Apartment No : 107

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Chapter Five

"What?" he asked, giving me a look of shock and surprise.

"Ummm...the roommate advertisement online. We literally just texted. Am I in the wrong building or something?" I asked with a small frown, looking around at my surroundings.

"You are a girl?"

"Uhh...last time I checked, yes I am." I replied, trying to hold back my laugh.

What was he expecting?

"Wow, I thought you were a guy when I read your name." He let out a small chuckle, eyeing me up and down.

"Uhh...is this going to be a problem for you?" I asked unsure about what to reply and he let out a huge breath before meeting my eyes.

"Not at all. Thank God, I didn't hit on you," he muttered under his breath, running his fingers through his hair.

"I'm sorry, what?" I asked, giving him a puzzled look.

"Nothing. Please do come in, Ridhi." He opened the door widely and helped me with my bags.

Quiet the gentleman!

But more importantly, I just loved the way my name rolled of his tongue and I never thought a boring name like mine would sound so damn sexy on his lips.

I tried to peel my eyes off him and scanned the living room as soon as I entered. I was quite messy and homely but it looked exactly the same as shown in the pictures online.

"Have a seat. Want anything to drink? Beer or water?"

"Wha--No, just water is fine." I panicked as soon as I heard the word beer and he gave me an amusing look but didn't say anything.

Dammit, he must think I'm such a wuss.

I could see some papers were scattered on the coffee table beside a Mac Book and there was a huge TV in front of the couch from where I was seated. I was almost afraid to touch anything as everything felt so foreign to me.

"Here you go," He returned with a glass of water and took a seat beside me.

"Thank you."

"Are you okay with a male roommate?" He asked directly, making me almost choked on my glass of water.

"Yeah, of course. Why would I not be okay?"

"Well, you look a bit conservative." He cleared his throat, trying to hide his smirk.

"I'm totally cool with it. I don't mind it at all." I replied confidently, hoping that he finds me cool and not as some lame, boring girl.

"Great, so the rent is five hundred dollars and there is no need for any advance. I can come up with an official agreement and a set of keys for you by tomorrow." He started to explain and I tried my best to listen to him without being distracted by his crazy good looks, "Are you cool with it?"he asked, bringing me back from my trance state.

"Yup. All cool." I replied in a high pitched voice and cringed internally.

"Okay then, you can have a tour of the apartment." He stood up. I copied his actions and we started to make our way towards the kitchen.

"Well, we can take turns doing the grocery shopping every week and split the bill."

"Ummm...I don't know much about american food so can you do the grocery shopping for a month until I'm familiar with everything? I'll pay the bill, of course." I asked, feeling embarrassed and he just nodded giving me a small smile.

"Of course, I get it." He gave me a small smile as we continue to walk around the apartment. The room that I was going to rent was next to the kitchen and it already had a bed luckily. It was so clean and spotless.

"This is your room and mine is over there," he pointed to his room which was opposite to mine. A huge balcony connected both the rooms and there was a door from my room to enter the balcony. There was even a laundry room in the apartment and everything was so spacious.

Man, I was absolutely in love with this place.

"This is amazing." I grinned widely, trying to hold back my excitement.

"Hope everything is to your liking. I'll give you some space to settle and unpack." He announced and started to walk away. I pouted internally because he was acting too professional.

I mean, of course, we were literally strangers.

What did I expect?

That he will propose his undying love to me?

And that's not desperate at all, Ridhi!

"Sure. Thank you." I shook my head lightly and dragged my luggage to my room.

"Oh and one more thing," he called out, making me freeze on my tracks.


"I might have uhh--some company most of the nights," he dragged and I gave him a confused look.

"As in friends?"

"Yeah, kinda." He replied quickly, scratching the back of his head.

"That's cool. You can be free and comfortable. Don't mind me. I'll be in my room most of the time," I brushed it away, trying to act as if it was not a big deal.

But it was indeed.

This was all new to me. Living abroad, living with a guy and not just a normal guy but a freaking hot guy and now meeting his friends. This was all cool but I was freaking out inside.

This was some extreme level of freedom for me and not that I was complaining but I was a bit scared to be alone. I wish Eshika was there with me.

"Cool. See ya later," he waved me goodbye and walked out of the apartment without a second glance. I was finally able to let out a huge sigh of relief.

Well, that was an interesting meeting with my new roommate.

Time to settle down now!
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