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Chapter 10


I can't believe I cried you may think its stupid but I got scared he scared me I hate him. How could he just come on to me like that he didn't even ask for consent he just assumed that I would want it just because he did and I did I wanted it I wanted to scream 'yes Daddy!' Proudly just because it would please him I wanted to please him, that's why I cried because listening to him and doing whatever he wanted made me feel fuzzy inside what's it called butterflies?

Its one a those cases where wolves bare their necks to their leader or sumn is that how it is? Right at that moment right when he was about to take me it all came flashing in my mind the first time we met and all the time we've spent to together the passing week and the time before every moment with him I just wanted to go with the flow no matter how much I tried to be a bitch and fight it when really I didn't want to all I wanted to do was scream 'yes Daddy' proudly but my pride and the person I've been trying to be wouldn't let me I just couldn't do.

At that moment their was a war going on inside between my head and heart and I broke, I broke I got scared and I broke. I can't let this continue I need to have a leveled head in order for my dreams to come true to make Mother proud.

But what do I do? Avoid it, avoid him? And just like that my heart lost which is the right thing right? Yes, yes of course it is I need to stay away from that boy at all cost!

So far so good I've been avoiding him and he got the memo he hasn't said or did a thing to me all day which for some odd reason made me sad... But anyways its for the best right? "Ronielaaa!" That voice of course is Giggles I thought I'd find her annoying but to be honest I enjoy her company she's sweet and exciting but I hate her in the mornings who the fudge has that much energy in the mornings "your coming to practice today right?"

Practice as in cheer leading practice since when did I join the team tho? Hell nooo nope not becoming a cheerleader shes got to deal with it "ah no Giggles I've told you a thousand times NO" "but like whyyya?" She asked with a cute pout haha she's so cute "because I don't want to" I said with smile she simply sighed and gave in.

"But you gotta come watch we have this cool new routine you just have to see" sigh why not hot guys and cute cheerleaders win win "OK Giggles whatever you say" she jumped and shouted "yaaay! I'll see you in the gym" oh well why not.

I stepped into the gym 10 minutes later and then it hit me when I saw him of course he'd be heard he has training no no no I can't do this I can't be here not like this I wanted him so bad and seeing him all sweaty and sex is not gonna help unfortunately the moment I tried to run away "Ron!" Giggles sweet sweet Giggles I did say I would watch THEM practice so all I had to do was watch the cheerleaders no boys no HIM.

The cheerleaders their routine was amazing they flipped so much I could barely keep up. I'm scared they went on break so I'm literally sitting on the bleachers by myself trying so hard not to literally drool at Tyler like oh my fudhuging gosh how could someone be so sexy I could literally feel how soaked my panties were why does my body react like this to him its like every time I see him I remember our first time together and how painfully pleasurable it was.

I decided to focus on whomever had the ball which was mostly Tyler and that raven haired guy maan he is cute! I thought to myself a chill ran down my spine I literally shivered and I knew it Tyler was looking at me I turned check and made eye contact, scratch that nope he was staring at me, glaring to be honest well at least that what it seemed like I quickly turned away not being able to meet his eyes I couldn't those beautiful blue crystals drew me in like the moon controlling the waves I set my eyes back on the raven haired guy, I looked at all the guys on the team all of impeccable stature all sexy and fit and cute and damn! What're they feeding these guys even the coach was hot. Yez I'm a pervert and ain't no shame in my game don't get me wrong I have every intention of staying away from boys or men on a whole but I have eyes and I couldn't help myself.

Giggles came back giggling as usual with the rest of the squad which I have absolutely no intention of making friends with.

Watching the cheerleaders was quite interesting and fun, watching hot guys big bonus. Yet I felt bad like I wanted vomit like some weird anxiety he just kept staring at me his face expressionless it made me nervous and sweaty I was literally wet all over so I decided to leave the sooner I got home and cooled my body down the better.

"Giggles!" I shouted waving her a quick goodbye she gave me one of the brightest smiles I'd ever seen and it warmed my heart. I quickly walked out of the gym in a attempt to avoid his eyed pssh why do I care he hasn't said a word to me all day so fudge him fudge him hard in the penis ion care. If I'm to be honest with myself I missed him I missed him so much it hurt watching him interact with people during class, at lunch and especially watching him play I wanted to run and give him a big kiss before I left the one he demanded that time I first came to watch the cheerleaders I wanted to do all of that to him and for him but I can't he's a distraction. "Wait!" I heard an unfamiliar voice say and I did I turned around and waited I'm glad I did cuz damn boy he was foine he was on the team he had brown hair fades at the sides and had it grown out at the top he was muscular but not as tall or as ripped as Tyler oh great now I'm comparing everybody to Tyler "what's your name? I'm Nicholas or Nick if you prefer"

I smiled he was sweet I could tell he smiled and laughed a lot I looked at him , up at him as a matter of fact and said "OK Nicholas I'm Roniela" he grinned and I swore I saw a spark from his tooth "nice name so you're new here huh?" "Yes I am" I answered honestly "well I have to go back just wanted to say hi... And asks for your phone number my eyes bulged as I looked at him skeptically cuz what the fudge he laughed in a loud and vulgar manner then said "oh don't worry I'm not hitting on you" well ok then... "wouldnt be offended if you were" I said with a smile and he grinned , I gave him my phone number and we waved each other bye. Well that was nice.

My heart plummeted into my throat as someone grabbed me then suddenly I was wrapped in warm muscular arms with my feet off the ground I was being hugged eww he's sweaty my heart was beating so fast I could die I knew exactly who it was I know his smell and what it felt like to be in his arms how could I forget "Tyler lef me guf" I muffled with my face in his torso and he did surprisingly, huh.. This is the first time he's ever listened to me... I think. "How are you?" He asked in a way that sounded like I had no choice but to tell him it made me shiver becoming Hornier than I already am. I folded my arms looking away from him "what do you care" I stated it wasn't a question I was pouting accidentally showing that him not giving me attention actually botherd me "baby girl I..."

I looked at him biting my lip waiting on him to finish his sentence needing him to finish that nickname I hated that I loved it 'baby girl' 'his baby girl' but he didn't finish his sentence he just stared at me with glossy eyes I look at him up and down then I saw it oh shit I just realized "Tyler nn..."

He kissed me hard he was kissing me so roughly like he needed me he lifted me off the floor and onto a desk, the teachers desk I think he was sucking on my tongue and I moaned into the kiss not being able to resist him any longer "you know what biting these sweet lips do to me, gosh I missed you" he said as he attacked my neck making me moan loudly I hugged onto him wanting him as close a possible between my legs.

I had tears in my eyes I was crying again "oh shit baby girl sorry" he said removing himself from between my legs with a worried expression on his face. No no no please don't leave I grabbed onto his shirt his sweaty shirt I didn't care I pulled him so close our faces would fuse if he wasnt so tall. I hugged him, I hugged him cuz I missed him I hugged him cuz I couldn't take it any more "are you o..?"

He tried to say before I kissed him like my life depended on it his delicious lips were everything at that moment he kissed back with the same viger as a ran my hands in his long shoulder length hair and before I knew it, my legs were tightened around his waist as he squeezed my butt, he stopped and looked me in the eyes with his usual expressionless face saying "you're a terrible kisser" watch ya him fava shit kmt.

I simply smiled then started laughing we were still holding onto eachother I was still on the desk, even then he had to stoop so we could be face to face and he was still standing between my legs still holding my butt of course he was I smiled at him then said "I learned from the best"

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