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Chapter 5

Giggles and you know who sat at the same table along with a bunch of other people all buff guys and skinny girls I'm going assume thats the jock table that had the horny cheer leaders that were obviously drooling over them I rolled my eyes and then grinned cuz it was so cliche.

I ate outside giggles didn't see me leave and I'm glad she didn't I know she would've invited to sit with her and I just don't think I'd be comfortable with that crowd. The end came by fast and I would be happy if only giggles wasn't dragging me towards a very large gym I was seriously contemplating bolting and driving home but nope I wanted to be nice great just great.

Giggles went over to her squad and I found a seat on the bleachers staring in awe everything in this gym screamed basketball it was amazing I immediately fell in love with this place I knew this school specialized in bball I had already planned to attend as many games as I could but seeing this place made me even more anxious I smiled at giggles I was actually happy she invited me.

They started their routine and I gotta say they were really good. Giggles was a great captain then the guys ran out in their gym clothes oh my Lord every single one of them were muscular and tall what were they feeding these kid's even Polly I noticed she towered over me in height but I never let it bother me well... sometimes it did.

I came out of my head when I saw him he wore a grey tank top baggy shorts and his hair was slicked back in a neat pony tail he looked so damn good, his muscles flexed over every movement he made and I had to wipe my mouth just in case I was drooling mek him suh sexy? (Why is he so sexy?).

I looked away watching the cheer leaders but then the boys started a mock game and I just couldn't pull my eyes away I watched every move he made and he never missed a shot once, he was a fudging star I tried looking at the ball instead and this guy with dark hair and green eyes caught it he dribbled quickly and then bam he dunked the ball with his eyes closed he clapped his hands and then ran to Da.. him giving a high five them being on the same side and all I stared in awe and that's when Mr dark hair with green eyes smirked and winked at me I simply blinked speechless he was fudging handsome they all were too bad I'm not doing the whole relationship thing ever nor do I plan to get the Crush those things are a big no no.

Giggles said practise ends at five it was four forty so I decided to leave I called hear telling her goodbye it wouldn't feel right leaving without saying anything I mean she did invite me and I did have fun even if I only watched from the sidelines I was entertained.

I walked away with a smile he didn't even pay any attention to me today it was a little disappointing but this was good maybe this wasn't so bad maybe he was just messing with me it's a very messed up thing to do but whatever. I was walking over to my jeep and suddenly I almost died as I was swiftly pushed against it my body shivered and a immediately knew who it was "what the fu.." I didn't get to finish as he took me with a wild and intense kiss he squeezed my cheeks forcing my mouth open and shoved his tongue in ravishing me he was sweaty and I wanted to push him away but I couldn't I didn't really want to I guess. He pulled away for air breathing heavily while holding me in a tight hug.

"What're you doing leave me alone" I said as I tried desperately to push him away but he wouldn't budge "leave you alone? Is that what you thought this was?" He said pulling me in a warm hug looking down at me "I thought you.." I trailed off not knowing what to really say "you thought I was messing with you, didn't you?" "Well I wasn't I was simply giving you space I'm not a monster yesterday must have been overwhelming for you so I decided to let you have today for yourself but you've had enough" "you think I didn't notice you staring at me back there I also saw you looking at the guys don't you ever look at other men like that again you hear?"

I was speechless seriously he is crazy "are you crazy?" I asked seriously "yes I am about you just like you are about me" him a idiot innuh (he's an idoit) "excuse m..."

I was cut off with a kiss it was gentle "you look so fucking cute baby girl so tiny and cute in these big joggers you have no idea how hard it's been to not touch you all day to just watch you walk around as if I didn't exist" he stared into my eyes I honestly didn't know what to say or do so I just stood there looking at anything but his gorgeous face.

"I won't be having anymore of that ok? You're mine I expect a text telling me exactly when you arrive at school and a text for when you leave I want a good morning kiss as well as a goodbye kiss and of course you sit with me at lunch also you text me every night after you finish all your home work and you must wait for me after school preferably on the bleachers watching me practice" "I will look past you disobeying me with biology class I get it Polly can be a bit much so I give you that" I finally spoke up "fuck you that shit ain't happening now let me go I want to go home" I'm a working progress don't judge but could you blame me he pulled the swearing out of me this piece of shit he laughed he literally laughed in my face as if I told a joke

"you don't have to listen to me baby girl I'm simply telling you what I expect of you right now but you do know that there will be consequences for your actions right?"

I rolled my eyes "also baby no more swearing ok? Not at me or anyone else it really doesn't suite you" I shook my head not wanting to deal with him anymore I was tired of this bull shit. He grabbed me in a hungry kiss forcing my body against my jeep I literally saw stars my eyes started to water and my knees gave out I couldn't fight him.

I wanted to but my body didn't and I melted every second every moment that his tongue tasted mine was euphoric I let out a hearty moan when he shoved a hand into my joggers caressing my vagina... like seriously this was why I didn't want to wear a dress or skirt it's almost as if nothing I do will stop him that's how I felt it's how I feel with him kissing, groping and caressing my body sweetly as if it belonged to him.

I swore we were gonna have sex that's the vibe he emanated and honestly it's just like before I'm so weak to him I don't think I could stop him... I didn't want to.

He pulled away with his hand still in my clothes rubbing my clit making me shudder in pleasure. "Doesn't seem like it's still swollen, I'm glad" he said grinning like a meniac "What're you?...we can't..." I stuttered not knowing how to place my thoughts properly out loud I battled with the idea because whatever I wanted to say wouldn't hide the fact that I was enjoying every moment of this yet there is no way I would admit that.

"Oh don't worry baby I would never take you in a parking lot a girl like you deserves to be done in private there's no way I would be okay with other guys seeing your body or your face when your experiencing orgasm. That's all for me and me alone" he said removing his hand I wanted to whine from the loss but I held my composure replacing it with a scowl. He gave me that smirk that smirk that could kill you but in a good way since you would die from the pleasure of seeing such pure beauty... beautiful he chuckled "thanks baby girl I'm glad to know you like the way I look but you're way more beautiful than anyone" I bowed my head feeling stupid feeling like a 6 year old for thinking out loud like that.

"Are you done? Can I go now?" I asked wanting to go home and cool off this was just way too much right now. "Ok baby... oh my name's Tyler, I don't expect you to call me daddy around others, not that I would mind in fact I'd prefer you call me daddy all the time but I'm guessing that would make you uncomfortable so yeah Tyler is fine but only when people are around otherwise I'm daddy to you and nothing else.

Ok?" I was speechless he was so crazy yet so amusing he kissed my forehead and I shivered immediately goose bumps erupted on my skin "goodnight baby girl drive home safe text me when you get home" he said as he buckled me in my jeep as if I was a child I rolled my eyes and reach out to close to door but he stood there hindering me and I asked obviously irritated by his stubbornness "could you move?"

Ok I guess That sounded a bit harsh "ok baby I think you need to rethink that cuz I honestly don't know who the fuck you think you're talking to" he said showing I face that made me wanna piss myself "um sorry... um that came out wrong... um goodnight and thanks for buckling me in even if it was a weird thing to do I...I'm a big girl you know" he chuckled "could've fooled me... big girl my ass.. good night what?" He said raising his left brow as if I left something out... oh hell no... But I guess the sooner I do it the sooner I get to leave so I held my pride no matter how much it hurt and said "good night Daddy" with the sweetest smile and softest voice I could muster at that point I knew it wasn't convincing at all but it was the best I could do. He kissed my cheek then closed the door. I drove off in a daze unable to withstand the impact of his behavior he scares me. Yet I can't get him out of my head.🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻

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