Apartment No : 107

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Chapter Seven

The next day I woke up at seven in the morning, excited to get ready for my first day of college. I took a nice long shower and got dressed wearing my favorite skinny blue jeans and white floral top. After blow-drying my long hair and applying minimal makeup, I grabbed my sling bag and phone and made my way outside. It was almost eight when I checked my phone and I noticed a message from Eshika.

'All the best for your first day, babe. Love you and call me later.' - Eshika.

I smiled and typed out a quick reply.

'Thanks, Esh. Love you too and miss you already <3.'

I hit sent and looked around to see if Ray was awake but the living room was deserted. I couldn't find him or the blonde girl he was with last night so I decided to leave the apartment as soon as possible as I didn't want another awkward encounter with his so called 'company'.

I made my way towards the kitchen and had no idea what to eat. The kitchen shelves were stocked with a lot of cereal boxes which I despised to the core and the refrigerator was filled with left over pasta, beer, eggs and some oranges. There was no way I could make parathas for breakfast. I let out a soft disappointed sigh and grabbed a couple of eggs and an orange.

"He better buys some vegetables when he does grocery shopping next time." I muttered under my breath and started to make my orange juice. Within a few seconds, I heard a loud noise of a door being burst open and I immediately stopped my juicer.

"What the hell? I'm trying to sleep, Ridhi." Ray rushed inside the kitchen, looking super pissed and annoyed, still half asleep. I wanted to laugh at his funny expression but didn't want to anger him further.

"What? I'm making breakfast." I shrugged causally and continued to cook my scrambled eggs. He raised his eyebrows at my carefree response.

I was not going to be all shy and nervous around him anymore. Now that I knew he was a player, I was no longer interest in him. He is still hot though, my inner voice reminded me but thankfully, he was wearing a shirt now. I wasn't going to let the fact that he is hot, influence my decisions at the apartment.

"It's so fucking early!" He groaned outloud, running a hand through his messy hair.

"Well, there is nothing to eat around here and I wanted to make myself some juice."

"Where did you even find that juicer? I had no idea we had that in the first place." He grumbled and walked towards the couch. I tried so hard to hold back my laughter.

He was acting like such a kid.

"Do you even cook around here?" I asked in a bored tone and all he did was fall face flat on the couch.

"We better sort this crazy early morning routine of yours later when I'm fully awake. Now, please stop that loud noisy thing." He spoke in a muffled tone and I shook my head with a small smile.

"Fine." I snuck out my tongue, knowing that he couldn't see me.

I was almost done eating and just when I was about to put the plates in the sink, I felt a warm presence behind me which made me turn around so fast and I gasped at how close he was standing, reaching for something from the shelves.

"What are you doing?" I asked almost out of breath and he looked down at me with parted lips and those beautiful green eyes.

Oh, fuck me!

Not interested anymore, my ass!

I think I drooled a little bit as he placed his arm beside my body on the kitchen counter and leaned further to grab 'God knows what' in that shelf.

Dear Lord, he smelled so fucking good!

"Relax," he yawned and moved away from me. I finally let out a huge breath and blinked a few times to regain myself.

Jesus Christ! What the hell was that?

I noticed that he had a bottle of vodka in his hands and he started to pour it inside the juicer which had the remaining of my orange juice.

"Wait, is that vodka?"

Who the hell drinks so early?

"Yup, my sleep is completed ruined. Thanks to you. I need something stronger than coffee to get through the day." He replied, starting the juicer and I pursued my lips into a thin line.

"Want some?" he offered after taking a sip straight from the container.

"Nope. I don't want to pass out on my first day of masters."


"Maybe you can offer it to your 'company'," I added as I walked past him outside the kitchen and all he did was give me a light chuckle.

"She left and FYI, you won't be seeing her again." He stated, making me roll my eyes.

Of course!

"Whatever. By the way, we need to take turns doing the dishes. Alternate days should be fine." I spoke as I wore my sneakers and all he did was stare blankly at me.

"This is why I never cook," he mumbled under his breath but I caught it.

"I'm sorry, what?"

"Nothing. Have a good day!" He smiled at me sarcastically.

"That's what I thought." I smirked and walked towards the door, leaving him alone with his stupid drink.

Looks like it's going to get tough living with him but I can't back out now. All I can do is hope that it gets better with time.

The university was a ten minute walk from the apartment and I had half an hour for my orientation to begin so I decided to explore my surroundings and took in everything around me. The air was so fresh and beautiful. The people looked friendly and it still felt so unreal to be in the same place where my dad studied.

Once I reached the university, I could see a lot of students around my age but also from different cultural background. For the first time since I reached Texas, I didn't feel so out of place and smiled, feeling better already.

As soon as I reached my class, I could notice that almost all the seats were filled. There were around 20-30 students, adorning curious and excited expressions on their faces similar to mine.

I found a seat at the corner of the class and sat down, ready to get through the day. Knowing my nature, I wasn't expecting to make any friends but when I heard a cheerful voice beside me, I was taken aback by surprise.


I turned around to find the owner of the voice which belonged to a girl. She was smiling at me warmly. She looked American and had soft blue eyes, silver hair which was styled in a short pixie cut and a nose ring. It suited her face and she looked super cool. I can't imagine her, hanging out with a nerd like me.

"Hi," I greeted her with a nervous smile.

"I'm Katrina Lourdes. You can call me Trina,"

"I'm Ridhi D'Souza. You can call me Ridhi I guess,"

"Cool name. Are you from India?" she asked in an excited tone and for some reason she reminded me of Eshika and I was starting to feel a little bit comfortable.

"Yeah, came to the Texas to do my masters. It has always been my dream. Like, my dad used to go here so..uhh..I'm so sorry. I'm blabbering." I let out a small chuckle and shut my mouth immediately.

"No, it's okay. I love it and I love your skin tone, girl." She replied, making me blush in embarrassment.

"Thank you. Umm...so are you from here?" I asked, trying to make a conversation with my first potential friend in Texas.

"Yup. Born and bred here. My parents didn't want me to move far away for college but I moved out of the house anyway and I'm currently staying with a couple of friends." She spoke so fast and I was finding it hard to catch up to her speed.

"I rented an apartment too. I didn't want to live on campus," I added with a small smile.

"Best decision ever. You should totally hang out with us sometime,"


"Yeah, me, my girlfriend, Mia and one of my guy friend, Simon."

My eyes went wide when she mentioned 'girlfriend' and she caught on my expression.

"Yeah I'm a lesbian." She started to laugh and my face turned a deep shade of red.

"That's so cool. I mean, this is all so new to me. Back in India, it is still not normalized."

"I get it. You don't have a problem with it right?"

"Of course not. I'm actually so surprised you spoke to me out of everyone here." I told her truthfully and she shook her head with a small smile.

"You looked like you could use a friend," she shrugged causally and I nodded in response.

"I really do and I suck at making friends."

"Don't worry. You did well, babe." She winked and we were interrupted by the professor who entered the class.

The rest of the day went by swiftly and I had some of my classes with Trina. She had chosen Business analytics as her major and overall I was just happy to have made a friend on my first day. We had exchanged numbers and by the end of the day, she was already following me on Instagram.

That girl was the exact opposite of me in terms of socializing which might actually be a good thing for me to have fun in this new city.

By the time my classes were over, it was 3 in the noon. After getting my schedule, I decided to head home. I basically had to come in three days a week with around five to six hours of classes per day. I mentally made a note to ask Trina if having a part-time job was a good idea. Not that I had a shortage of money, I just didn't want to sit around ideally and spend my parents savings.

When I reached home, I knocked on the door as I didn't have the key yet but there was no response.


I pulled out my phone and called Ray. After a few rings, he picked up the call and I could hear traffic noises.

"Hey, I'm waiting outside the apartment. Where are you?"

"Yeah wait, I'm on my way. Be there in 10." he rushed out and cut the call without waiting for my reply and I groaned outloud. I was starving and had to wait for him to come only to find nothing to eat.

I googled for some nearby restaurants and found a McDonald's drive-in nearby. I pinned the location on Google maps and it showed me an ETA of ten minutes.

"I can walk that far." I spoke to myself and took off.

As I was walking, following the map, I looked up from my phone and realised that I was in the middle of nowhere. It looked like some kind of a highway and I was so confused.

"Where the fuck am I?"

I kept pinning the address and each time it kept showing me a different lane.

"Oh, Fuck it. This is crazy!" I was starting to get pissed off now and pushed my hair away from my face. I couldn't see anyone in sight and thought of giving up and taking a cab back to my apartment.

"I thought I told you to wait. What are you doing here?" I heard a deep yet familiar voice from behind which made me instantly relax and I let out a huge sigh of relief.

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