Apartment No : 107

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Chapter Four

"Excuse me, do you know how far is this address from the airport?" I asked a middle aged woman, showing her the address of the apartment on my phone.

As soon as I landed, I switched on my phone and sent a quick message to both my grandma and Eshika, notifying them upon my safe arrival even though I was aware of the time differences. I was also happy to see that my offer on the apartment was accepted by the seller and I was provided with a phone number to contact for more details.

Thankfully, I didn't have to spend a day or so in some random hotel, waiting for the response.

"You can take a taxi." She replied and walked away without waiting for my reply.

"Thanks for nothing," I muttered under my breath and tried to call the seller but it went straight to voicemail. I licked my lips and thought for a while not sure about what to do.

Do I just show up at the apartment?

The seller has no idea about me and it would be creepy as hell.

I decided to send a text message, explaining the details and also that I was on my way right now.

That seems pretty normal, right?

I took a deep breath and got in a taxi, ready to see my new home, hopefully for the next two years. I was nervous and anxious throughout the entire ride, wondering who might be my roommate.

What if he or she is a weirdo?

Or worse, what if they think I'm weird and strange because I'm from India?

The sound of the notification alert from my phone broke my chain of thoughts and I picked it up from my lap immediately.

1 text message from the Seller.

'Just saw your text, Ridhi. Everything is cool, dude. I'm at the apartment right now. Can't wait to meet my new roomie. BTW, I'm Ray Anderson.' -Seller.

My lips curved into a small smile at the friendly tone of the text and I was able to relax a bit now. I changed the contact name from Seller to Ray Anderson.

Ray Anderson!

That's definitely a guy's name and now I couldn't help but wonder if he was a hot guy.

You can't blame me, I am a girl after all.

Once I reached the destination, I got out and unloaded my luggage with the driver's help. I finally took a look around at my surrounding and everything looked so beautiful and serene, completely opposite to India.

The building in front of me looked so cool and posh. It must have atleast twenty floors and I needed to find on which floor, the apartment I am looking for located.

I entered the building and the wooden board, hanging on the wall in front of me had the apartment numbers for each floor. Apartment number 107 was located on the tenth floor.

Thankfully, there was an elevator. After getting my bags inside the elevator, I pushed the button to the tenth floor and waited patiently.

I quickly brushed through my hair using my fingers and looked at my own reflection on the steel doors of the elevator, hoping that the eighteen hours of flight didn't make me look like a zombie. The elevator came to a hault and I was already a nervous wreck.

I slowly made my way towards the apartment which was way down the hallway with my heavy luggage. I stopped in front of the door which had the number 107 attached to it and pressed the doorbell, without thinking twice.

I could hear a few rustling sounds behind the door before it flung open, only to reveal the hottest guy I've ever laid my eyes on after Enrique Iglesias, of course.

Holy fucking shit!

I mean I was kinda hoping to see a hot guy but this is way hotter than what I imagined.

Fuck! I would be so bummed if he was Ray Anderson's brother or friend.

He was wearing a white polo t-shirt along with a pair of khaki shorts. He looked a year or two older than me but he was perfectly build with the right amount of muscles, way taller than me with sparkling green eyes, brown hair and an impeccable jawline which made me drool instantly.

Keep it together, Ridhi!

"I hope you are done checking me out. I don't blame you though but how can I help you?" he asked me with a cheeky grin, making me blush so hard.

Talk about embarrassment!

He was right though. He can't obviously blame me.

I mean, ugh! Look at this guy!

"Uhh--I..err--umm..I mean, I'm looking for Ray Anderson." I cleared my throat and uttered a complete sentence by making a complete fool of myself.

"I'm Ray Anderson. How can I help you, darling?" He asked in a flirty tone with a small sexy smirk, folding his arms in front of his chest which made his biceps bulge.

Thank you, God! I'm already in love with Texas.

"I'm Ridhi D'Souza. We texted a while ago regarding the apartment." I replied with a small smile and extended my hand for him to shake.
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