Apartment No : 107

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Chapter Six

I jerked as I felt my phone vibrating below my hand and woke up with a start.

"Jesus!" I sat up straight on my bed and rubbed my eyes to be fully awake from my deep sleep. I took my phone a noticed a couple of missed calls from Eshika and my grandma and let out a soft sigh. Just when I was about to call them back, I noticed that the time was two am in the morning which means it was around noon in India.

"Damn, did I just sleep for twelve hours straight?" I spoke to myself and groaned outloud, still feeling tired and jetlagged from my long flight. I looked around the room and felt satisfied with my work. I had upacked my stuff and set up my entire room before falling asleep.

I stood up from my bed and stretched a little bit before pulling my long hair into a bun. I grabbed my phone and walked outside as my stomach growled for food. I decided to make myself a glass of tumeric milk. On my way to the kitchen, I called my grandma and she picked up within the first ring.

"Why didn't you pick my call earlier, Ritu? I was so scared." My grandma screamed in panic, making me smile at her obvious concern.

"I sent you a text grandma and I told you about the time difference right?" I asked, opening the fridge to grab a carton of half used milk.

"Haan, Beta. I keep forgetting and you know I don't read messages. Please call me everyday before I lose my mind." She replied in her normal voice and I agreed with her. We spoke for another fifteen minutes about the dorm room which she thinks I'm staying in and I felt bad about lying to her but it's not that big of a crime right?

"Did you drink your tumeric milk?" she asked as I kept the milk inside the fridge, "Also, did you check out the Indian stores? I heard they have all kinds of spices." She continued to talk and I realised that I was already missed her warmth and care.

"Yeah, grandma. I'm making the milk and no, I didn't visit the stores yet. It's only been a day since I arrived," I let out a small chuckle and turned out to find a dark figure lurking behind the kitchen counter, making me shriek outloud in fear.


"Woah, it's just me." Ray laughed, holding his stomach as he entered the kitchen and I sucked in a deep breath when he came into view. He was shirtless, just wearing a pair of sweats with messy, unkept hair that looked so fucking sexy.

Ugh! Do all guys look like they jumped straight out of a playboy magazine in Texas?

"What is it, Ridhi? Are you in trouble? Was that a boy?" she started to bombard me with questions and I started to panic.

"Uhh-- it was my roommate's friend and he came to see her." I blurted out while he gave me an amusing look, leaning against the kitchen counter and the fact that he was shirtless didn't help me concentrate better.

"What kind of girl invites a guy in the middle of the late?"

"It's common here, grandma. Anyways, it's getting late and I'll call you tomorrow, okay. Love you, bye." I rushed and cut the call before she could reply back.

"Let me guess, your family think you are staying at the dorm?" he asked with a playful smirk and I nodded, pushing back my hair back that fell on my face.

"Damn, you are not as good and innocent as you look after all," he smirked, licking his lips which was even more distracting than his naked body but I shook my head lightly before opening my mouth to speak.

"Okay, new rule. Not a sound when I'm on my phone with my grandma. If she finds out that I'm not staying at the university dorm room, she might freak out." I explained and he raised his eyebrows.

"Why just your grandma? What about when your parents call?" he asked and I went speechless. I wasn't expecting that question so soon and I was obviously in no position to tell him that my parents were dead.

"Let's just stick to my grandma, okay!" I snapped, turning my focus from my hot roommate to my boiling milk.

"Okayyyy!" He dragged his voice and opened the fridge to grab a bottle of water.

The kitchen was filled with awkward silence and I was constantly aware of his naked presence just a few steps behind me.

"Ray, are you coming to bed?" I heard a girl's voice and immediately looked up to find a half naked blonde chick, standing outside his room, bitting her lips seductively. I almost choked on my own saliva and blinked a few times just to make sure she was actually wearing just her bra and panties.

What the damn hell?

Did he have a girlfriend?

"Yeah, coming!" He called out from the kitchen but she was already on her way here.

"Who is this?" she asked, eyeing me up and down and I must have looked like a garbage compared to her. She looked so tall and pretty.

Yup, even she looked like model!

"This is my roommate. Let's go." He answered without any emotions but the blonde girl was still eyeing me which was making me feel uncomfortable.

"She's cute. You can join us if you want," she winked in a suggestive manner and my eyes went wide in shock.

Nope, definitely not his girlfriend.

"Are you coming or not, Linda?" he asked in a bored tone and I kept looking back and forth between them, completely frozen by the scene in front of me.

"It's Leah!" She spoke through gritted teeth and walked past him to his room angrily. I tried so hard to hold back my laughter.

Wow, this is so much more interesting than Indian soap operas.

"Sorry about that. Good night!" He stated and was about to walk towards his room.

"Wait! Is this your 'company'?" I asked, stressing on the last word and he stopped before turning around to face me.

"Yeah, what else did you expect, sweetheart?" he asked with a wink. I assumed that was a rhetorical question and didn't reply while he disappeared inside his room.

Holy Fuck!

My hot roommate was a fucking player!

To be honest, I was a bit disappointed but it actually made sense. He was hot and sexy and obviously he must have slept with a million girls.

Why did I even care? We were just roommates and it's better if we stayed that way.

God, I hope the walls are soundproof.

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