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"I've always been a boring person I don't have a problem with fun it's just why party when you could study? why not plan life instead of being spontaneous? That's was me until I met him, he ruined me he..." Roniela Davis a sweet girl with a bright future New school new life she made her plans and she intends to follow every step but everything changes when she meets a dominant, egotistical ass hole of a jock that took her breath and panties away literally the first time they met. Does her life change for better or for worse as this boy refuses to leave her alone knowing deep down she doesn't want him to. Is she the one that's obsessed or is it him? Also I don't own any of the pictures so yk if its yours credits all yours. Patois will be included that is the Creole spoken by most Jamaicans tho their original language is English so sometimes it will vary based on the mood of the character translation will be provided 🍆Very Mature Content🍆 No fa real there is intercourse in this so if yk you're not suppose to, don't or do whatever ion care I won't judge cuz I was probably reading a lot worse at your age but seriously tho guys don't.. Wink wink. This is my first story ever hope it's not terrible Enjoy 🌻chwan

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Read, leave a comment lemme know how you feel guys😆 also go tell your friends about it.

It was my first day at my new school and it was going great the school was huge, clean and just beautiful, so much better than my last one in Jamaica.

See I'm Jamaican I've lived there all my life until my mom got a new job and decided to move to Miami which I guess is cool with me. The weather wasn't very different but I loved it just the same. I loved the change of scenery and the new people, the new house and the possibility of having new friends, which I highly doubt.

Not that I wanted friends anyway.

I wasn’t a very social person, I enjoyed my alone time with my books. Those are my golden moments.

I walked into my new school rocking my natural hair in a fro, wearing a black denim pinafore dress with a striped black and white t-shirt under it and black and white puma sneakers, I like to match my clothes. I was happily opening my locker so I could put away some books when I was suddenly bombarded with questions by a red head.

"Hi I'm Polly, captain of the cheerleaders and you are?” she said in a sweet but snobbish tone and I gaped at her completely caught off guard by her sudden presence. She didn’t even let me answer before she continued. “You must be new uhh nice shoes"

I'm a really nice person but this bitch just came up on me having no respect for personal space mi seriously did feel like fi slap har but mi choose nuh fi dweet cuz that would leave a bad impression pon mi first day (I seriously wanted to slap her but I chose not to because that would leave a bad impression on my first day) I took a step to the side creating some distance between us and said
"Uhm, I'm Roneila, and yes I’m new, thanks" I answered trying not to show my annoyance while she grinned at me creepily and asked "What's your sexual preference? Oh and you look really flexible you should definitely try out for the squad"
I decided not to answer her stupid question, because it was obvious she had a brain of a bin fly since the only thing she sputter from standing here was utter garbage. I smiled as nice as I could but in all honesty, I just wanted be left alone.
Sexual preference?

‘Bitch! Why the fuck would you ask someone that, someone you just met?’ I thought
"Thank you but I’m not interested, anyways I have to go" I walked away briskly not sparing her a glance hoping to get away from the weirdo, I was just about to turn into a corner when she shouted "Oh the bathroom? I'll show you" I ran off immediately trying to find somewhere with a door that closes, any door, I don't like pushy people and this girl was just triggering my annoyance, I really needed to get away from her.

I saw a door and said a brief thank you prayer in my head then dashed in almost immediately and slamming it closed. Leaning against the door, I slid down with my back pressed up on it in slow motion.

What an awful way to start my day.
I got up to look around to see which room I was in and I was surprised to see it looked like a locker room oh my Lord!
The boy’s locker room shit!

I walked in closer, hoping that it was empty only to see the scariest most disturbing thing ever. I gasped but it came out as an outrageous scream, scaring me half to death. I think I just had a mini heart attack. I can't believe that some guy was masturbating in the boy’s locker room. Ok that was a bit gay, which is fine with me, but for fucks sake why did I have to see that.

"What the fuck dude keep it down" he said slowly pumping his shaft while sitting on a bench I was appalled he didn't even budge he didn't even care that I was there so I got curious and asked "uhm, are you ah, gay?"

The silence was deafening, actually it wasn’t silent at all, but the prolonged time I stood awkwardly waiting for him to answer made it seem silent, apart from hearing the disturbing sound of him stroking himself shamelessly.

I rolled my eyes wondering if it's sufficient to blind myself when he didn’t respond.

I mean who masturbates in a boys locker room there's no way he's straight. Nothing wrong with being gay but this is just outrageous.

Surprisingly he slowed his movements and finally said "nope this isn't gonna work" before releasing a groan. I stared at him with wide eyes, I mean, I should look away but damn the sight in front of me made me all flustered and wet for some reason that was beyond me and even though I was just a few months away from 18, throughout all those years on this planet I couldn't recall a time where I was ever attracted to the opposite sex or any sex for that matter. I never once thought about sex, I never understood why people made such a big deal out of it.

"Aren't you gonna stop" I asked trying to keep my cool
"Nope" he answered dryly and uncaring yet overly pronouncing the ‘p’. I shrieked, the situation was becoming scarier so I turned my back to him "ok but why are you doing that in a locker room are you that desperate or do you just have a crush on someone on the football team that you have to come here to do, that?"

He chuckled humourlessly then bit his lip before saying "I was making out with my girlfriend but then she had to say the 'L' word and when I didn't say it back, she got mad and left. So I figured I'd finish what she started wouldn't be wise to go to my first class with an erection”.
But I just stood there surprised at what he just said,
In a way, he did have a point.

“What about you what're you doing in here?" He asked in a low groan of pleasure taking me out of my trance like state. This pervert was still at it but this time slowly, very slowly.
"Uhm, hiding from a chick named Polly" I said turning to get another peek. I know I was being a pervert but obviously so was he, how can he not be embarrassed. "Aren't you embarrassed?" I finally asked nervously trying to build conversation as I was curious.
"Why would I be when you're obviously into this, now can you like fucking leave I'm trying to nut" he snapped making me flinch. Uhm, rude!

"And don't say another fucking word or else" he said raising his hand in a threatening manner "Either you leave or you finish me off” his eyes trailed over my body seductively for a fleeting moment then h continued. “You look like someone who's a low key slut" he said with a devilish grin and my anger flared.

I immediately got upset and shouted at him saying "who the fuck do you think you are?” I asked incredulously, anger dripping in my tone. “Fuck it!" he cursed then stood up.
His dick was all the way up and pulsing red, it was fucking huge and long, the fuck were his parents feeding him on. His thing was at least 12, maybe 13 inches, I was visioning a 30cm ruler in my head and measuring it up to his massive dick and it looked painful, I guess I really was ruining his nut.
How did his girlfriend manage that?
Or better yet
How did any girl take that?
A size like that was both a blessing and a sin and before I knew what was going on I was in between him and the locker room door breathing heavily from fear and shock with just one question in my mind.
‘What the hell did I just get myself into?’

I hope this was enjoyable it's the first chapter of my first story ever I hope it's not too naughty
Have fun!
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