Fake Goodbyes (bxb)

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"I'm done with you!" I screamed. "Now fuck off!" Apollo finished for me. It didn't matter that my words were insincere and my head hurt like hell. "You little-" My vision was blurred. I didn't see when Dexter tackled Apollo to the ground, broke his nose, and walked away.

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Jackson Davis is your average homosexual teenager.

One close friend, one sloppy breakup, and one confused brain.

Dexter Edison is your average clichΓ© bad boy & Jackson’s ex.

Two lit cigarettes, two obsessive headaches, and two strong urges.

Apollo Briar is Jackson’s new boyfriend.

Three slow kisses, three planned dates, and three tattoos.


1. Jackson needs to get away from Dexter.

2. Dexter needs to get Apollo away from Jackson.

3. Apollo needs to get Jackson away from Dexter.


Dexter is still in love with Jackson.

Jackson is still in love with Dexter.

He just doesn’t know it.

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