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Chapter 14

Sitting in the same spot after he left just staring at the door that he didn't even bother to slam maybe I would be able to cry if he did...he didn't. Maybe it would have modified the way I felt about him but it didn't.

"Roniela I'm home!" Mothers high pitched voice woke me from my trance and unfortunately reality still sucks.

"Wah wrong wid you?" (What wrong with you?)
"Nothing I'm fine" as if I could tell my mother that some guy dickmatized me, then insulted me and hurt my feelings so bad that I feel empty inside.

"Did something happen at school?"
"No mother nothing happened" alot happened, I just can't tell you about it.

"What?... is it a boy?" That question made me panic a little, I know she asked as a joke but all it did was remind of how scared I am of her knowing the truth.

I couldn't answer I was tired of lying but I also couldn't tell her, I just can't. So I sat there and stared at her waiting and hoping she'd take the initiative that I wasn't going to take, and change the subject.

"Ok how's Tyler?" This time my lip trembled in fear and hurt.
"Uh..." my voice cracked
"Uh um no, why? What does Tyler have to do with anything?" I swear my heart is going to plummet into my throat.
"Little girl that's what I'm asking you, I saw him when I was driving in, was he here?" She asked that question with that scary and stern look she makes

Oh shit, smile Ronnie smile don't make it obvious
"No he was here silly why would he be here and so early in the morning,but that would mean he spent the night here, my gosh mother what do you take me for" I really hope she buys it.

"Yeah that's what I thought, my daughter isn't dumb enough to have a boy over at my house late at night until morning."
"I've told you a thousand times but I'll remind you just in case..
" IM NOT RAISING ANY GRANDKIDS, and if you ever get pregnant you are out of this house. You hear me?"

Im really glad I'm not pregnant or at least I hope I'm not I guess Tyler was shooting blanks .

Mother is strictly against teenagers having kids
I mustered up the most convincing, sweetest fake smile I could and said "yes mother I hear you, besides you're way too young and pretty to be a grandma"
"Haha ikr any ways bye I'm gonna wash up"

I Didn't cry not even a little bit it's been two days since my fight with Tyler which he won with flawless victory.

Over the course of our relationship,friendship or whatever the hell it was between us I've told myself that he didn't really mean anything to me so that if things went badly like I knew it would, and it did, I wouldn't care.

At least I thought I didn't, except, what he said hurt so me much that I was angry at myself for letting everything get were it did. I didnt cry but the truth is I wanted to, I want to cry but I can't because if I do I'm afraid that I'll realize just how much that selfish,bossy,inconsiderate,annoyingly handsome dick of a man means to me and within such a short time frame.

cause let's face he may be 18 but he ain't no boy or at least I think he's 18 well according to the size of his penis he may as well be 40.

So I spent my weekend studying or I tried my mind just kept going back to that disaster, I havent even finished my homework. Shit I haven't known Tyler for long and he's practically already ruined my life wish i could forget all, I wish I could forget him.

"Roniela you're going to late for school!"
"Coming mother!"
"Oh by the way Mrs Chandler is coming over later"
"What!?" Why is she coming over Tyler looks just like her I'll be looking at him but this time with 7boobs and I don't think I can handle that. Ugh what if I bump into him at school?

"Excuse little girl did you just shout at me?"
"Oh sorry mother I was just surprised, just her right? Tyler wont be here will he?... I'm just asking cuz well she's my favourite teacher and all."
Favourite teacher my ass I can barely understand what she's saying half the time.

"Oh she was gonna come alone but I told her to bring Tyler since you two are friends and all"

Whyy ?why,lord why? I don't I have the guts to be in the same room as him I'm ashamed of myself.

I mean after that speech about not wanting grandkids and staying away from boys... sigh why do I even bother when she's the one bringing boys to me and not just any boy at that, the one boy that may turn her into a grandmother before she's 40.

"Let's go I'll take you to school"
"Mother I have a car"
"Ik you do I bought it"

Why is she talking like that? the fuck?
"Ok what with the abbreviation?"
"Oh you don't know? It's what young people saying nowadays"
"Yeah over text messages"
"I'm tryna be hip"
"Well whatever it is please stop and no one says hip anymore"

"Seems like you're not going be late we're almost there."
"Are you going to pick me up?"
"No, I'll be busy... ask Tyler to give you a ride home."

I don't understand this woman. Ugh I really can't face Tyler, why is mother doing this to me. And why is she so ok with me being around Tyler in a car but not at home after dark. Oh trust me mother whatever you think teenagers can do in a house after dark they can do in a car even when its moving.

"I don't get it why are you so ok with me being around Tyler?"
"Oh honey you dont know?"
"Know what?"
"Well it's not my place to out him to anyone but....he's gay"

I burst into laughter this is the funniest thing I have ever heard. Are we even talking about the same Tyler Chandler that I know? The guy that rearranged my ovaries?

"Why do you think he's gay?" I've got to know what compelled her to spout such nonsense its blasphemy!

"Just think about it... his hair is always neat and well done."
Ah not it's not trust me it gets messy

"His clothes are super expensive and fashionable from the best brands, he's courteous,charming,sweet and his mother tells me he does his hair by himself therefore gay."

"So if you think he's gay why did you make such a big deal about seeing him this morning?"
"Well he is a guy my dear."

Ok going to pretend my mother didn't just spout misandry

He's so far from it tho. Oh mother you poor thing if only you knew.

"That makes zero sense mother"
"Child trust me I'm an expert in these things"
"You know what mother you're so right he's totally gay"

We arrived at school and in that moment and my heart plummeted into my stomach.

Tyler was exiting his car and although I knew. I realized that we go to the same school and attend similar classes.

I'm not ready to deal with any of this, whatever it is.
Will he avoid me? Will he act as if nothing happened? Or will he use what happened as an excuse to to punish me like he always does?

Seeing him made me realize what I've been afraid to admit this whole time.

"I miss him"....

"Hmmm? What? who do you miss?"
"Ah no one, bye mother."


How will Roniela deal with her situation?
How will Tyler deal with the way she deals with what happened?

Hi guys thank you very much for your support so far I apologize for the grammar issues I've been going back to fix the mistakes and I've actually gotten an editor thank God for her.
Also I may not be able to update as fast as I would like as I have some major exams coming up, I'll freak out if I fail.
I will however try to write new chapters while I take a break from studying.
I hope you guys have a wonderful time.


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