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Chapter 3

My entire body aches, my head hurts. I was lying down on a bench still in the locker room I grunted as I tried to sit up holding my head I looked around noticing that that the mess was cleaned up and I was wearing underwear I sat there hoping it was all just some freaky wet dream until I tried to stand I fell to the floor with a thud my legs gave out they were weak and they ached not to mention my vagina it hurt like hell.

I climbed back onto the bench noticing my bag in the corner along with a note a took my time and walked over my bearing the pain I quickly took up my bag along with the note reading it with a blank expression "hey baby girl happy you're up you looked so peaceful I didn't want to wake you we were in there for quite some time or should I say I was in there wink wink" I grimaced at that.

"I went through your bag found some of what I assume are emergency underwear glad you were prepared anyways I guess that was your first time all that blood too bad I didn't get to take your virginity properly I apologize for that I cleaned you up and placed a sanitary napkin on them pretty little panties for my first time doing that so I'm not sure if its on properly, you should probably hurry up and leave, get to your next class or whatever the sex was great I hope you remember what I said it'll do you well not to forget -Daddy".

I tossed the letter into my bag to quickly check my phone and my class schedule "fucking hell" I shouted realizing that I missed my entire first period I can't believe I wasted that much time I have to do better I hate disappointing my mom she worked so hard to get here I hope they don't record shit like this or I'm screwed and how do I explain it?

"oh Mother you're gonna laugh you see I was hiding from this girl cuz I'm socially awkward and I thought she was too chatty, I ended up in a room with a perverted hot guy who was jacking off but instead... and this is the funny part he fucking fucked my brains out... oh and we didn't use a condom so... yeah look out for AIDS or grandkids, yes grandkids cause he fucked me hard there is no way I'm giving birth to less than twins, shit, you may as well expect triplets"

I mocked as I slowly limped to my next class which was biology I memorized my way around when I first got a tour of the school which is why I'm appalled I didn't pay attention when I ran into the boys locker room I'm an idiot, I slowly walked into the class noticing my teacher was a fairly beautiful woman with long dark hair she was tall yet she wore heels her skin was flawless she was flawless "um good morning" I said meekly and she replied with a Russian accent

"Hello you must be new I'm Mrs Chandler please introduce yourself to the class"
I walked to the centre of the class and said
"um.. hi I'm Roneila Davis" I smiled politely at the class but it fell as soon as I saw a certain someone the word daddy instantly came to my mind and I scolded myself for thinking that, he was chatting it up with none other than Polly or should I say flirting cuz she was all teeth and red cheeks I gotta say they do make a cute couple, Polly was cute and all smiles and fun a little too much fun for me but she seems nice "please take a seat" I heard Mrs Chandler say and I scurried over to a seat at the front.

I decided against the back the moment I saw Polly and da... ass hole back there. Mrs Chandler turned her back to the class writing on the board and I got a startling text I look at my phone to see who it was from and my mouth gaped that bastard he saved his number in my phone as Daddy and I know it's him becuz there is a fricking eggplant emoji who does that! I hate him I read the text which only made me angrier.

"why did you sit up there? I'm sure you see this empty seat in front of me bring that sweet ass down here right fucking now" I quickly replied saying
"fuck you" my phone vibrated immediately
"Oh baby you already did that but we can do it again anytime now stop acting up and behave" I rolled my eyes and turned off my phone intentionally turning around so he can see me putting it in my bag he looked upset a wapm to da bwoy ya mon (what's wrong with this boy).

School ended rather quickly and I enjoyed all my classes so far my teachers were nice and so were my class mates I didn't see the bastard for most of the day it seems biology was the only class we had together thank God but Polly, that annoying sack of giggles were in all my fricking classes why lord why she kept talking and asking questions you'd think that if I grunted as an answer all the time she'd take a hint and go away but nope bitch was clueless but honestly she was starting to grow on me.
I was walking to my locker and he was just standing there leaning on my locker like it was his I was contemplating whether I should just walk past him and head straight home who cares if these books were heavy so I walked not sparing him a glance but my soul erupted from my body when he grabbed me pinning me against my locker
"where the fuck do you think you're going" he spat
"none of your fucking business so move"

I shouted surprisingly no one paid any attention to us only a few glances so basically I couldn't get help even if I wanted it "turn around and put your books away" he commanded lips barely touching my ears so I figured hey might as well and the moment I turned and opened my locker the ass hole grabbed my pussy making me wince from the pain I mean who the fuck is this guy Donald Trump?.

He was rubbing it soothingly making me shiver from how relaxing it was it really helped with the pain and I wanted to lean into his touch but he forced a finger into me through the side of my panties and I hissed from the pain
"you're sore, it's swollen" he said removing his fingers and goes to back to rubbing over the soft material
"no shit sherlock, why do you even care and could please stop that?" I said
"we both know you don't want me to stop and you need to start treating me with respect" he said in a gruff tone sounding so damn sexy that I hate it.

"What the fuck is wrong with you I get we had sex but dude you need to get over yourself ok I dont even know you and you dont know me, now get your hands off me" I said slapping his hand that was slowing rubbing my sore crotch "you weren't saying that a few hours ago all that begging you did you needed my dick so bad not exactly virgin behavior you see Ron you can't escape me no matter how hard you try I know your body I was your first and you know what they say you never forget your first" he whispered slowly into my ears

I grimaced because he was right he knew my body everything he did turned me on it was like my body was under his control and I hated it but I loved it I loved how dominant he was I loved when he called me his and I loved when he called me baby girl and I love calling him daddy, my life has changed so much in just a few hours.
"Oh and another thing you sit in front of me in biology class is that clear" he said in a no nonsense tone but hell no I'm not sitting anywhere near him and Polly giggles it's the only time I'm ever from her.

"I'm not going anywhere near you and Polly I don't give a fuck what you say"
I said leaning again his chest enjoying his soothing massage but suddeny I jumped from pain when he shoved his long thick fingers in my sore swollen pussy.

I swear everything on this guy was long his dick,his hair,his sexy long legs and his frickin fingers
"Is that clear?" he asked again but I refused to answer then he started thrusting his finger preparing to add a second when a tear fell from my eyes then I immediately said
"yes" knowing I wouldn't be able the handle the pain "Yes what?" He whispered softly into my ear I released a broken sob saying
"yes daddy"
"good girl" he said slowly removing his finger right after kissing my cheek then suddenly he was gone and I was left with my thoughts how di hell dis happen to mi? (how the hell did this happen to me?) What am I gonna do how do I get out of this... I'm definitely wearing pants tomorrow I thought as I now limped my way to my out to the parking lot and In my car.

○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○ lol she doesn't even know his name I wonder if pants is enough to stop him tho.

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