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Chapter 12


"Did you order the pizza already I'm hungry?" I whined watching him put his phone away "why're you looking at me like that?" I asked He was staring at me blinking slowly as if I'd said something stupid as if he wasn't in my kitchen shirtless, then he suddenly spouted the corniest shit "my God you are so fucking cute like how can you possibly be so adorable all the time"

I was shocked and caught completely off guard my face was burning is this what blushing feels like? I dont like it. "Uhm uu-mm mh.." I stuttered not knowing what to say exactly how do you reply to that I didn't know so I did what anyone else would do obviously I ran away squealing I meant to just run to any room he wasn't in not sure where the squealing came from that's the first time I've heard the horrid sound ugh it's awful I dont like this!! "what the hell was that?" I slowly asked myself "Yeah what the hell was that?" he said with his usual monotone voice "uhmm mh?" Guess I dont know how to speak anymore.

"The fuck is wrong with you I'm here trying so fucking hard to control myself remember I promised I wouldn't do anything but it's like you're begging for it seriously! It's like you want me to attack you!" He stormed off huh? Turns out he's a lot more immature than I thought I've never seen him react like that before so emotional haha. Who knew he was trying so hard to control him self oh the poor thing but what can I say I have that effect on people.

As I walked back to the kitchen I heard the door close "pizza pizza" I mumbled when I saw him walk in with the box he grinned at me "you love pizza dont you?" He asked "uh huh" I mouthed not ready to speak yet "use your words Ronnie" he said way too seriously for my liking "uhmm.." wow talking I super hard "USE YOUR WORDS" he said way too sternly for my liking "yeah who doesn't?" I said rolling my eyes he narrowed his eyes at me pretending he didn't see it while bringing the pizza over to the island placing it in front of me I immediately dug in as I was starving I moaned at the deliciousness then I starting humming while chewing.

Not having a care in the world food I tell you eating delicious food is bliss and even through all the bliss my eyes caught a glimpse of his abs and the tattoo on his side that stretched down into his pants and I wondered how far down it went I traced my eyes up the rest of his body up to his face he was eating while doing something on his phone and I was breathless at how gorgeous he was "take a picture it'll last longer" he pulled me out of my trance "huh?" I mumbled with a dumb look on my face I wiped my mouth because unfortunately I was actually drooling i hope he didn't take notice to that, sigh I need help.

I've become a massive pervert "hey look at this" and I couldn't believe my eyes it was a photo of me with a dumb look on my face with pizza in my mouth drooling so he did notice me drooling over his body "delete dat right nung" I was so embarrassed that I forgot to speak english his eyes widened in surprise oh right I haven't really told anyone about myself have I.

"What the shit was that?" He asked in a heavy Russian accent so much so that I barely understood what he said sigh I guess it's about time someone knew "oh its patois I'm Jamaican" I shrugged he just kept staring at me as if he was expecting me to say sumn else.

"Woah thats hot... wow I fucked a jamaican girl" and I laughed, I laughed because he said it without blinking, he said it as if he was amazed but his expression said other wise "seriously that's all you have to say" I asked wiping a stray tear "well no I have a few questions" "ok go ahead and ask" "did you grow up in Jamaica?" "Uh yeah I lived there up until I moved here a few months ago in the summer looking for houses, a good skl and stuff"

"why dont you speak patois more often?" "Because Jamaicas language is English we speak english, patois is just our dialect, it varies in different parts of the country, I dont know I guess we speak it to express our selves completely to one another and besides people here will take what I say way more seriously than they need to if I do not to mention they'd freak out and try to mock me, so I speak English because its easier than having to translate what I'm saying or what I mean".

"Ok I get that do you miss it yk living there family friends all that jazz?" "Sometimes yeah I do there's no place like home after all" "Woah that's hot" "oh my gosh! Would you stop saying that? What about you? You're obviously not American" "what my all American boy accent ain't good enough for you?" Wow he's being really funny today "I'm Russian and so is my mother my parents met when my dad went to Russia to study he built a company there she became a secretary then here I am".

"So your dad banged his secretary then married her" "Ewwwwww that's disgusting why would you even say that? As far as I'm concerned my mom is a virgin"
"Haha buts that's what happened they had sex and made you"
"ugh any way my dad is Canadian so I use to visit his family there on holidays"
"woah that's hot.. I banged a half Russian half canadian guy" "how dare you don't ever say that again" he said sternly
"why not?"

"Because its vulgar I dont want such vulgar words coming out if my baby's mouth" I scoffed because he's such a hypocrite

"I'm not your baby" I shouted "yeah sure your not" ugh obviously correcting him again will be a waste of time "sounds like you've had a very interesting childhood"
"something like that a strict Russian family and a very open minded Canadian family it had its perks" "so why're you here?"
"well my dad opened up a new branch for his company here and my mom always wanted to live here so here we are" "ok cool... wanna watch something?"
"Like what?"
"Hmmm modern family or Friends?" "Woah! let's watch Friends I love Phoebe" "ahhhhhh! Me too but Joey tho"

I got curious and asked "So what did I do?" "Hmm?" "You said you were gonna punish me why is that?" "Oh I specifically asked you to wait for me and you didn't you defied me and on top of that you left me with a pulsating erection" he said all that like it was nothing while watching TV he must be joking. The it occurred to me wait was he serious "Seriously! I told you I didn't want to wait I wanted to go home and who are you to just decide that some one should be punished also how is your erection my problem"

ok I was mad he's such an asshole a fudging control freak and to make things worse he just sat there staring at me as if he didn't even care that I was upset dis man a sumn else "are you done?.... ok I'll take that pause for a yes there's nothing to get upset over it's not like you don't deserve it just let it happen accept that you were wrong and never make the same mistake again ok?" He wasn't listening to me it's like... I dont even know to be honest wow! this guy. I just walked away I figure it would be better to just go to bed cuz if I stayed in the same room as him I'd slap him so hard he'd have a concussion.

"Hey dont walk away from me" "Tyler I can't be around you right now you're making me angry" I said as I was walking up the stairs to my bedroom, as I was about to close the door he barged in "why are you upset?" I sighed I wondering if I should say something about his control issues "you're too controlling and annoying you never think of the other persons feelings you need to learn how to be considerate an...uhmmn"

I was stopped by his sudden kiss "mmmh!" I pulled away panting "w-why do you keep doing tha-at?" "Because you are so damn cute" he grabbed me and kissed me again and this time I didn't pull away I just couldn't my my legs got wobbled and he pulled me up so I wrapped my legs around him I he licked my lips so I opened my mouth for him and he delved in I instantly forgot everything. I gave in.

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