dress. What do you say, Callum?" He asked his pal and he just gave him an evil laughter of approval.

Ugh! What is with everyone and this stupid dress?

I'm going to kill Ray if I die, especially in this dress.

This is all because of him.

"Come on, let's go and no one gets hurt." One of guys, offered his hand to me and I knew I had to run now. I lifted my skirt and turned around, ready to run for my life but I bumped into a rock hard chest and a pair of strong arms held me tightly from falling to the ground.

I didn't need to lift my head to see who it was as the familiar scent of strong musky colonge hit my nostrils, calming me instantly.

"I can take it from here, boys. Get the fuck out of here." Ray threatened them in his dangerously low voice that sent shivers down my spine. He was still holding me tightly and even though I was mad at him, I couldn't be anymore relieved and thankful that he was here right now. I held on to his jacket tightly scared that he might disappear anytime.

Even though it was raining heavily, I could find some warmth in his embrace and I cried silently against his chest, imagining what could have happened if he hadn't found me sooner. I could heard the sound of footsteps retracting behind me and felt him relax against my body.

I slowly let go of his jacket as I remembered that I was still mad at him and stepped away to create some space between us. Neither of us spoke a word and he started to remove his jacket and handed it over to me.

"I don't want it." I muttered under my breath but he paid me no mind and placed it over my body, pulling me closer and I lifted my gaze to meet his eyes. He looked worried and scared but he didn't say a word and just looked at me like he couldn't believe that I was actually standing in one piece in front of him.

"I'm fine." I mumbled, answering the question his eyes asked and he just let out a soft sigh.

"Let's go home," he whispered, wiping my cheeks and I just stared at him, giving him a blank look.

"You mean 'your home'?"

"Ridhi, please...not now." He whispered, looking so vulnerable and tired. I didn't want to be difficult too and simply nodded my head before he took my hand and we started to walk out of the university where I found his bike, standing near the gate.

I couldn't be happier to see his death ride and just wanted to get out of this place as soon as possible.

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