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Chapter 31


As soon as the bell rang, I left art class with Lola’s things. She wasn’t answering my texts and I was afraid she had gotten arrested.

I headed to the principal’s office to see if she was there.

“Hi Cade, you’re not on the schedule to see Mr. Garett today, would you like to see him, I could ask if he has a moment.” The secretary asks me.

“No, I’m here to see principal Cohen.” I quickly say.

“Oh, I’m sorry Cade he’s busy right now, I can take a message.” She informs me.

I ignore her and walk to the principal’s door. I bang on it and wait. As I’m waiting Mr. Garett comes out of his office. Great now I’d have to talk to him about this at my next session.

“Cade what are you doing?” He asks.

Before I can reply principal Cohen opens his door. “What’s all the ruckus about?”

“Where is she?” I demand.

“I can’t give out confidential information Mr. Jameson. Please I’m very busy right now.”

“My dad donated more than you make in a year, I can make that stop if you don’t tell me!”

“How about we all talk this through calmly,” Mr. Garett says.

“Fine both of you come into my office.”

We follow principal Cohen in, and he shuts the door.

“I don’t like threats, Mr. Jameson. Now as you know the police were here today and 2 of our students have been arrested. I have to deal with this. Now, what do you want to know.”

“Wait was Lola arrested?” I ask hearing that 2 people were.

Principal Cohen huffs and rubs his eyes. “I shouldn’t say but yes she was. Both her and Wyatt are temporarily suspended until the investigation is over or the police tell me they weren’t involved. Now can I please get back to my work?”

Lola was arrested, shit. I look down at my hands and they are shaking. Wyatt knew the police would believe Lola was in on this. I needed to help her. But I didn’t know how.

“Cade how about we go into my office now?” Mr. Garett asked.

I follow him and sit on the couch. “Would you like to talk about what just happened?” He asks.

“How do I help her?” I ask back.

“Well tell me what going on and then maybe I could help or give you advice.”

“Wyatt has it out for her, he’s trying to get her charged for drugs they found in his locker. What if the cops believe him?”

“Well, was Lola involved or is there any evidence that she was?”

I shake my head. I didn’t think we left any evidence pointing to her. Plus, I can’t tell him the truth.

“Well then we just have to let them investigate and the truth will be found.”

“I got to get going,” I say deciding he was no help since I couldn’t tell him the truth.

As I walk to my car, I think about what I’m going to do. I’ll go down to the station and see if I can get her a lawyer. I wish I had that Leo guy’s number; he could probably help.

When I reach the police station I go to the desk and tell them who I’m looking for and that I want to call her a lawyer. They told me that she already called a lawyer. They also said I should leave but there was a waiting area if I wanted to stay. As I’m turning to go sit a man in a police uniform looks at me.

“Did you say you were looking for Lola Sanchez?” He asks me.

“Yeah, why?”

“You should leave. She’s no good.” Wow, Lola was right about these guys.

“And who exactly are you?”

“I was her dad’s partner. Take it from me, cut her out of your life. She’s toxic and will only hurt you.” And with that, the man leaves. I can’t chase after him since he is behind the barrier.

As I’m waiting, I think about how 2 different grown men have warned me about Lola. What kinds of things has she done to get these adult men to hate her.

From what I know she’s had to make tough choices and do illegal things. I also know she likes to make people pay for their evils. To me, these aren’t bad qualities. I mean if she burned you, I guess I could see why they don’t like her but to me it seems like she was always justified in her actions.

After a half-hour of waiting a middle-aged man in a too-big suit goes to the desk and says he’s there for Lola.

I run up and stop him before he can go in. “Hey, wait, I’m Cade Lola’s friend.”

“Look kid I gotta get in there,” he tells me.

“Yeah, I know, please tell her I’m here and make sure she’s okay,” I say.

“Got it,” and then he leaves me waiting again.

After almost an hour Lola and her lawyer come out. When I see Lola I run-up to her and give her a big hug. I didn’t realize how worried was until now. Did I ever have it bad for her.

We walk out to the parking lot and Lola says to her lawyer, “can I talk to Cade for a minute, I’ll meet you at your car.”

The man walks away.

“So that’s my lawyer Jim. Apparently, Wyatt said I must have planted those drugs. He spun some crap about me being from a bad neighborhood and that he rejected me recently, so I had a motive. All of Guillermo’s guys said they didn’t know me and that they were getting their supply from Wyatt. While I was in there the cops searched Wyatt’s house and car and found more of the meth. They had no evidence or reason to keep me anymore. I’ve got to have a meeting tomorrow before school with the principal and a few others but then I’ll be unsuspended. The cops said my name was cleared from this.”

“Thank god, I was so worried that you’d get charged,” I tell her.

“Me too, Guillermo could have screwed me. I was so worried that he’d tell his men to rat me out.” She says looking relieved. “Anyway, I better get going, I have to pay Jim, pick up my car, and then Tomás. I’ll see you tomorrow, okay? Oh, and thanks for coming and making sure I was okay.” She says.

“Yeah, I’ll see you tomorrow,” I say.

As she turns to leave, I grab her hand. She turns around and gives me a confused look. I lean in and kiss her. At first, she is frozen but then she responds and deepens the kiss. It was amazing, it felt right. It lasts for a moment longer until I pull away. Shit, why did I do that?

“Sorry,” I quickly tell her.

She laughs at me, “well I’m not sorry, see you tomorrow.” She gives me a big grin and playfully walks away.

I walk towards my car in a daze. Once I’m in the driver’s seat I realize what just happened. I kissed Lola and she liked it. Wow!

My whole drive home I’m ecstatic. When I enter my house, I have a huge grin on my face. As I enter the kitchen Kyle sees me and says, “did you finally tell her how you feel?”

“Kind of,” I reply as I take out the plate of supper Rita left for me. As I eat Kyle keeps bugging me, but I don’t mind nothing can ruin my good mood.

That is until my dad walks in, “so I just got off the phone with your principal. Is there anything you want to say?” My dad asks. He gives Kyle a look and gestures for him to leave and Kyle complies leaving the two of us alone.

“No,” I say as I also try to leave the room.

My father grabs my arm and squeezes. “Really Cade after all I’ve done for you, not even an explanation.”

“What do you want to hear. This guy tried to frame Lola for shit because she wouldn’t sleep with him. I wanted to know where she went!” I yell out.

“What’s the matter with you, you said you’d behave this year!” He yells back.

“This is behaving, unlike you, I’m not going to sit back while a woman is sexually assaulted and treated like shit.”

My dad smacks me. “You don’t know what you are talking about! You’re lucky I let you stay here.”

“Am I? You’ve taken so much away from me. The least you can do is let me stay here.”

“You ungrateful bastard!” He yells and starts to punch me. I don’t fight back; I’ve learned it makes it worse. Plus, I provoked him. I was asking for this the way I yelled at him.

After a good 15-minute beating, he leaves me alone. I slowly get off the floor and drag myself upstairs to my room.

On the way I run into Kyle, “why do you provoke him like that? He hasn’t done that to anyone but you in a year.”

“He deserved what I said. He’s never going to change, if it wasn’t me, it’s mom or Noah. At least I can take it.”

Kyle shakes his head, “he’s gotten a lot better; you’d be surprised.”

“A leopard can’t change their stripes. He will always be a woman beater. I’d rather not have faith in him.” To this Kyle looks down and walks away. He knows I’m right. growing up he’d beat us all, especially my mom. He’d done it less after what happened with my mom, but he still had his outbursts.

When I get to my room, I clean myself up which took a while since I was sore from my father’s beating. As I’m about to get into bed I hear my phone buzz. I look and it’s from Lola.

The stuff that just happened almost made me forget about her and the kiss.

Hey, so my family friend’s mom is getting released from jail in two days. They are having a big block party on Saturday, and I was wondering if you’d want to go with me? (Also, Tomás will be there too if that sweetens the deal)

I smile and reply.

Sure, sounds great!

I fall asleep happy for the first time in a while.

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