Meathead and Loser

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It only took two years, but Rick finally hired a couple more guys to work at the Restaurant. Beef Babies was expanding across America with more locations popping up each month. As the food chain grew, we shifted from a fine dining experience to fast food. More importantly, with more employees, Rick needed secondary management. I thought Paula should have been an assistant manager, but the job fell to me somehow. It came with better hours, and better pay, but also more responsibility.

I expected the new hires to need help adjusting to how things worked in the store, but I had no idea they’d need me in their personal lives too.

“Slow down, slow down,” I said

“He’s gonna kill me, I know he is,” Nathen, our newest busboy, complained to me about his boyfriend.

We were in the back of the kitchen. Rick had an office, but when someone needed to talk to me they always pulled me into the back. The space was hidden by a wall between the main kitchen and the industrial dishwasher.

“I’m sure he didn’t mean it,” I told the red headed tramp.

As coworkers, Nathan was family, but that kid fucked around with more dicks than a locker room. If his boyfriend was upset, it only made sense.

“He kicked me out of his car and threw a bottle at my head,” he added.

“Nate, your boyfriend is a junior in high school right?” I asked.

“Well yeah,” he said.

“Trust me, he wont do anything. We all talk big at that age,” I explained.

“But he,” Nate tried to continued but I repeated, “Trust me.”

I tried to sound worldly, but I wasn’t much older. My credibility was slim, and advice wasn’t a strong suit of mine.

No one liked talking to Rick. He was too much of a hard ass to care about people’s feelings. Naturally everyone had only two other options, talk to Paula or talk to me. Since Paula didn’t like getting involved in people’s problems, things went the obvious way.

Before Nathan could cry anymore, Paula came to get me.

“Hey Tommy, you should go outside ,” she said.

“Why, what’s up,” I said while nudging Nathan to get back to work.

“There’s someone looking for you. Said he’s your brother,” she said.

My heart stopped.

“My what?!” I asked.

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