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Chapter 8

It's been a week since our so called date the day I managed to dig my own grave. It's Friday and Tyler really was taking this best friend thing seriously I think if people saw us together they would think we really were friends if only they knew the truth.

He was coming over tonight yes over to my house I know bad idea but there was no escaping this one when he brought me home that night he met my mom and unfortunately she invited him over for dinner as today was her day off I stared daggers into him hoping he would decline but the fucker said yes with that smile damn that smile damn it to hell. I tried to get my mom to change her mind but she wouldn't, it was her day off she should relax not prepare dinner for unwanted guest but saying that only led to me cooking instead of her seriously somebody save me.

I was finishing up in the kitchen and Mother couldn't stop grinning like a mad woman she really liked that boy for some absurd reason I'm not sure I want to know Lord help how could I convince her that he's trouble maybe I should tell her about the other day when he drove me to school since my sweet Mr Jeep was left all alone in the school parking lot would you believe he asked me to give him head that morning on our way to school!! What was wrong with him!?

Maybe I should've done it take that big ass penis out and everything and then chomp!! Bite that shit right off that's what I should've done but no my kind awesome ass simply ignored him cuz I'm crazy. Now here I am sweating in a kitchen and it's all his fault I'm actually done cooking I'm just making sure everything's perfect, I know I should be doing the exact opposite but I'm doing this for Mother she's lucky I love her she's also lucky that she's scary as fudge and I'm afraid of her or else.

Okie pokie everything was all done the table was set Mother looked amazing as always and I... was forced to wear a dress and to actually comb my hair properly I looked so much like a girl you would not believe it the thing is Tyler wasn't the only person coming to dinner he was asked to invite his mother so... In an attempt to not embarrass Mother largely as she puts it I should make my self look presentable which was odd because she never really complained about my clothes before tho she wasn't fond of my way of dress that is my love for pants and shorts she never forced me to dress differently but whenever she bought my clothes they were always a little girly I guess that was her way of saying that I should dress differently and I tried I really did but after what happened the first day of school my hate for dresses increased... largely... or did they?

The bell rang and Mother walked briskly to the door she was excited she saw this as chance to make some new friends she hasn't really had a chance to do so since we got here because of work "Ronnie hurry up nuh di people dem come" (Ronnie hurry up the guest are here) "coming" I said trying really hard to sound enthusiastic I really wasn't.

Mother opened the door and immediately all the air escaped my lungs when Mrs Chandler stepped in she was gorgeous as always but what really took my breath away was the resemblance I neglected and did not notice she had with Tyler how did I not realize this? Tyler was Mrs Chandlers son such an incredible woman had a demon for a child. Tyler stepped in with that ass eating grin I mouthed go die and rolled my eyes he knew I didn't want him here and I wasn't gonna hide it... from him.

We finally started with dinner after the greetings and the Mothers deep conversation I'm not surprised they had a lot in common Mother was enjoying herself and so was Mrs Chandler I could tell from the way her laugh lines creased at everything Mother said to her.

Everything was going great Tyler never spoke unless he was asked a question and I did the same the night was just way better than I thought it would that was until Tyler said "Mrs Davidson I hope you don't mind if I sit beside your daughter" that's right he said it and my stomach fell when mother smiled saying "oh not at all sweetheart" her accent threatening to be heard how could she I wanted to shout no but I just couldn't my head was all fuddled up from all the possibilities all the bad things he could do just by sitting beside me.

Tyler pulled out my chair for me like the gentleman he's not that sat down smiling widely at his mother and mine. As expected the food was amazing Mrs Chandler absolutely loved my chicken Alfredo and the Jamaican brown stew chicken with white rice she even asked Mother for the recipe but gawked at me when Mother told her that I cooked and the food was done in my own style so she would have to ask me for the recipe. I was really proud of my self I got a lot of compliments from Mrs Chandler and Tyler which made me even happier it shouldn't but it did.

We all sat around the table with our plates half empty, the adults were deep in conversation and I focused on my good mood and made sure to keep my mouth full so that I didnt have to converse with the demon beside me.

I mounted my fork slowly ready to take another bite of my creation, my hand froze, the fork about to enter my mouth when I felt Tyler's hand creeping up my leg ugh, this dress but fortunately I'm wearing stockings not wanting to make a scene I ate my food quietly.

I was desperate to get his hand away he was now caressing my vagina and my discreet kicks under the table along with glares did not make him stop, he had already finished his food so no one would wonder why he wasn't eating. I was fighting back moans by biting my lip and smiling when ever Mother stopped talking to check on me I wanted to just get up and lock my self in my room but that would be rude I knew I shouldn't get up unless Mother said I should but what's the point of me being here I'm getting molested for Christ sake.

This was too much. Tyler kept smirking at me while feeling me up knowing I couldn't do anything I rolled my eyes at him and mouthed that he should go fuck himself then stomped as hard as I could on his toe sinking the point of my heel in his foot thankfully no one heard or noticed he winced then glared at me oh shit he was furious he was breathing heavily but he still had that blank expression the one he had when he was not in the mood for any bull shit then he grinned and ripped my stockings in one go I gasped as my panties were now bare. I felt relieved when his mother asked what that noise was but the son of a bitch...answered saying "oh I tried to stretch my legs had a cramp must be from practise" he said that while he sunk an angry finger into me I flung my hand over my mouth putting my head on the table I couldn't let anyone hear the moan that was about to escape.
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