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Chapter 7

Ron's POV
School has finally ended for today and I was tired it was as if this place had a demon that drained the life force of the students oh I know that would be math oh the horror but thankfully it was Friday I hadn't spoken to Tyler in a while maybe my text scared him off well good riddance I chuckled becuz I felt a pain in my chest whenever I saw him or whenever I smelled him yes I smell him he has a very distinct manly yet sweet smell and I love it but I could never say that to him becuz he doesn't deserve it he is an ass hole who isn't worth my time.

I was walking slowly to my jeep I was tired and as much as I wanted to go home I did not have the energy to walk briskly oohf was the sound I made when suddenly I'm being thrown over big muscly shoulders I need not think who it was only one person was daring enough to do that to people but then again based on what I've observed about the male population of this school so far I wouldn't be surprised if it was someone else.

"Tyler put me down this instant" I wriggled trying to get away he held me tighter smacking my butt saying "nope we need to talk" I rolled my eyes and stopped moving I really don't want to see him right now "ok how bout this you put me down I walk over to Mr jeep go home and maybe I'll think about unblocking you" he says nothing and continues to walk. He literally threw me in his car and buckled me up as if I'm a child "what the fuck are you doing?"

He gets in the car and puts on the safety lock as if I was gonna open the door and run off he drove off swerving out of the school and my mouth literally gapes open "what the hell is wrong with you?" Then realization hit me "Tyler my car!" I shouted I felt panicky leaving my baby behind I am a bad mother. After all my protests he finally spoke "you call your car Mr jeep" he said with a dirty grin on his face I can't believe this that's all he can say you know what I'm gonna calm down I'm already tired and I'm not gonna let him break me down I needed to chill so I exhaled releasing a breath letting go of my frustrations and asked "where are you taking me?" "On a date" he said grinning like the idiot he is as if this whole thing was okay it is not okay "look what you said the other night made me realize that what I've been doing is wrong so here we are going on our first date lets get to know each other"

I chuckled he really knows nothing about this kind of thing here he is implying that this was all for me but it's really for him he wants me and he won't stop will he? I bit lip at the thought of us being together I rolled my eyes at myself cuz images of us having sex was popping into my mind and I couldn't have that.

My heart flew away when the car came to a sudden stop "baby girl if you want to go home in one piece after this date I suggest you stop biting your lip better yet don't bite that shit in front of me you might start something you can't finish" he said huskily with dark eyes pointing to his semi hard dick which was starting to bulge more than it already did I released my lip rolling my eyes at him folding my hands he startled me when he growled like a fricking animal then grabbed me "roll those pretty little eyes at me one more time and I swear to God I will fuck you till you split in two in front of everyone in this place" my eyes widened in fear and lust he growled he literally growled at me and I don't know if I should be scared or intrigued ok probably scared, I was nothing to him I was so small against him which made me uneasy cuz he could do anything and I wouldn't be able to stop him I shuddered as I remembered our encounter in the locker room. "Come with me"

I slowly walked over beside him and my lips trembled in awe at what was before me it was a garden filled with blue and yellow roses illuminated with bulbs that spread all over above us he held my hand and brought me over to a table with a tray filled with sandwiches and a large box of orange juice with two glass cups on the side and I smiled this was beautiful and thoughtful. He pulled a chair out for me to sit then sat across from me. "So what do you think?" He asked with a knowing look "Giggles?"

I asked since she was the only one that knew of my love for orange juice sandwiches and blue and yellow roses hmm maybe she knows too much, he laughed "oh you mean Polly yes it was Polly cool nickname" "it's very beautiful" I said honestly bcause it really was "So this is why you've been avoiding me" I said regretting it he smiled "did that bother you baby?" I decided to get down to business I don't want to deal with his foolishness "don't call me baby you have no right" his face went blank and his aura changed from playful to serious, no nonsense shit, zero to a hunnid real quick kinda face. "I can see how you might think that but actually I have every right we are here tonight so I can decide whether I've been too lenient with you or not"

I bit my lip then stopped when his gaze became intense I also noticed him rubbing his palm over his leg maybe to keep calm "You have issues" I said not knowing what to say I'm in a difficult spot. "I know right, your disobedience is the main one tho" ugh he's so infuriating "Ok dude I'm a person not a thing what do you want me to do go around calling you master and worship at your feet?" I asked sassily

"Nah daddy works just fine and no I don't want you to worship at my feet I simply want you to be mine even tho you already are I figured I'd be polite I'm a man of my word I'll take care of you" I was speechless I rolled my eyes in annoyance he's annoying "what did I say about rolling your eyes at me princess?" "Quite frankly I don't care, could you please take me home I've had enough" I said snatching two sandwiches and the box of orange juice I'm not leaving without something to eat. "Are you sure You want to do that?" He said still sitting as if I didn't just tell him to bring me home I'd just walk to school and get my car yeah good exercise not that I needed it. "What're you talking about?"

I asked in an annoyed tone he's so annoying "I'm just saying since we're not on good terms I dont see a reason not to post those photos" he said with a blank expression honestly I'm not surprised this is happening if it didn't this would have all been too good to be true but still I can't allow my reputation to get ruined what would my mom think "what do you want" I asked hoping he won't ask me to become some freaky sex slave "I want you" he said with a blank expression I gotta say he really isn't expressive at all he's just so blank... I smirked that answer was way too ambiguous I'm definitely gonna take advantage of that "hmm you're a man of your word so does that mean I can trust You?" I asked knowing he'd say yes "yes" hah egotistical bastard that's literally the only predictable thing he's ever done

"ok fine you can have me..." He grinned "as a friend" his grin disappeared and their it was the lack of expression again "you're a man of your word right?" I asked teasing him.

He gritted his teeth so loudly I could hear it. "Well played princess" I smiled happily "is that ok with You? Dont you wanna be my friend?" I asked innocently bitch I am so proud of my self right now. "I would love to be your friend, I'll be your best friend, so we can have sleep overs sleep in the same bed, sit beside each other at lunch, text each other all the time, girl talk I can't wait" he said with a smirk ok shit I did not see that coming did I just play myself? My mouth gaped I seriously wanted to cry there was just no escaping this guy he's so unreasonable so annoying.
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