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Chapter 15

Every step I took walking towards school was making me feel weak and breathless. It felt like my throat was closing up and my feet felt heavy. All of this was happening simply because Tyler was sitting on his car hood, openly staring at me as I walked. His beautiful eyes were piercing my heart and all I wanted was to get away quickly, to escape his frightening gaze so that I could breathe.

I wobbled as quickly as I could towards my locker releasing a sharp but heavy breath once I was out of Tyler's sight.
This is bad I really have to avoid him or else I think I might suffocate and die.

"Hiiii! Baby girl"
hearing someone other than Tyler call me that sent shivers down my spine and not the good kind it made me feel nauseous.

I grimaced at the fact, I was no longer ok with hearing certain words unless he said it.
"Hi Giggles, please don't ever call me baby girl again"
I cant handle it
This bitch. Bitch you don't need an explanation just don't do it. That's what I wanted to say.

"Its vomit inducing"
"But why? You gave me a nickname, so why can't I give you one?"
"Isn't calling me Ronnie enough?"
"Why? Is the honour of referring to you as baby girl reserved for a special someone?"
Girl you have no idea.
"Yes" Its unfortunate but it's true and I'm in no position to deny it.
"Ok I won't ever call you baby girl again... baby girl"
She said that with a creepy smile and I swear to you I wanted to smack her into next week.

We were walking slowly to class and as usual Giggles kept chatting on about cheerleading and about me joining the team and honestly I don't know how to get her to understand that I'm just not interested, it's just not my cup of tea although she passionately thinks it is.

I don't have a problem with cheerleading it's just... I think joining the squad would make me a groupie, wouldn't it? I mean I would literally be joining a group of girls all of which Tyler has had sex with, yeah no thanks also I'm simply not interested in any extracurricularactivities....except Tyler.

What's sad is that he is all I can think about. We have only one class together and I have never been more grateful I cant imagine seeing him all the time in every class just thinking about him is exhausting.
Why tho?
I didn't mean to hurt his feelings I was just being honest he's a total man whore and for some reason me pointing it out to him made him attack me mercilessly.

Sigh... I wonder if he's okay does he miss me as much as I miss him.

"Earth to Ronnie, heyy! Gorgeous!"
"Huh what?"
"Hunny are you alright you're very distracted today and that's not like you"
"Uh um... yeah I'm fine I just... I just..." feel like crying
"Just what?"
"Uh nevermind, what's the next class?"
"Woah you forgetting the schedule? I'm worried, you're way to young to have dementia, oh maybe you're turning into a zombie."
"You know the symptoms of zombism are forgetfulness and a sudden drop on serotonin"

This bitch
"No Polly I dont have dementia... I hope, and zombism is not a word, I'm just... regretting some stuff and I'm having an exceedingly bad day."
"Anything I can do?"
"Yeah, just be you, just be Giggles"
"Ok whatever you say gorgeous"
"Our next class is biology."

I sat at the front of the class as usual and Giggles when to her seat in the back and to be honest I never thought I'd think this but I which she could stay with me. I dont think i can handle being in the same room as Tyler without moral support.

"Good afternoon class it's good to see you all again. How was your weekend?"
Everyone shouted 'Great' simultaneously and it made me shiver since the only word that came to my mind was 'heartbreaking' because it was.

I looked up and suddenly I couldn't breathe. Tyler had just stepped in he was 5 minutes late he was neat and dashing as always but he was sweaty you could clearly see the small bead of sweat on his temple, his lips were slightly swollen and a stray strand of hair hung over his face, the strand seem as if it belonged there but Tyler never puts hair in his face intentionally. Or was it just me that noticed these things.

One thing that I'm sure everyone noticed were the array of hickeys on his neck along with the girl that slowly walked in beside him.

My stomach dropped it felt as if my heart fell from my chest to my gut and everything thing below that went to places I could not recognise. Again I felt like crying that's all I ever feel like doing.

"You're late both of you"
"Everyone please turn to page 77 in your textbooks"
The sound of pages turning were silent or rather I couldn't hear them my ears were ringing as I sat there with my heart palpitating and my eyes fighting of tears as I held my head down not wanting to look at what was in front of me fearing I would break down if I saw him.

I cant, I cant do this, dont cry, dont cry

I turned to the announced page as fast as I could.
You know what it's fine we didnt mean anything to each other in the first place and I am most certainly not going to waste years over some guy.

"Tanya go to seat, Tyler get up hear and read for the class."

I held my head high with my face devoid of expression. He walked over confidently to the in front of teachers desk, to the book and looked around the whole class stopping when his eyes landing on me.

My confidence and my breath went yet my tears came the moment our eyes met.
I swiftly asked to be excused. Everyone could see that there was clearly something wrong with me I was breathing heavily and I was wobbling, I just didnt want anyone to see me cry especially him.

I leaned on the walls for support desperately trying to get to the nurses office. I knew what was wrong it would pass but right now it hurt, it hurts so much, I miss him, no I hate him... I hate him so much it hurts.

I fell to the ground my eyes became foggy and I became even more out of breath as I was succumbing to my panic attack.

I fell to what I thought would be the cold floor but instead it was a warm set of muscular that felt sickeningly familiar.

"C'mon baby breathe, breathe slowly"
"It's ok just breathe"

I tried but I couldn't do it, the instructions weren't registering all I could think about were the hickeys on Tyler's neck and that they weren't from me.

Breathing became harder and everything was becoming darker at that moment I felt his lips on mine, they were soft and comforting it felt as if an angel was pumping air back into my lungs. The kiss got deeper and I had to hold on for dear life I grabbed onto what felt like the softest hair I had ever felt I opened my eyes for the first time since I fell and I saw him.

Reliazation hits, it was him, I knew it was him the moment he caught me in his arms, I knew it was him the moment I heard his voice and I knew it was him the moment he kissed me.

He hugged me closer and the kiss got deeper, then pathetically the tears finally fell from my eyes. Upon noticed of my tears he stopped the kissed and hoisted me up in his arms and brought me to the nurses office. He laid me on the bed and left knowing that wouldn't want him to see me like this I cried so hard I felt tired and sleepy.

I laid in the nurses office all day until I heard the bell ring ready to go home and force my self to believe today never happened.

I walked through the front gate still thinking about the kiss that was so memorable that my lips were still tingling.
"Get in the car"
That scared me so much I had a minor heart attack
Tyler? Why is he here is he worried about me? Does he think just because we kissed and he saw me cry a little mean we can go back to how we were before because that is not how this works.

"Your mom told my mom to tell me to give you a ride home so just get in the car"

And here I thought you were worried about me honestly I dont think I can handle being alone with you it's still too much.

"Its fine I'll asked one of my friends to take me"
"You don't have any friends and Polly is at cheer practice so just get in the fucking car"
"Oh right, then I'll walk or take the bus so just go"
"Why are you so fucking stubborn just get in the fucking car!"
"Would you stop with the curse words you're so vulgar. Just leave me alone"
"I said I'll walk"

Before I knew it I was over his shoulders being carried over to his car.

"Tyler put me down right now!"
He sat me in the car and started to buckle me up.
"You have absolutely no right to do this"
"Shut up"

The silence in the car was acerbically loud and I could hear my hear beat drumming in my ears. I was so nervous and scared. I dont even know why.

"Mother thinks you're gay"
He looked at me for the first time since he got in the car and it made my stupid heart skip a beat.

"And I totally get why she thinks that"
"Do you think I'm gay?" Ah finally he speaks
"Are you?"
"You know I'm not"
"Do I?"
"Would you like me to stop the car and prove it to you?"

And that was the end of that conversation the rest of the ride was silent but it wasnt deafening.

Stay tuned 😊

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