Apartment No : 107

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Chapter Thirty-Two

"What is this space for?" I asked, pointing to the empty spot on the left of his model house.

We were currently chilling on his bed and he was explaining me about the house he dreamed to build one day with so much passion and excitement in his voice which only made me fall for him even harder than before, if that was even possible.

"That would be the garage and I'm still working on it," he pouted, scratching his day old beard. I smiled, lifting my head to look in his gorgeous blue orbs and let out a soft sigh.

I still couldn't believe that he was all mine. This fine specimen was my boyfriend and I get to hug him and kiss me anytime.

The last few weeks have been so amazing and I think I haven't stopped smiling like a fool everytime he is around me. He made me feel so safe and warm and fuzzy inside and I realised why people were hyping so much about being in love all these years.

It's such an addictive feeling and I never wanted to lose it ever. Just the thought alone scared me shitless.

"Penny for your thoughts?" he asked, bringing me back to present and I shook my head with a small smile.

"Nothing. Just worried about my exam results," I lied, resting my head on his chest and he let out a deep rumble of laughter.

"You suck at lying, sweetheart." He added, placed a soft kiss on my forehead.

"Just admit that you were imagining me naked," he said casually, placing the model house on the bedside table and rolled over so that he was on top of me now.

Oh, how can I forget to mention?!

The sex was so fucking good that he made me horny all the damn time or maybe I was insatiable.

"What if I was?" I asked, smirking at him and he said no more as his hands slowly found its way beneath my t-shirt, making me shiver and I sucked in a deep breath, my eyes not leaving his deep blue ones.

"What kind of boyfriend would I be if I don't fulfill your imagine?" he teased, taking my lips between his as he grazed his fingers over my bra. I let out a soft involuntary moan as he bit my lower lip and it was no surprise that I was already soaking wet down there.

"Fuck, I can never get tired of the way you moan for me, baby." He groaned against my lips and started kissing down my neck while his hands cupped my boobs, squeezing them softly.

"Don't you have a meeting this afternoon?" I asked, remembering that it was still a week day.

"This is more important." He mumbled, removing my t-shirt and throwing in across the room in a hurried manner.

I tried to undo my bra but he pulled out my breasts and started sucking on my nipples with so much need, making my toe curl in response.

"Ray...." I whimpered as he rubbed his cock against my shorts, making my pussy ache.

"Yeah, baby." He smiled against my skin, enjoying the way that I was squirming beneath him and started to go down on me. He pulled down my shorts in one swift movement and grabbed my legs, making them rest on his shoulders.

"Christ, you are dripping." He groaned, pushing my panty aside and rubbed my clit with his fingers.


Just his touch was enough to bring me to the edge and I was burning with desire. I needed him right now and he was teasing me his fingers.

"Baby, please..." I cried out in pleasure and need while he slowly drew circles on my soaking wet pussy.

"What do you want, sweetheart?" he asked and I could swear that he was smirking right now.

"I am going to kill you, idiot." I tried to grab him by his shirt by he stopped me by taking both of my hands between his and disappear between my legs, not before giving me and another one of his sexy smirks.

"Oh fu--" I gasped as soon as his tongue touched my clit and I tried to free my hands from his grip as I wanted to grab his hair.

"Stay still, baby." He mumbled before running his tongue along the length of my pussy, licking every inch of my sex, sucking and nibbling on my clit.

It was so fucking hot and I loved the way he took control over my body, making me beg for his touch.

"God, Ray, please don't stop." I moaned like crazy, not caring if the whole world was able to hear me and I felt him chuckle against my pussy.

"You are so fucking sexy when you moan like that," he added, inserting two of his fingers inside and started to finger fuck me. I was almost of the verge of climax and started breathing heavily. The moment when he grazing his teeth against my clit and ran his tongue all over it, I came undone.

I fell back on the bed, trying to catch my breath as he sucked all of my juices before hovering above me again.

"So fucking delicious!" He smiled, kissing me again while I tried to come back from my ecstatic state of mind.

The sound of my phone, made us both halt our actions and I tried to ignore it.

"We have only ten minutes. Ignore it." I rushed out and started to unbuckle his pants but my phone continued to ring non-stop.

"Wait, let me check the caller id." He rolled over and grabbed the phone from my bedside table.

"Who is it?" I asked, wearing my bra properly.

"It's Trina."

"Why is she calling? Wait, it could be about my results." I went into panic mode and quickly sat up straight on the bed.

She had the worst timing!

"Is it due today?" he asked, giving me a puzzled look and to be honest I had no idea.

"I think it was due any moment now. Give me the phone," I reached out my hand and he gave it to me.

"Hey, Trina. What's up?" I asked, trying to stay calm but I was freaking out inside. This result will decide my whole career.

"The results are out, girl. Did you check?"

"No, not yet." I replied, looking at Ray and he held my hand, giving me an assuring smile and kissed my hand.

Could he be anymore perfect?!

"I'll share you the link, okay. Check it ASAP!" She rushed out and cut the call. My hands were shaking so badly and my palms were starting to get sweaty.

"What happened, babe?" he asked, pulling me closer and I gave the phone to him.

"You check it. I'm so scared. Just click on the link Trina sends now," I explained and gripped his hand so tightly.

"Oh God! What if I didn't get through? I can't repeat a year. I don't have that kind of money and I don't think I can get a scholarship again, Ray." I started to ramble but he covered my mouth with his palm and started to check the link.

"What does it say?" I tried to speak but my voice came out all muffled and he removed his hand covering my mouth. I tried to read his expression but he maintained a neural expression which didn't give away anything.

"Ummm..." He started, looking at the phone seriously and gave me a dramatic pause.

"Ray, I swear I'll kill you for sure this time if you pull some sick prank." I yelled and reached out for my phone to check it for myself.

"Alright, alright! You aced it, sweetheart." He said finally, giving me a wink and I covered my mouth with my hands in shock.

"Really?" I asked, unable to believe it because I know I did my best but I was so scared that I didn't study enough.

"Yeah, I told you not to worry." He hugged me tightly, kissing my cheeks and I hugged him back, unable to control my happiness.

"Oh my God! I did it, Ray." I let out a small chuckle, squeezing the life out of him.

"Of course, you did it. Your mom and dad would be so proud of you and I'm so fucking happy for you." He added, making my heart melt instantly.

"Yeah, I know. I glad that I didn't disappoint them." I smiled, kissing his neck and he pulled back a little.

"Fuck, I really want to stay and celebrate this in the way....you know..." He pouted, running his eyes all over my body, making me laugh.

"Go, it's okay. You are running late for your meeting," I pushed him away from me but he pulled me closer and kissed me deeply.

"Tonight. We are going to celebrate and I'm going to take you out on a proper date that you deserve," he stated seriously, resting his forehead against mine.

"Awww, it's okay. We can celebrate it here." I blushed, biting my lips and he shook his head.

"I didn't ask you. Just pick out a sexy dress and be ready by 7, babe." He rolled his eyes and stood up to leave. He ran his fingers through his hair and adjusted his pants, making me laugh a bit as I fell back against the bed, feeling content.

I couldn't remember being this happy and I was scared that it might all go away in a blink of a moment. I wanted to have this feeling forever.

I wanted to have him in my life forever.

"See you soon," he kissed my forehead and started to walk away.

"Ray?" I called out, making him stop and turn around.

"I love you." I said quietly and sensed him intake a deep breath, his eyes went soft and he looked at me with the same love in his eyes which was undeniable. He swallowed hard, gave me a warm smile and walked out of the door without saying anything.

I guess it spoke a thousand unspoken words which was more than enough for me now.
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