This Way

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Chapter 2

I was violently pinned to the door I couldn't move an inch why do I have to be so weak? So many thoughts ran through my head OH MY GOSH! Is this really how I'm gonna lose my vCard this is not how I planned it I mean I wasn't saving it for marriage or anything but I at least wanted to be In love first whatever the hell that is.

I was panicking I couldn't even say a word even as he ran his smooth hands up between my thighs making me shiver, I was breathing heavily it was as if my breath and I were in an Olympic race and i was losing.

His hands were smooth they felt really good something must be wrong with me.

He stopped and then whispered in my ear making me feel his hot breath saying "you're so stubborn and defiant... I like that got a nice ass too" he said grabbing my butt squeezing it.

I tried to push him away but he's just so fucking strong who am I kidding I don't stand a chance he's like 6 foot 5 and I'm only 5 foot 2 due to my unfortunate genes but I was taught to never give up so I tried to move my leg wondering if I could slam it in his balls and make a run for it while he cries in pain, unfortunately he had my leg pinned with his.

He chuckled saying "I figured you'd try sumn like that... you've been such a bad girl" he kissed my neck gently amd slowly came up to me cheek I had to bite my lip in order to hold in a moan because that would mean that I was enjoying this and I wasn't I'm being molested for crying out loud possibly raped.

He gave me a soft peck on the lips so gently and slowly all while caressing between my thighs occasionally touching my vagina he was treating me like something he wanted to devour slowly to enjoy.

It took me by surprise when he kissed me roughly ravishing my lips making my knees give out and my hands that were desperately trying to push him away, for dear life go limp, he stopped but only to give me air as I was the only one out of breath,

He waited staring into my eyes and grinned the moment he identified the lust, want and shame in them. He kissed me roughly again making me moan he bit my lip expecting me to open my mouth but I was a stubborn girl I would never give into this that easily.

Yes I was enjoying this and yes I wanted him and yes the moment I saw him he made me dripping wet and my nipples hard but none of it should be happening none of that should've happened he is obviously a terrible person, taking advantage of a girl I should be crying and screaming for help but I couldn't I wanted this to happen I wanted him something about him made me submit.

He pulled my hair saying "open it" in a gruff tone I whimpered and quickly gave him access and he delved in.

He ripped my panties off, and I couldn't help but think that this guy was strong as fuck he literally tore them off.

I was admiring his strength but then I remembered that I loved that pair.

He stopped kissing me going slowly then he eased out of it not to give me air this time as I noticed from my blurry vision that he was now staring at my underwear grinning like the monster he is.

He slowly leaned in back to me caressing my thighs then my 'lips'...if you know what I mean, rubbing his finger over my opening while whispering in my ears saying "nice underwear baby girl they a very pretty I just wish I got to see them on you"

He sucked on my neck snaking his hand up to unlock the buttons at the top af my pinafore. like what the...? doesn't he already have access to my vagina.

I quickly realized why he did what he did as he brushed his finger on my right nipple forcing a moan out of me that I tried desperately hard to lock away tightly as he pinched my nipple, kissed my ear and then asked "you like that baby girl?"

"It's not to late to stop" I said knowing full well I didn't want him to stop he simply raised his brow which was sexy fuck "did I ask you what time it was?" he spat making me whimper in fear.

He pinched my nipple again while rubbing circling over my clit asking again "did you like that baby girl, do you like it when daddy teases you?"

This was too much this felt amazing my mind went blank and I accidently whispered "yes daddy" along with a moan I cursed in my mind hoping he didn't hear but who am I kidding accidents like that don't happen... do they?

I guess he did hear me since he stopped and smiled at me pecking my lips as if it was a reward. He slowly circled his finger around my hole I wanted him to insert it so bad that I whined wantonly which urged him to shovd his finger in me slowly making my mouth gape from the pain and pleasure that engulf my body

He pulled it out then kissed me roughly ravishing me as a distraction since he entered two other fingers pulling them in and out in a swift motion.

I moaned loudly not being able to control myself anymore he then stopped I whimpered hoping he would continue soon he then whispered to me "beg for it "

I shivered, knowing full well I wasn't above begging right now but I'm stubborn so instead I told him to go fuck him self but he laughed saying "oh baby girl... fuck?... isn't that what you want me to do to You hmm?"

I bit my lips as he started sucking on my neck while playing mercilessly with my hole he shoved a finger in and I became overwhelmed with pleasure and need I needed him inside me I needed to feel what that long thick pulsing dick felt like, I bit my lip trying to stop myself but before I knew it I was begging him to fuck me

"Oh fuck daddy please, please fuck me" my eyes were full of tears that must've sent him over the edge because he kissed me savagely while lining him self up with my hole entering me slowly I could feel myself being stretched along with the intrusion in my depths it was painful yet it felt so good I cried the moment he bottomed out which felt like it was taking forever he pulled out slowly entering me again I bet this ass hole was teasing me.

I was enjoying every bit of it then he pinched my nipple making me moan "daddy" in a high pitched needy tone looking down at me with wide eyes and immediately entered me quickening his pace bottoming out every time kissing me as I ran my hand through his long blonde shoulder length hair needing something to hold on to.

I was moaning very loudly while I stuck my tongue out like a slut I could hear the slushing sound of my wet pussy being penetrated as my eyes rolled to the back of my head I wanted this I couldn't pin any blame on him as my legs were wrapped around him I was seated perfectly on his cock not missing a single thrust and I was loving every moment of it he seems to be very close to cumming as his thrusts became slower and weaker he leaned forward and kissed me as if he was savouring the moment he then kissed my forehead.

I felt a sudden comfort when he whispered in my ear gruffly whispering "baby girl... mine my pussy my everything remember that" he then groaned pulling out placing me on a bench he turned around gave his dick a quick jack and came all ovfer the floor I felt panicky as I realized we didn't use a condom. I was overwhelmed.
Everything became blurry and darkness seeped in.

My first sex scene not sure if smut is my thing anyways enjoy. 🌻sunny

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