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Chapter 11

"Tyler I have to go now" we were still in the classroom holding onto each other "why?" He asked as if he didn't know why "because you still have practice and I really really wanna go home" "OK baby girl I still have like 15 minutes left of practice you will accompany me to the gym and sit and wait until I'm finished I will shower here after which we will go over to my place to pick up some clothes then" "wait wut!... We?" I said confused like seriously what's this we he's talking about I have my Mr jeep and he has his car... We? "OK baby please don't interrupt me when I'm speaking its very rude and you know better do you not?"

What the FUDGE is it with this guy "I said we because I'll be spending the night at your place tonight" he musta lost his damn mind " you are not" I deadpanned "I wasn't asking permission baby", ugh why do I even bother with him"OK Tyler this is not a dictatorship you can't just decide that you're spending the night no its not happening" he kissed me then said "OK now I have 10 minutes of practice left and don't worry I'll try my best to behave...I'll be good" he took me off the desk so I could stand, honestly I'm in shock what the fudge was going on? he literally just...

I don't even know what he did I'm confused he completely ignored what I told him, he does know he's not allowed to come over right? Did I not make that clear "well Ronnie are you coming or not?" He asked with his gorgeous accent Russian I think... nope definitely Russian "I love when you call me that but no, no I'm not, I'm going home I'm tired so... bye" I walked off saying I wasn't about to sit and wait for him I mean I would love to watch him play with his balls basketballs that is along with his hot friends but I miss my bed besides he'll be fine.

Tyler's POV
What the actual fuck? Did she just walk away from me I strictly asked her to stay and wait for me I know she heard me. I'm so hard it's not even funny how could she leave me like this! It's not fair! I'm going insane right now shit! I should have fucked her on that desk how the hell am I suppose to practice like this. On my way to the gym I saw Tasha she has a good mouth "Tasha!" I shouted she immediately ran over to me, "you want to use that mouth of yours for something other than annoying ppl?"

I asked with a bored look she instantly nodded yes while looking at the tent in my pants Tasha wasn't a cheerleader she's a photography club member she's quite good at it, that and at giving blowjobs she's absolutely great... I bet Ronnie's better, no how could she be she's never given head before well she better not I'm the only one she should give herself to sexually... fuck that! Shes mine in Every way she's mine. Ahhhhhh! I'm getting angry I should calm down if I don't I might hurt Tasha.
I close my eyes as she engulfs me in her mouth imagining Ronnie. Ah soon very soon maybe tonight.

Ron's POV
Finally home "mother!" I shouted I guess she's not home yet well that's great I got the house to myself.
I shuddered remembering what Tyler said about coming over here, shit! I told him not to, not that he was listening smh. I walked into the kitchen noticing a note on the fridge from mother saying she won't be home tonight having to work late huh I wonder which job requires you to sleep at the office? lol oh mother good for you I hope you tell me about him one day.
I had just finished my shower when I heard my phone beep.

Daddy🍆: I'm on my way over

Ugh I should change that name God forbid someone would look at my phone and see it.

Me: what? No I told you not to
Daddy🍆: ok princess you don't get to tell me what to do. Now put on something nice and wait to greet me at the door.

Ugh! Who the fudge does he think he is!? I'm not gonna let him in haha that'll show him I hurriedly tried to put some clothes on my fav tshirt and some comfy shorts. I shivered when I heard the doorbell ring shit!

He's here I ran down stairs to the door staring at the door reminding my self not to open it even tho I want to but if I do then he's gonna think its ok to just do what he feels without my permission "open the door ronnie" he said sweetly yet he sounded devious instead "n no! I told you not to come over" I said trying my best to not sound like a push over "baby please open the door it's cold out here would you really leave me out to freeze to death?" He said in a patronizing tone "oh stop being so dramatic your car has a heater "

"I didn't drive here I asked Jared to drop me off that way you couldn't just send me home or tell me to sleep in my car" sigh omg! He's impossible "call an uber or get a cab I dont care" "that's not even I've never gotten into a cab or an uber my whole and I'm not about to so open this door before I break it down"

I stood there silently wonder if he would really break the down down..."ok fine I'll let you in but you have to promise you won't do anything" I said knowing damn well I wanted the opposite "define ANYTHING" he said annoying hes knows damn well what I'm talking about "Tyler!" I shouted to show him I was annoyed "ok I promise I won't do anything you don't want me to do" ok that's sounds reasonable. I opened the door to a grinning Tyler he had his hair in the sexiest blonde man bun I've ever seen I noticed he's never styled his hair like that for school and I can see why it made him look pretty and not just manly pretty but girly pretty except for the protruding muscles he was wearing a grey hoodie and with black sweat pants and sneakers with a blue black duffle bag in his hand.

"Why do you look like you're here to stay" I asked pointing at his obviously almost full duffle bag "that's because I am I'm going to spend the night" I rolled my eyes then I realized what he said "what wha..?" He cut me off by grabbing me and kissed me.

I hadn't realized how much I missed him until he did, his soft lips fought mine for dominance which he gained as usual my entire body shivered when I felt him grab my ass as he deepened the kiss causing me to stand on my toes in order to have some kind of advantage. He pulled away suddenly and I was breathless literally I was heaving and shaking but still he hugged me till I calmed down he knew the effect he had on me which if I'm honest I'm not sure I'm ok with, I think that's why he's so cocky.

"Have you eaten yet?" He asked smiling at me I shook my head incapable of speech. He released me from his hold closing the door then walked away to go upstairs "ok I'll order us some pizza" I followed him deciding to go to my room noticing that he put his bag in there and was sitting on my bed "the guest room is literally next door" I said confused as to why he was in my room "ok why the fuck are you telling me that?" he said rolling his eyes at me, jeez someone has an attitude problem" you're not sleeping in here" I said clearly " he simply smiled the mother fudger just smiled as if I wasn't serious.

"Tyler I'm serious" he looked me up and down then said "you look so damn sexy in those little shorts so tempting not to mention you're not wearing a bra awwh come to think of if I've never seen your titties I bet their pretty,looking at you requires so much self control!" he said as he took his shirt off my breath hitched when i saw tattoos on his sculpted torso and like a third of his arm well I've seen those already to be honest I've been secretly in love with them huh they were gorgeous I was staring and i didn't care I stopped caring I'm tired of caring I wanted him no one could fight such temptation I'm tired of fighting so when he walked over and kissed me I let him and when he snaked his hand under my tshirt to tease my nipple I let him "you stopped fighting me? Did you finally realize there is no way you can get away from me?"

He asked in a low husky tone at this point i think every thing sounds sexy with his accent I nodded eventhough I could barely process his words "good then I'll punish you right after we finish eating pizza" he said as walked off to downstairs leaving me in a daze punishment? What punishment? What did I do? Tf?

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