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Chapter 9


Taking advantage of her at dinner while our mothers were present might not have been the right thing to do but she looked so beautiful in that blue dress and them heels that enhanced her height a little.

I immediately got a boner the moment I saw her at the door it got even worse when I tasted the food she made and her smile oh my Lord her smile had me dripping all over my khakis to the point where it was wet and obvious. I wanted her so bad but it's no excuse to my behavior is It? I lose my cool every time I see her so this is her fault not mine... I think.

I was index deep in her and she had her head on the table panting trying to suppress her moan that I'm sure everyone at the table already heard I honestly didn't care she was mine and I was more than willing to tell her mother the truth that I fucked her the first day we met and I've been crazy about her ever since and right now I'm molesting her yup I'm shameless but I don't give a fuck I would fuck her on this table right now.

"Ronnie what's wrong" her mother asked while my mom gave me a knowing look but I didn't care I was angry she's just so fucking defiant and sinking that heel on my toe was overkill she needed to be taught a lesson.

She was still out of breath so I quickly answered for her saying " yeah she's fine, just something I said that she found funny" her mom was looking at with the same sweet smile she's been giving me the whole night and asked "Roneila are you ok? What's so funny?"

I was surprised when she replied saying "nothing Mother may I be excused?" Her mom nodded and I had no choice but to remove my finger it was inside her the whole time if only I could find an excuse to go with her and like the saying good things are given to those who wait her mom asked me to go with her to make sure she was ok... oh I'd make sure she's great.

"Ronnie open this door right fucking now" I said in my usual monotone voice know literally banging on the door I was out of patience I needed to be inside her. Thought of the word banging I wished I was doing it with her against this door chuckled I was being silly after all I did say she belonged in the bedroom naked and desperate for penis I tried the I was giddy at the thought of her in bed waiting for me. Surprisingly the door was open hmm guess she didn't expect me to come up here oh well.

"Why are you in here. Get out!" Ok um who the fuck did she think she was talking must be her mom is that how she speaks to her Mother oh no we can't have that "is that how you speak to your mother?"

I asked cuz there was just no ducking way she was talking to me she knew better since or first date she had been nothing but polite and sweet hmm maybe I should've brought blue roses and sandwiches she replied bitterly saying "last time I checked you did not give birth to me now get the fudge out of my room"

I couldn't help the grin the peeked it's way to my face she was talking to me like that and I honestly would be upset but my eyes saw what she was wearing and I started to imagine ripping them off her she was wearing the tiniest cutest little baby blue shorts with a T-shirt about my size and pink panther knee high socks by far this view was the sexiest cutest most beautiful thing I've ever seen her hair was loose and she wasn't wearing a bra hear breast were perky and her nipples were pointing to as if they were calling out to Daddy.

I finally snapped out of it when she started walking away and I was more than pleased to see that the t-shirt was dropping and it almost reached her knees I couldn't help but notice how quickly she was trying to get the shirt to cover her butt as if she was hiding something.

"Where are you going" I asked, seemed as if she was going to the bathroom but it was not the time for that I needed to be taken care of "none of your damn busing..." she stopped trying to hide her gasp, ah she noticed my raging erection and my wet khakis she turned away looking down when our eyes met I chuckled she's just so effing cute too bad I can't tell if she's blushing but I'll forgive her disrespect cuz she's cute and my erection has become tremendously unbearable.

I took off my shirt while walking towards her "what're you doing?" She asked with a terrified look on her face she even flinched when I took my slacks off my dick flying upward pointing right at her "obviously I wanna fuck you with my clothes off, or should I say make love to you, I mean this is your bedroom after all" she was quiet well she won't be for long I took a step closer I grabbed her and kissed her tasting her sweetness.

I was just about to enter the bliss that is her hot dripping pussy when I heard sniffling not moaning but sniffling wait is she crying hah probably tears of joy I knew she missed me but not this much "baby what's wrong" I asked I asked I needed to hear her say it I needed her to tell me she missed me like I missed her... But in stead of confessing she sat up putting her head on her knees full on crying. OK something is definetly wrong and I hate to say it but I don't think she missed me. What should I do? Ah comfort her but how exactly do I do that? Do I hug her? I mean I already asked her what's wrong with her. I sat there staring at her fully erect and drooling over the fact that she was naked but she was sobbing and I really don't like the sight of my baby girl crying sigh maybe I should just go. I got off the bed as fast as I could putting on my clothes in a flash taking my time to close the door hoping she wouldn't hear it close.

Mother was just saying her goodbyes great cuz I'm more than ready to go. "Oh Tyler sweetie where's Ronnie?" My baby girls mom asked with a bright smile do I tell her she's crying? Nope that would just turn into one big awkward mess don't get me wrong I want everyone to know she's mine just not like this so I lied "she's fast asleep better not disturb her" her mom simply nodded saying "yeah guess she's really tired from all the cooking she did" yeah what a perfect way to put it.

Mother and I were sitting in an awkward silence I wish she would spit it out already she obviously has something on her mind "ah what is it!?" I finally asked out of frustration mother finally spoke asking "what did you do to that sweet girl?" her Russian accent coming out with girl "ah mother dearest I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about" she smacked me at the back of my head so hard I swore I was gonna black out "don't fuck with me Tyler I know you were doing or did something to that girl she was acting all anxious the moment she saw you at the door!"

"Wow well aren't you observant" I replied sassily "I'm serious Tyler I like her mother I finally found someone that I find a amusing and we have a lot in common" "she must be crazy"

I had a minor heart attack when the car suddenly stopped in the middle of the street

"OK listen to me you little shit! You're my son I know you so I know you have absolutely no respect for women which is upsetting because you're father is a sweet heart he is my lovable pumpkin all stuffed with love and sweetness and and..."

Eww I can't believe this she is all red and hot just thinking about Dad.

"Mother please stop it you're being disgusting" "bitch please stop acting innocent how do you think you got here?" "Yeah mom I know how sex works but I really don't want to know how it works between you and my father by the way you need to be more discreet about the fact that you're currently not getting any you're all red just thinking about him its sickening"

"yeah I really miss your dad what can I say I love his massive junk the same way these stupid girls at your school love yours I just can't get enough"

this woman... "OK I'm walking goodbye mother" before I could open the door I was smacked upside the head it hurt like hell "owww could you stop doing that!"

"No! You need to leave that girl alone , I can tell by looking at her she's a good girl and you will ruin her if you continue to mess with her"

I dont know but the moment I hear mother say leave her alone something inside me broke and I've never felt such rage how could mother say that.

"No! she's mine I will not leave her alone I will not let anyone have her! She's perfect, she's beautiful, she's little and sassy, she's kind and quiet and smart and has the most gorgeous smile and her body oh my lord, she has the most amazing body and ass just so round and squishy but not too soft its just right thick and bubbly, and sex with her oh gosh best sex ever even it was a little forced.. at first but, she's also really funny even tho she tries to hide it, she's perfect... She's mine, she's everything, she's the only girl I ever thought about being a gentleman for, she's the only girl that makes me think about forever but no matter what I do she won't listen to me or give me the attention I want its like she hates me why does she hate me? I want her to submit I want her to listen, to not be able to live without me the same way I don't think I can without her ahh!

I can't get her off my mind and its driving me crazy she's so stubborn and its making me crazy, shes making me crazy!" I was breathing heavily when I finished most of what I said was in a fast but low tone I honestly don't know where it came from all I know is I meant it, every word and mother for the first time was speechless and just kept staring at me.🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻
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