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Chapter 13


I woke up the next morning with swollen lips, aching thighs and I'm pretty sure my back is broken. I opened my eyes and there it was the reason for what ails me Tyler was literally on top of me between my legs I think we made out until I passed out.

"Tyler get off me... Tyler c'mon man you're heavy... Tyler you're crushing meee!!!"

"Shut up and go back to sleep" well that's awfully rude "dude I swear to mac&cheese if you don't get the hell offa me mi ago scream cuz apparently yuh ears na work good"

"I dont understand a word you just said but damn it was sexy" good to know I'll curse him out in patois so he won't know what I'm saying muhahaha how advantageous.

"Tyler I can't feel my legs and my back is probably broken so please for the love of pudding get off me" he rolled off me and sat up on the bed I tried to move and winced in pain

Here's some friendly advice never fall asleep in the position of a 6ft5 male lying between your legs "are you ok baby" hah he called baby, but why? are we even in a relationship? what are we exactly?

"Yeah I'm good it's just painful to get up but I'm sure it'll go away soon... wha put me down! I dont need you to carry me!" "Ronnie please just shut the fuck up and appreciate the gesture"

"I don't wanna shut up you shut up" "you know baby you are surprisingly childish" "whatever horsie to the bathroom! Giddy up!"

We were in the dining room eating breakfast which he coerced me into making I usually dont eat breakfast I just never feel like eating in the mornings.

Talking bout he wants waffles I ain't no suburbanhousewife. I made him a bowl of cereal its healthy and has lots of fiber.

"So about your girlfriend or girlfriend rather... how did that happen?" "What do you mean?" He knows damn well what I mean I honestly couldn't help but roll my eyes at how he was playing dumb the condescending prick

"What brought you two together you know to be in a relationship?" "Oh, sex" he literally just said sex like it was a given like everybody is just suppose to know that then again I wasn't surprised but I couldn't help the expression that took over my face I mean he just said it like it's nothing

"What? are you surprised?" "You know I'm not" I said in an unimpressed tone "the fuck! Is that suppose to mean" it wasn't a question so I didn't reply but why was he upset he literally went from 0 to 100 in a second... thats craazy "do you think I'm a slut?"

I couldn't help but smile at the way he said that dry and without feelings as usual "yes" I was being honest I think he's a slut a total fuckboy.

"Ok let's say you're right is that a problem" I dont know is it a problem? It's not like we're in love or anything I'm not even sure if I wanna take part in coitus with him.

Haha who am I kidding of course I wanna have sex with him so I lied because apparently admitting it would hurt my pride severely "yes" I said callously.

He sat back and folded his arms across his chest, he stared at me for what felt like hours but was really 3 minutes.

"And why is that?" "You're just not my type of guy" LIES! I was spouting complete nonsense, my words may have made sense to the outside world but to me that were incoherent.

He raised one of his eyebrows as he stared at me and I swear I felt pregnant at that moment "Ronnie you have to be with a guy or guys to know what your type of guy is like"
"ok first of all that's not true and what makes you think I haven't been with anyone... other than the fact that I'm a virgin...was?"
"Ok Ronnie have you ever dated anyone" I scoffed 'the disrespect' I vindictively asked "have you? I mean seriously?" I was offended he obviously asked that, already thinking that I've been single my whole life I mean not that it's not true but he has no right to act like he knows me.

I noticed he was squeezing his fist so tight that they were pink which made me very uneasy.

"What are you as offended as I am?" "No I just find it weird that you think you have the right to judge me like this" "I'm not judging I'm just stating my opinion based on what I've experienced and heard at school, you're what they call a fuckboy Tyler and I barely know you"

"ok since we're going on experience and what we've heard; you're easy" he better not mean what I think he does cuz I swear to God I'll never forgive him. "Now let's see you let a guy that you barely even know fuck you the moment you met, he's literally done whatever the fuck hes wanted with you since then and you let him into your house to have a sleepover where the only reason you got any sleep at all was because you passed out while you where making out, well that's just me speaking from experience, since I'm obviously the guy I'm talking about, not to mention I've heard you moaning my fucking name and calling me daddy multiple times me the guy you barely know the fuckboy therefore when you sum it up... you're extremely easy in fact you are the easiest out of all the girls I've been with.

Hearing that from him hurt me so much that I felt like crying sure everything he said was true and I wish I had an excuse but I dont I just don't all I know is that I can't control myself around him.

My eyes started to tear up and my lips started to tremble "is that what you really think of me? That I'm easy?" "Thank you for breakfast Ronnie best waffles I've ever had" He didnt even answer me he just said that got up took his bag and left closing the door as silently as possible. It felt like I've been slapped in the face with a brick I just sat there forcing my tears to stay put now that I think about I was pretty easy wasn't I? That's bad isn't it? So why don't I regret it?

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