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Chapter Twenty Six

I rolled over to the other side and let out a soft groan when I felt a pair of strong arms, pulling me closer from behind. I smiled lazily with my eyes still closed as the memories of last night came flashing back to me.

I was still naked wrapped in Ray's warm embrace.

"Feels so damn good," he mumbled, his lips nibbling my earlobes and I just let out a loud sigh of content.

"What time is it?" I spoke through my yawn and tried to reach out for my phone from the bedside table but I realised that we were in his room and my phone was probably in my room.

"Go to sleep," he moaned, placing a soft kiss on my shoulders and my body came to life almost immediately.

"But it's Monday and I have my class--"

"At 11 AM. I know and I'll drop you. Just few more minutes,baby." he whispered, his hands easily finding it's way between my thighs, making it difficult for me argue back.

"Few more minutes? Are you sure about that?" I let out a small laugh, teasing him.

"Well, I can stop if you want to be on time." He tried to pull back his hand but I pushed my ass behind, rubbing it against his cock which was rock hard now.

"Umm...are you sure about that?" I asked in a sultry tone, turning my head back a little. He moaned out loud and parted my legs, paying me no mind and plunged his fingers deep inside my aching core while his other hand cupped my boobs, twerking my now erect buds between his fingers.

Holy fuck!

What a wake to wake up?!

Guess I could be late for my class once.

"I can't believe you told your grandma about Ray and I can't believe she is so cool about it." Eshika yelled through the phone in shock, making me chuckle so hard.

"I know, babe. It was so fucking scared but I'm so glad that I don't have to lie to her anymore."

"Well, she gave me a hard time but turns out, it was all a prank. Thanks to you, bitch." She rolled her eyes through the screen as I stirred the chicken gravy on the stove.

My classes were over by 2 pm and I was doing some of my online jobs in the library before I came back home. Ray was out, meeting some of his clients so I finally decided to tell Eshika all about yesterday, including the spicy details which I wouldn't have been able to tell her if Ray had been around.

"It just slipped, Esh. I'm sorry but like I said, I have so much to tell you to make up for it." I winked, grinned widely and she had her jaw hanging to the floor.

"Oh my God, you totally had sex, didn't you?"

"What?! Nooo...I mean, not exactly." I blushed a deep shade of red and she shrieked in excitement.

"Oh my God, yes. Yes! I knew it. I want to know everything, babe." She was literally jumping up and down on her bed and I switched off the stove, taking the phone in my hand.

"Well, where do I even start? It happened day before yesterday," and with that I started telling her all that happened up till now.

"Wow, that dude has some serious issues. I mean, he liked you all this time? Even I couldn't tell, babe."

"I know, Esh. I still can't believe so much has happened in a single day. It's feels like I'm in some kind of crazy dream." I sighed, leaning back against the kitchen counter, wiping my hands on the apron.

"I'm sure he will open up to you. Just give him some time." She added, giving me an assuring smile and I nodded my head in agreement with her.

"Enough about the lovey dovey stuff. Tell me about the other things in detail," She clapped her hand excitedly, making me roll my eyes.

"What about it? It mean it was good and nice." I blushed, thinking about the way he fingered me and ate my pussy.

Just the thought of it made me feel hot with desire.

"Nice? That's it? Come on, girl. I told you all about my first time. It's not fair." She whined, making me shake my head with a small smile.

"I knew you would say this. It was amazing, Esh. I mean, I get it now why you wouldn't shut up about sex. He just really knows how to use his fingers and umm..his tongue too," I closed my eyes, awaiting for more squeals from her.

"Woah, hold on. He went down on you?" she asked with shock evident in her eyes and I nodded, biting my lips and tried to erase the picture of Ray between my legs from my head.

"Fuck, I knew American guys were good at this stuff. My boyfriend never does that, Ridhi." She pouted sadly and I let out a huge breath.

"Well, you better ask him to do. I mean, I can't imagine how good the sex will be because--"

"Ri--Ridhi..." She started, her eyes still wide like saucers.

"Yeah, I know. I can't believe I'm saying this too. He was so freaking good, babe. I think I'm ready--"

"Ridhi, he is right behind you." She cut me off immediately and I shut my mouth before I could say anything further and die from embarrassment.

Oh my God!

"Dammit, Eshika. She stopped talking because of you." Ray chuckled from behind and I turned around slowly to find him standing behind me with a smug look on his face.

"Sorry, Ray." She laughed and cut the call not before giving me a small wink.

"Great, how much of it did you hear?" I asked, mentally face palming myself.

"Enough to know that you can't keep it in your pants when I'm around." He smirked, walking around the counter to come closer towards me.

"I was just exaggerating you know, to make her jealous and everything," I muttered, placing my phone on the counter.

"And I totally believe you, babe." He replied sarcastically with a serious look on his face.

"Shut up and go away. So annoying." I tried to push him away but he pulled me closer, kissing my cheeks with a small laugh.

"God, you are so adorable."

"How was your day?" I asked, trying to change the subject and he let out a huge breath.

"Not so good. The clients asked me to redo some of my designs." He pouted, playing with the silver chain that I was wearing on my neck.

"You can't satisfy everyone, Mr.architect." I chuckled, wrapping my arms around his neck and he raised his eyebrows in a questioning manner.

"I know but trust me, they would have been plenty satisfied if it had been sex." He added, grinning widely and I shook my head at his silly cocky behaviour.

"Still a jerk."

"Correction. Always your jerk." He stated before dipping his head and kissing me softly, "I missed you." He whispered against my lips, making me smile.

"I missed you too."

"How was your day?" he asked after pulling back and making me sit in top of the counter.

"Boring as usual with the classes and the online job. And I need to start studying for my exams. It's in two days." I said in a worried tone and wrapped my legs around his torso.

"I wish I could help you but I have no idea about computers or coding or any of that stuff," he gave me an apologetic smile, running his fingers up and down my thighs.

"You could help me in one way though," I added while he waited for my response eagerly.

"You could help by not distracting me when I go to study now."

He fake gasped at my response and I tried so hard not to smile. He looked so damn cute in his white polo t-shirt and a pair of cargo pants.

Jesus, he can literally pull off anything and look like a model.

See, distracting as hell

"How am I a distraction?"

"Come on, is that even a question? Stop fishing for compliments." I rolled my eyes and tried to get off from the counter.

"Wait, we are still sleeping together tonight, right?" he asked with a small frown, making me laugh out loud.

"Yes, Ray. Stop being such a baby." I patted his cheeks and jumped off the counter, "We will have dinner in an hour, okay?"

"Yeah, sounds good. I'm gonna take a shower." He announced and I started walking towards my room not before earning a tight smack on my bottom from him.

"Ray!" I shrieked out in both pain and pleasure.

Did he just spank me?

"Sorry but I've always wanted to do that." He winked at me with a small smirk before disappearing inside his own room.

He was such a jerk.

My jerk.
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