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BAMPTILLIA... Return to Cristina

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What would you do to get back the life you lost? How far would you travel to find a love that don't know you even exist? In this continuation, Guy Schwartz, AKA Guy Black had the one woman who loved him in all his flawed ways. But the way he lost her was the worst way possible. Simple erased from his mind and his universe. How? SHE WOLF ALPHA is where this story continues from. But to know this character is to start from the beginning, in a world called MIND NIGHT BLUE. The start of this crazy journey that will come to and end one way or another. Are you ready to finish what LB Harpdog started?

Romance / Erotica
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BAMPTILLIA... Return to Cristina


Now if you haven’t read MIND NIGHT BLUE and SHE WOLF ALPHA, then this story may not make sense to you. But if you have, you are in for one crazy ride. Now let’s see where we left off.

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Oh yes. Hi my name is Guy.... Guy Schwartz. In German, my last name means Black. I’m a very complicated man. But at the same time, I’m no pushover either. Where to begin? Well I have lived two lives now. How? In MIND NIGHT BLUE, I was a Bampire, and in SHE WOLF ALPHA, I was infected by a Dire Wolf that bit me and gave me the ability to heal.

My first life I was happy as a Bampire, I had power, control, and of course women to fuck 24 hours a day...7 days a week. I had my own island and made more than enough money to live like a king off of virgin humans who would become Life Slaves.

What are Life Slaves. Life Slaves are virgin humans who would be mindfucked by a Bampire to the point of addiction. They would stop eating and would die unless they had a daily dose of mindfuck. You see, Bampires are not from earth, they are from off world. They have abilities on earth. They don’t live off of human blood to survive, only sex with a virgin. But they quickly realized they don’t need to physically touch a virgin to live forever, just enter their mind and have sex with them there. That is were the terminology mindfuck comes from. And the blood is just so they can blend in and endure earths atmosphere. Plus it smells sweet and tastes delicious.

Anyways this mother fucker named LB shows up. He is an Original. An Original is a pure blooded Bampire from a planet called Bamptillia. There were only 2 Bampires that survived a crash on earth. Originals are very strong, have abilities, and can not be challenged because there is no way to kill them on earth.

Now again my name is Guy Schwartz, and nobody every bullies me and disrespect me in anyway. Not even an Original Bampire. This damn LB put his hands on me, brought this creature to my island, that caused great destruction, and took away the one woman who ever loved me unconditionally. How did he take her away? Well you will just have to read MIND NIGHT BLUE to find out.

So I woke up in my second life. Never knowing that I ever had a first life. This time, I am still human. I wanted power and control still.... lol. A person never changes from one life to the next. So if you are kind or a romantic, you will always have those same traits. But if you are a King or a Ruler, you always seem to find a way to assume your role in life.

So I started out as a scientist and was curious about helping people. One day I was hiking in a forest and cross paths with a Dire Wolf. I was attacked and was miraculously healed the next day. That is when I stated searching for a cure because if I was cured of all of my ailments, then Dire Wolves held the key to healing, and possibly eternal life. So my research had become more aggressive when I found out I was a father and my son was in an accident. My desperate state caused me to do some not so nice experiments on many shape-shifting wolves. That story is found in SHE WOLF ALPHA.

But in the end that same mother fucker LB interfered with my plans again. He messed up when he entered my mind a second time as a human. Lol damn super men... You can call me the Lex Luthor of my story, no super powers, but I am very intellectual. Let’s just say in the end, LB got what was coming to him. I never fuck around. I ALWAYS and I do mean always have two plans in place for such an occasion. I find every ones weakness, including this damn LB, and use it to gain the upper hand. How did I do this? Read the story SHE WOLF ALPHA. It will explain the whole story that leads you through my second life.

Now we are were we left off. On a planet called Bamptillia. Why.....? When I put my mind to something, I will accomplish anything I need to do, and get anything I want. Even if she is not human and is 325 years away. Now the real question is how to win back my love, my heart... when she doesn’t even know I exist? Well reader... wish me luck. Even though I don’t need it. The name is Guy Schwartz, but you can call me Guy Black. I never rely on luck. Just pure intellect and charm.

I’ll see you in the first chapter of BAMPTILLIA... Return to Cristina.

Sincerely Guy Black.









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