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Chapter 6

I was rock hard when my baby girl left I could feel myself dripping while walking back to gym. The first day I met I her I didn't think much of her I was mad that someone was interrupting my nut but the moment I looked away from my dick to look at her then threatened her not to speak again knowing that she would after calling her a slut I knew she wasn't, it was just an excuse to fuck her senseless, to mark as my own, to make sure I took her before someone else did I knew she was a virgin normally you wouldn't be able to tell but I figured it out not when I saw the blood on my dick and on her thighs but when I saw her reaction to me and what I was doing.

It was so beautifully innocent yet sexy. I know I'm a terrible person to fuck her so hard that day I pistoned in her not letting up for a second but honestly I couldn't help it she made me so horny and needy I could never get enough of her I've had a taste and there was no way I'm done with her I needed more. In the gym I saw that coach was giving the guys a talk before sending them off so let's see I winked at Tanya to meet me in the locker room she knew exactly what it meant they all did my plan was to get rid of my erection using her she grinned happily nodding as if I'd just proposed I rolled my eyes and and walked to the locker room leaving Tanya behind.

Tanya wasted no time she came in seconds after removing her underwear right after closing the door she hurried to her knees and took my cock out and started sucking like her life depended on it I must say she's quite talented at it. Tanya is the best friend of my ex Mona but she knew exactly what was going on I've fucked every girl on the squad all once except Tanya and Mona of course Mona was my girlfriend Tanya thought the multiple times came around because I liked her nope not at all it was simply because she was quite talented at pleasing men sexually she couldn't entertain me any other way neither of them could they were all just so stupid except Polly, Polly was smart and funny yet even though I enjoyed sex with her that one time I couldn't see her as more than a friend.

I watched Tanya suck me off with hooded eyes and I couldn't help but think about Ron's mouth around my cock deep throating it in that sexy long neck of hers I told Tanya to get up and turn around and lean on the wall thinking about my baby girl won't help my situation I needed to make this quick I thrust into Tanya without mercy she was already wet and ready she always was after blowing me so I rammed from the back over and over until my legs started shaking Tanya being unable to hold her voice in had to cover her mouth and even then she whimpered at every thrust, I came hard loading into Tanya without a condom I know I should have used one but Tanya was on the pill and I knew she was clean cuz sex was her thing she had to take care of herself not to mention if she got pregnant her parents would murder her. Being the total ass hole I am I tucked my dick away and walked away but not before commanding Tanya to clean herself up and leave quickly.

In the gym I saw that coach was finishing up his speech he looked at me knowingly and pursed his lips angrily I rolled my eyes and walked over to my bag picking it up as the guys were doing the same. Coach didn't like us sleeping with the cheerleaders he even had the talk with us warning us to stay away from them that day I answered cheekily as usual telling him that I never slept with any of them not even once but I did fuck them tho only a few more than once few being Tanya and Mona oh and this girl named Toni but only two times as she begged me to give her another chance the first time with her was the worst sex ever and I had no plans to do it again I made sure to tell her how I felt the second time was just the same and ever since then I haven't spoken a word to her or even sparing her a glance shit I just remembered her she really wasn't worth remembering... just bad pussy, I hated bad pussy.

Jessie had a smirk on his face when he asked "you fucked Tanya again didn't you" I simply nodded as there was no denying it everyone could tell by the was Tanya limped arriving in the gym right after I did "dude you need to chill that girl is going to start thinking you've got a thing for her and we both know you don't" I looked at him innocently saying "but I do have a thing for her...dick" Jessie burst out in laughter shaking his head at me he was right I really do need to stop fooling around with Tanya she was catching feelings I could see it in the way she turned red every time I caught her staring at me which is weird cuz I treat her like shit.

I declined hanging out with the guys tonight I promised my mom I would help her mark test papers from her sophomore class. My mom is a beautiful blonde Russian woman named Novicshka Chandler she taught biology at school and was quite good at it despite her accent my dad is a tall Canadian brunette with a big build he and I go the gym together every weekend him calling it father son bond time my dad was the CEO for a lot of companies restaurants, hotels, resorts you name it.

You can guess how they met my mom was his secretary they had sex on the desk in his office then they fell in love my mom stopped working for him after I was born to spend time with me then became a teacher since it was her dream in the first place.

Yes I was a rich kid there was never a time when I wanted something and didn't get it yet I wasn't a total ass I wasn't a bully and I'm a genius if I do say so my self every class I was in since age 5 was an advanced class. I noticed that my baby girl was smart too as she was in advanced classes as well since she was in all the same classes as Polly I asked Polly few things about her she was quiet and shy both things I picked up on my own she was low key savage also something I picked up on my own having faced the full brunt of it but no more of that I warned her against it I smiled like a crazy person knowing full well she wouldn't listen I love it when she acts all tough I want her to disobey me it's going to be fun punishing her.

I took a shower the moment I got home my mom was in the study marking papers but was asleep snoring when I got back I smiled I love my mom she was an angel so instead of waking her I sat and marked all the papers for her.
I texted my baby because I knew she wouldn't text me back no matter how much I told her to... for now soon she won't need to think about it.

Me: hey babe
Me: I know you're there
Me: c'mon be a good girl and text daddy back
My Baby girl❤: what do you want?
I chuckled I could feel her rolling her eyes
Me: you
My Baby girl❤: 😑 go away
Me: lol why are you being so difficult I know you want me just give into that feeling and let me take care of you... be mine emotionally and mentally since we both know you already are physically.

She did submit physically I just needed her brain and heart to catch up for this to be easier I mean sure I would enjoy punishing her later on but in the future would like her to walk into class one day and look at me adoringly instead of pretending not to see me I want her to see me at lunch and be all over me begging me to take her some place private simply becuz she needed me inside her. My mouth watered at my imagination.

My Baby girl❤: I would never ever give myself especially my heart to some pretty boy who doesn't even have the courtesy to ask me out to get to know me. All you do is take advantage of me and demand stuff go fuck your self oh should I say go fuck a cheerleader you don't own me no one does whatever happened between us was a one time thing so get over your self.

Well shit I had no idea she felt that maybe I'm approaching this wrongly a lady like her doesn't deserve the same treatment as the squad I knew that and yet based on her words I'm now realizing I've been a total jerk this was a sensitive situation she was a sensitive girl I had to do this right every atom in my being made me feel like I had to and I did becuz her words stimulated a painful pang in my chest it made me realize that I would regret letting her go. I'm not use to this courting thing but she was worth the try.

Me: well go out on a date with me then
She fucking blocked me. I was all soft in the heart for her not at all soft in the penis cuz just the thought of her made me hard but now I'm furious how dare she block me this girl is seriously going to be the death of me cuz even though I'm mad at her all I want to do right now is beg her to unblock me so we could talk longer.

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