The secret love story

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Two girls are close friends until they become closer and have a child and start dating

Romance / Drama
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The secret love story part 1

Once there was a girl named Lily who lived at her grandma's house because her parents died two
Years ago in a car crash when she was she had to live with her grandma but she cries every
day for them. There was another girl named Maxine she didn't have anywhere to live because her
Parents abandoned her. But one day Lily's grandma passed away in the middle of the night Lily
Woke up and went to check on her grandma Lily tried to wake her up but she didn't wake up. Lily
Was worried she didn't know she passed away and she thought she was sleeping so she let her sleep.
But an hour later she still wasn't awake so Lily shakes her grandma's arm she still didn't wake up
But then she realized the grandma passed away she started to cry a lotsoon she stoped crying.
And called an ambulance when they arrived she showed them where the grandma was then they
Realized that she is the kid that's parent's died in that car crash.and her grandma just died so,
They decided to adopt her.

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