Lone wolves

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All Asena wanted was to belong to someone, to have someone. She spent most of her childhood alone in the pack house dreaming of a mate to save her. But he wouldn't save her. He rejected her without a second thought. Heartbroken, Amelia leaves the pack and runs into the woods where she plans the rest of her days. She ignores the dangers and just runs. She of course finds trouble but also a man who is willing to protect her from the dangers in the woods.

Romance / Fantasy
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The pack was small, and only a few thousand occupied their territory. The alpha of the pack was strong and wise. He kept his people safe and free from wars. Their pack, the Pacem Pack, was known for its peace, but they knew how to fight back. Other packs would forget and try to poke at the sleeping giants only to have them awaken and destroy them.

Yes, the alpha knew how to keep his people safe, but his son, on the other hand, did not. His son, Nathan, was foolish and believed that having fun was more important than people he was meant to protect. He was to take his father's place in two summers. He could not wait as he craved power and control. This would ultimately destroy everything his father created, but he did not care as long as he was on top.

The alpha believed that when he found his mate, she would straighten him out and help him become the alpha he was meant to be, but he foolishly destroyed his chances at that.

But this isn't his story. It's about the mate in which he rejected.
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