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Chapter 15

Once I'm done with art, I go to my locker to grab my things from my Spanish class. I head to the library where I see Lola talking to Clarissa and her friend, whose name I can't remember. I should really know who she is since I'm pretty sure we hooked up at a party last year. But I don't remember her name or the details of what happened. I'm not a great guy, this is one of the reasons why I decided to keep to myself this year.

Lola spots me and waves so I head over to her. That girl whose name I can't remember smiles at me and says, "hey Cade, could we talk for a few moments?"

"No, I'm busy right now. And we have nothing to talk about." Then I go sit at an empty table and wait for Lola to join.

Lola says something to the girls quietly then comes and sits beside me. "That was a bit mean."

"Honestly I can't even remember her. Last year was pretty rough for me." I tell her.

"I'm not one to judge, I broke a guy's finger last week. I don't have a leg to stand on in that department." She tells me while getting out her books.

"Well, he deserved that. Are you friends with those girls?"

"I'm not sure. Clarissa is nice to me and tries hard to be my friend, but I feel like that's because she's a school ambassador so it's her job. Elizabeth doesn't like me too much and I'm sure she'll like me even less after today."

"That's her name! I honestly had no idea. God, I'm a piece of shit." I tell her.

"Well, I'm sure you had your reasons. Anyway, what have you been learning so far in Spanish?"

As I go through what we have done Lola writes some things down. Then she goes over a loose plan of what we should cover. The teacher gave her a list of things we would be learning as well. We decided that we would meet Mondays after school once a week. If I needed more help we'd decide after that. We would be meeting in the library next week but may change to my house if we needed to meet for more than 1 hour. Lola said she has to pick Tomás up by 4:30.

When 4:15 hit and I had learned a little bit more Spanish we said goodbye and I went home.

Tuesday passed. I ate lunch with Clarissa. She said Elizabeth had called in sick and was super upset about Cade. I had told her that he didn't even remember her name. I was pretty sure he either drank way too much or was doing hard drugs the night he and Elizabeth hooked up since he had little to no memory of what happened.

Clarissa told me about how something happened last year with Cade's family. No one knew what but he had the hardest time of the three brothers. He would skip school, show up drunk or high, and didn't hand in any work. She told me how he failed and was surprised he came back to repeat his senior year where everyone knew him and had gossiped about what could have possibly happened.

Today, Wednesday I had lunch with Cade- since Elizabeth was back. We talked about our history project a bit. We also talked about how Tomás calls any vehicle a truck.

I'm currently waiting in the drama room for drama club to start. Today we were doing improv and I was not excited. What I saw from improv at my old school was a bunch of kids who were way too hyper yelling around. I've seen some good improv but most looked like a waste of time to me.

At 3:25 Clarissa started talking, "so we will start up with a warm-up lead by Chris then we will do some improv exercises."

After a warm-up that consisted of a lot of yelling a girl then explained the first improv game. We would yell freeze then tap a person on the shoulder and start a new scene in their place. After a few rounds, I decided to join when Noah was one of the two on 'stage'. I tapped a girl on the shoulder and started a scene about exploring an alien planet after a few minutes someone yelled freeze and tapped Noah on the shoulder. After a few more freezes someone replaced me so I went and sat next to Noah.

"You did really good. Were you on the improv team at your old school?" He whispers to me.

"Oh no, I never had time for it." I say back.

"Well, you were really good. You should try out for the play auditions are in 3 weeks. Improv auditions aren't till January." He tells me.

"I'm thinking about it." I say back and then continue to watch the scene in front of us.

After 20 minutes of this game, Clarissa starts to talk to the whole group. "We have time for 1 more activity. We are going to divide it up into 4 groups. We will then each get a suggestion of a place and do a 4-minute scene. I'll number you off."

My group was given Walmart as our location. We did a scene about trying to find antifreeze when no workers could be found. It turned into a haunted house-type scene quickly.

At 4:20 Clarissa starts to speak to the group again, "that was really great everybody. I'll see you all in 2 weeks. We will be leading some scripted pieces with help from some drama teachers. Then the next week there are auditions for the school play. I hope you all try out. See you!"

As I'm packing up at my locker Clarissa comes up to me, "you better be trying out for the play. You're really good."

"Thanks, I think I might." I tell her.

"Well, I'll see you tomorrow then. Have a good night."

"See ya," I say and head to my car.

I pick Tomás up from my Abuelo. I was a bit late which made him mad. I explained that I was in drama club and it went on until 4:20. He seemed happy that I was in school but still was cold. He had a big thing against cartels and gangs. My Abuela was involved in human trafficking when she was a teen. That's how she ended up in the states illegally. A cartel took her and said she needed to work off the debt for being brought to America. She eventually got out by tricking one of the men who were high up.

The man fell in love with my Abuela and bought her from the cartel. She then left him to start her own life. The guy loved her so much that he let her leave him, apparently, he thought she was better off without him. My Abuela met my Abuelo through some friends after she had moved to Arizona to start her own life. He was an undocumented immigrant. His parents brought him to America from Mexico when he was only 8.

They fell in love, ran a restaurant, and had my mom. But when my mother got involved with drugs and gangs my Abuelo kicked her out. She eventually got clean, moved back home, and got her hairdresser's license while she worked at their restaurant. Then she met my father and married him. I knew my Abuelo was disappointed that I had gotten involved with a cartel and launder my money through his restaurant. I didn't know if he would ever forgive me.

"I'm actually thinking of auditioning for the school play, if I get a part would you come watch?" I ask even though I'm pretty sure he'll say no.

"I would like that." He says and then goes back into his house. I leave with Tomàs feeling happy. Maybe I could repair the relationship with my Abuelo. But if he knew the truth of what I was doing he'd quit talking to me for good. I had to make sure he didn't find out.
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