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BAMPTILLIA... Return to Cristina

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Play song ALL I NEED (the distance song) sung by Avery Lynch


We land on one of the most beautiful planets I have ever seen. The landscape looked like there were light and dark blue diamonds shooting out of the ground just like sharp knives and daggers popping out from below. There is a purple hue to the sky as if it is stuck between night time and dusk. There are silver rivers and streams and waterfalls all over. To sum up this planets beauty is to say this view is breath-taking. The only beauty that makes this planets view pale in comparison is the love of Cristina.

I get up out of my seat and look out the window. And holy hell, I wipe my eyes and can’t believe what I am seeing. I think it’s her, Cristina, the one person that makes my heart swell and that makes me want to bow down and serve her beck and call.

As she walks over to my ship, she is wearing an evening gown than hugs her tight body as if it was a second skin. Her gown drapes down to her ankles and her skin is blue. Then I hear her speak in my head, “Who are you and where do you come from? This is crazy, because she looks exactly like my Cristina, but something is off. Then I see and notice the difference when I respond back to her. “Hi I am looking to find a friend, someone dear to me. You look just like her. Can I ask you a question?” The woman looks at me and says, “What are you? You are not like one of us. You are something different. Open your ship and let me in to see you face to face.”

I was a bit excited, but nervous. Because when I was a Bampire, nothing would stop me from sexually devouring my ‘TOYS’ as I would call them. And right now, I am at the bottom of the food chain. Even though I am no longer a Bampire, I still have the memories of the taste of sweet sex that kept me young and made me cum many times over. The endorphins that released throughout my body after a good mindfuck made me stay hard as hell. And the sensitive tip of my cock would beg to be sucked for hours. The pleasure was something that would peak as if a man or woman would masturbate and drop the video or sexual reading material to finish one's self to a blissful orgasm.

The constant massaging on the sex organs would become more frantic and rough. So rough that it becomes as if you are abusing your own genitals. But the more you stroked or would swipe your genitals, the better the release at its peak would be. The louder the screams, or grunts, or.... “Excuse me, whatever the hell you are, I can hear you loud and clear in your head.”

With embarrassment written on my face, I walk over to the door and open it. All at once the freezing cold air seared through the ship and my body. I shake uncontrollably with the negative degree weather. I have only heard about it from Cristina. But seeing this place and feeling this weather was so unreal.

The woman steps into the ship and her beauty was striking. It looked like her and smelled like her. So I had to ask, “What happened in the room of the mating ritual with you and the other three Bampires?” The woman looked at me puzzled and said, “What, how do you know about that?” I speak up with authority, “Before we move any farther, did you find your mate that night?” The woman became agitated and says, “Who in the hell are you? And why are you asking? Yes I found my mate.”

With that answer I knew it was not Cristina. So after she finished speaking I said, “Now when you are done, take me to the real Cristina!” I demanded. With instant anger from her and a sudden movement, I was hanging from her arm and gasping for air. She moves me close to her, understanding that I am fragile, and takes in a deep sniff. The smell of my sweet blood sends her into a pre-orgasmic state where her eyes are closed and her senses are heightened. Running on animal instinct, she sets me on my feet with her arm still around my throat.

She head tilts and she bends my head away so she can get a good view of my neck. With knowing what is about to happen, I warn her with an arrogant tone and tell her, “You are not dressed for this interaction.” She hisses and quickly bites my neck to show me who is in charge. A sharp pain hits me as I feel her fangs pierce my skin. Blood starts to drip and run my shoulder. I feel the sensation of pleasure. Then in a few seconds I feel her body shiver with the cool air that still lingered in the ship from the door opening. I place my arms around her body and she starts to grind my leg and shift back into her own face and form. That of a beautiful brunette Bampire.

I started to feel weak and so I pushed her back just enough so that she got the hint and let go. She stepped back and looked confused and puzzled. Even though she was stronger in everyday, I knew this was an opportunity for me to use this gorgeous creature. So I started to work my plan I had just come up with.

I leaned back against the closet wall of the ship and placed my hand on my head as if I were light headed. The cold weather starts to overtake her and she gets very concerned as well as licking her lips. My blood tasted so sweet that she wanted more, but only after she figured out what was happening to her. I started to explain to her, “Your body is going through some changes right now. I can help you, but you need to help me, do we have a deal?” At first her attitude was one of anger. “Who in the hell are you to make demands? What are you and what did you do to me? I should kill you right now and figure the rest out later!", she shouts and takes a step towards me with arm raised ready to strike me down.

I stay still as I knew my sudden movement and words will be my last if I reacted. I quickly speak up saying, “Yes... maybe you should kill me. But how did my blood taste? Was it a sweet and delicious taste? My body will create more, but if you kill me then you will never taste this flavor ever again.” I push myself away from the wall and stand very slowly so as not to show I am a threat. I take my white doctors jacket off slowly and ask, “May I place this around you? It will help with your shaking.” The woman relaxes her stance and lowers her attacking arm and I took two slow steps and wrap my jacket around her body.

In my body heat, she steps closer to me, sniffing my human smell. In actuality she was smelling my sweet smell of blood that flows through my veins. Her arms wrapped around me as if we were in a loving embrace. I start to speak giving her an explanation. “You see where I am from, our sun burns hotter that what you are feeling now.” I step away from her and she hesitates until I mention, “Come with me, and stand here.” She follows me as I lead her to a mirror on the wall. She glances and sees her reflection, but it was of a different color, a human color not blue.

Startled she backs away from the mirror and notices that she is the same color as I am. I continued my explanation, “You see our skin adapts to the sun so we can survive the sun and the heat.” Just then, I remember she doesn’t know what heat is. “Heat is what is making you shiver and shake right now. When you drank my sweet blood, it changes your bodies temperature to a warm temperature of 70 degrees,” I told her.

I pull her over to the dashboard of the ship and and pointed to a gauge that reflected the inside and outside temperatures. I point and say, “Your body will never survive outside these walls in the clothes you are wearing now. Your blood will freeze and you will get hurt by the cold. You will need to stay here with me until we can find you some clothes.” She looks down at her outfit and understood what I meant. I quickly mentioned, “If you help me, I will be willing to give you another taste of my sweet blood that you finally had gotten a taste of. What do you think?” I pause and freeze, hoping that it would a good enough trade to be able to get me some sort of connection in this new dangerous and beautiful world.

She smiles and says, “Well in that case, maybe we can work out a deal. But for now, come closer and let me feel the ‘heat,’ as you call it. It felt really good. It is better than this thing you put around me to warm me.”

She approached slowly and cautious as a serpent and...

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