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Chapter 17

I immediately went to bed after, I had a pounding headache and vigorous palpitations that made me feel like throwing up. I never thought the day would come where I had to curse and shove someone put of my room. I'd like to say I did the right thing and I feel good about it... about myself except its the complete opposite.

I feel like shit and I hat myself how can I love someone who makes me hate myself? Why do I feel as if I need to apologize to him? Should I? No no I shouldn't, I didn't do anything wrong.

I laid there in a trance hoping my headache and painful palpitations would subside all while trying really hard really hard fall asleep or to just pass put as I no longer wanted to be stuck in my head with my thoughts. How does one escape from themselves? Besides taking drugs is there really no other option.

As If palpitations weren't enough my phone rang and scared me reducing my life span by ten years. Now there are three people that would dare to call me this late at night Mother, Polly and Tyler. Mother is asleep and Tyler well he? He wouldn't be that shameless would he? Or maybe he's calling to beg for forgiveness. The thought made me happy.

I excitedly answered the call quickly without checking the caller ID, deep down I knew it wasn't him but I couldn't help but hope.

It was Polly "hey " I said dauntingly it was a tone she did not deserve but I couldn't help myself.

"Aaayye what was that? You sounded like you were expecting it to be somebody else "
"No not all "
"Aye cmon gorgeous you can tell me, which guy were you expecting... or was it a girl?"
"No one"
"Polly please just state your reason for calling me "
"Huh you're not calling me Giggles which means something is definitely wrong what is it?"
I sat there quietly gnawing on my bottom lip I didn't want to be rude to Polly but I also really didn't want to talk about it.

"It's okay you don't have to say anything don't tell me if you don't want to but just know that in really hurt that you're keeping secrets. I just called to ask you something but it seems like I caught you at a bad time "

Oh no I was being mean to Polly

"No Giggles it's fine ask away"

She sounded dejected, I guess I did make her feel bad with my negative energy and all
"Yes please ask me?"

"OK uh um would you please... no would you like to hang out with me after to school tomorrow?.. I mean it's been a while since you moved here so I thought you know...maybe we should hang out to strengthen our friendship you know, this strong and awesome bond we got going on"

She was rambling but as much as I would like to just stay home tomorrow I have to go to school and spending time with Polly doesn't sound so bad either shit what if the other cheerleaders are there Ugh I really don't want to be around those bitches... Tyler's groupies.

"Yeah sure I would love to but only if it's only you and me I really don't feel comfortable around your friends"
"Really! Ahhh! Okay just you and me just us girls it's gonna be fun! See you tomorrow Gorgeous!"

She screamed in my ears and hung up, she sounded very happy what's so great about hanging out with me anyway?

I noticed that my palpitations were gone and my once maddening migraine was now mild, I also had a smile on my face. Huh who would have thought? Thanks Polly talking to you made me feel so much better. I guess this is why people have friends.
I woke up the next morning feeling refreshed
I felt I could finally let Tyler and the stress that came with him go. Now all I had to do was look forward to hanging out with Giggles and get through high-school peacefully. Or so I thought.

My phone was overflowing with unread messages and missed calls from Tyler. A little scary to be honest, maybe I should text him back?

Nope screw Tyler I have decided to ignore him and get all the distractions and toxicity out of my life.

So I walked into school feeling lighter... I wish... I can't stop thinking about that freakishly hot, blonde jackass. Ugh what is wrong with me.

Maybe I'm dickmatised but can a person get dickmatised by dick they've only had once?

And there he was the current bane of my existence.
He was wearing a cute pink sweater and he had his hair fully down which is weird because I've never seen him wear pink or his hair fully down, he is so cute and so pretty and so handsome and so damn sexy that I wouldn't be surprised if my pupils were fully dilated.

But no I must resist that damn temptress lest my womb shrivel up and die, begone demon!.

"Heeeyy gorgeous!" I heard Giggles squeal and it was like a breath of fresh air Polly had so much presence I felt as if there was simply not enough room in my mind for Tyler which I a good thing.

"So you looking forward to later... you know our little date?"
"Date? I'm not sure why you would use that word to describe two friends spending time to together but yeah sure I guess i am looking forward to it... kinda"

"Yaay me too I have so much stuff planned you're gonna love it"
"You know what Polly I think I will"

Polly squealed again not knowing I said what I said while staring longingly at Tyler I said it as a promise to myself that I could definitely have a good time without even thinking about him, I have to have a good time, I have to have fun for once I would like to enjoy a day without thinking about that incubus Sasha Tyler Chandler I is my CIVIC DUTY as an 18 year old girl who suddenly can't stop thinking dick.... good dick.

"I will pick you up after school okay Gorgeous"
"Okay Giggles see you later"

"Hey gorgeous you ready?"
"Wait Polly is that you?"

She had her hair in a pony tail, I've never seen that before, she wasn't in heels she had on ripped black jeans, a white tee and a black leather jacket. What the hell is going on?..

"Hellooo gorgeous you coming?"
"Yeah yes! Let's go"

Polly came around and opened the door for me she even buckled me in WHAT THE FUDGE IS GOING ON?

"So how was school today?"
We both burst out in laughter at that question.

"I can't believe you just mommed me"
"I did not just mom you"
I simply stared back at her with a grin on my face cuz she totally just mommed me.

"Okay I may have mommed you just a little bit"

"Oh my goodness this is so weird"
"What's weird gorgeous?"

"You! What the fudge is going on? You're... you're just so different."
"You know you're really cute when you say fudge in place of fuck"
"Gasp! Giggles that's vulgar" I berated her jokingly
We burst out in laughter again because I berated her jokingly

"Well this is the real me gorgeous"
"Really so you're like not legally blonde?
"Only when I have to be"

She brought me to an old restaurnant called Polly's.
"Wow so you took me to a place thats named after you, are you trying to impress me?"

"Only if its working."
"Yeah colour me impressed nice place you got here"

"Yeah it belonged to my grandmother"
"Woah nice!"

We walked into the restaurant slowly, with my mouth agape I looked around fascinated, this place was simply gorgeous.

I had so much fun with Polly the vibe wasn't tense and I could be myself although things were a little weird... I guess Giggles was, or is hitting on me I'm not sure but that's the feeling I get everytime she looks into my eyes whenever she says sumn nice.

Or am I being conceited by thinking everybody just wants me all of a sudden. Oh my God am I conceited?
I mean I don't think so holy shit did I contract it from Tyler? He's the most selfish, self centered individual in the world, literally.

Is being conceited a communicable disease?...

"It's not"
Polly's sudden response drew my out of my head then I realized. That I had said it all out loud.
"Oh fudge, you heard all that Giggles I am so so sorry"

She sudden burst into laughter which put me at ease and made me smile.
"Stop laughing and pay attention to the road I wold like to get home in one piece, Thank you very much, you're driving remember?"

Ofc I asked rhetorically but she answered anyway.
"Oh no Gorgeous I wasn't laughing at you, I was laughing next to you"

The we both burst into laughing at her silly reply.

"But seriously tho yes"

"What do you mean?" I asked, confused

"I was... am hitting on you and I'm pretty sure that everyone wants you since you're so cute and absolutely gorgeous so you didn't contract any diseases from Tyler... I hope"

"You hope? Wait you know about us?"
"I mean Tyler and I, there is no us"

"Hmm not really I do see him stealing glances at you from time to time and I can tell that you're trying to avoid him based on your interactions with him at school "


to be very honest I didn't have much to say about what she observed. All I could think about was the fact that she noticed Tyler stealing a glances of me, which makes me feel as if I ain't got much sense.

Because finding out that Tyler even thinks about me enough to steal a glance made my heart race it wasn't unpleasant which was just incredibly confusing.

"Looks like I have some competition"
Polly said with a smile

"No you don't"
I realized want I said
"I mean not that like you... I mean I do like you but um... fudge"
I gave up explaining its too damn difficult.

"Oh my gosh gorgeous you're so damn cute"
"You don't have to like me back I'm just letting you know I'm interested, that's all".

I came out of her truck and she walked me to my door.
I stood there and stared at her as she loomed over me.

"Bye Pol.."
My good bye was interrupted as she suddenly kissed me on the cheek and walked away back to her truck.

"Bye Gorgeous!"

As she was about to drive off it dawned on me

"Wait Polly was this a date!?"

As she drove off into the distance I heard a very faint but amusing.

"Yes it was"

Hey guys!
How are you?
I'm okay... I think

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