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18-year-old Lola Sanchez has done whatever she can to support her family since her father's death when she was 11. She has done any job she can in order to scrape by. From working at a fast-food restaurant to being a hitman for a drug cartel. After an eventful senior year in which Lola got into trouble in the illicit world of drugs, Lola ended up failing. She must now figure out how to support her family while repeating grade 12 so she can get her diploma. When it seems, Lola is out of options and must quit school, a drug lord makes her an offer to spy on one of his competitors in exchange for completely supporting her family and paying for her to attend one of the most prestigious private schools in Phoenix, Arizona. The only catch is she must befriend a boy named Cade so that she can spy on his father. At first, Lola thinks that it will be easy. That is until she realizes just how similar she is to Cade- and starts to catch feelings. Lola fears she may be too deep to redeem herself. Will she continue deceiving Cade and his family or will she come clean and be back to square one.

Romance / Action
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Authors note

If you have stumbled across my story thank you. If you decide to read this story please leave feedback if you’d like.

Ever since I can remember I have enjoyed creating complex characters and making up their stories. When I was younger, I used to create these narratives for my Bratz dolls and share them with my friends. We would play for hours using our creativity. Now I am writing my first book to share with the internet.

I am a dyslexic Canadian who is currently pursuing a career in inclusive education. Writing is a new hobby to me; I have always liked to create stories but had been too shy to write them down. Thank you so much for checking out my book. Reading it would mean so much to me.

This story is set in Phoenix, Arizona. It follows Lola and Cade. They are both 18-years-old at the start of the novel.

This book has mature and triggering themes such as domestic violence and rape.

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