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Chapter 34


“I told you not to walk around my house without me. That still applies.” I tell Lola when I spot her walking down a hallway upstairs.

“Shit, I’m sorry, I didn’t want to wake you I was using the washroom.” She replies.

“Why are you upstairs and Why do you have a USB?”

“I went to the one in your bedroom since I’m not sure where any other bathrooms were. I left this here on Thursday, so I grabbed it, I have some school stuff on it.”

I give her a look, I guess that makes sense, she did have a USB on Thursday and I never gave her a tour of my house.

“Okay, just please get me up next time. I don’t want my dad to be alone with you after what he did to Laura. I know I said he wasn’t home but sometimes he shows up unannounced I’d rather be safe.” I explain my concerns to her. I was always worried about him hurting Lola. Now, after hearing about her being raped, I was even more worried. Plus, I didn’t want her seeing my mom even though she knew about her. I wasn’t ready for that.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t even think of that. I promise I’ll get you up next time.” Lola tells me.

I go up to her and give her a big hug. I was so worried when I woke up and she was gone. She hugs me back and we stay like that for a second.

“Want to go to my room? My bed is a lot more comfortable than that couch. I mean if you’re okay with that. There’s a guest room and the pool house has a guest bed if you’d rather sleep there,” I say.

“Your beds fine with me,” Lola says and then we walk to my room. “Could I have something more comfortable to wear?”

“Sure,” I say and grab her a shirt and pajama pants. She goes into the ensuite and changes. While she does this I also change and get into bed.

Lola comes out. Her phone goes off and she replies before plugging it into the wall. “Who are you texting so late?” I ask being curious.

“My mom, she’s up, I guess. She said that I don’t need to give her a ride home tomorrow, her friend will.” Lola says and starts to yawn.

I chuckle at her yawn which she makes a face to. “So, what are you doing tomorrow?” I ask.

“I have play practice at 2, we have to run through the whole thing. But I’m free until then.”

“Oh yeah, next weekend is the performance. We could make breakfast and hang out before you need to go.”

“Sure,” Lola yawns out.

Lola gets under the covers and moves towards me. She puts her head on my chest. I put my arm around her. We lay like that for a while, it’s a bit awkward because neither of us is relaxed. Lola rolls a bit and kisses my cheek which makes us both relax a little.

It’s silent for a while and I start to drift off. Lola whispers, “How close are you to your dad?”

“Not very, why?”

“Just wondering. If he has done all those horrible things, why don’t you leave?” She asks.

“My mom’s here, plus even though he’s awful he’s done a lot for me when he didn’t have to,” I tell her not wanting to talk about this topic anymore. It is silent for a while more.

“Thanks, Cade,” Lola says through another yawn.

“For what?” I ask

“For tonight, listening to me, and meeting all my friends and family.”

“No problem Lola, I had lots of fun. And I never have a problem listening to you, if there’s ever anything you want to tell me I’ll listen and not judge just like you do for me.” I say.

“Same goes for me Cade, I’m glad we met,” Lola says sounding tired.

“Me too,” I whisper but I think Lola already fell asleep. I think about how happy I am when I’m with Lola. She is so similar to me, she gets me, and it’s never hard to be around her. I went into this year thinking I’d be a loner but a month and a half later I’m finding myself glad I broke my rules. I fall asleep quickly with Lola softly sleeping in my arms.

The next morning, I wake up beside Lola. I had the best sleep I’ve had in a long time. I get out of bed and head to the washroom. When I’m done, I come out and see that Lola is still asleep. I stare for a while, and I see her move a bit.

“Are you staring at me like a creep?” She asks with a laugh.

“You’d like that,” I reply.

“Yes, I would,” she says with a smirk. I watch her get out of bed and stretch. I didn’t realize how big my clothes were on her. She’s swimming in them.

“What would you like for breakfast?” I ask as I hug her.

“Hmm, how about bacon and eggs?” She answers.

“Sure, but you might have to show me how to make the eggs,” I admit a bit embarrassed.

We walk to the kitchen, and I grab the ingredients. As I cook the bacon Lola prepares things for omelets. When the bacon is ready Lola talks me through making an omelet. When everything is ready, we sit at the island and dig in.

“This is really good. I can’t believe it was your first time making an omelet,” Lola tells me.

“It was the instructions.”

“Well, maybe. I think you could have a future as a chef.”

“I’d need a good teacher.”

“So, what are your plans after high school?” She asks me turning serious.

“I never thought that far, didn’t think I’d actually graduate.” I sheepishly admit.

“Well now that you’re going to what would you like to do?”

“I don’t know, part of me wants to leave but then again I don’t want to leave my mom. Maybe I’ll work for my dad for a while until I figure it out.” I say realizing how little thought I’ve put into this.

“You know you do have lots of time to figure it out.”

“Yeah, I guess. I’ve just never put thought into this, you know because I didn’t think I’d get here. Kyle is going to take over my dad’s business and Noah is expected to go off to art school, but my parents never had expectations with me.” I explain.

After a moment of silence, Lola replies, “Me too, until this year I’d thought I’d be stuck scraping by on whatever jobs I could get. Anyway, what do you like, maybe I can help you come up with a few options.”

“I don’t know, I like you, Tomás, and sleeping. that’s about it.” I tell her honestly.

“Well do you like kids? You’re great with Tomás, maybe you could work with kids.”

“Yeah, I like kids, but isn’t it weird for a guy to work with little kids?”

“No, my mom had a client whose son had a male kindergarten teacher. He liked him so much he would get his hair cut the exact same. I think you’d be great at that, and I know you’d enjoy it as well.” Lola says with sincerity.

“I guess, I’ll look into it. Mr. Garett wanted to look into post-secondary things with me so I could tell him this.”

“That’s awesome Cade, I think you are doing so great,” Lola says.

“Part of that is you, without your help in school I’d be failing,” I admit. Lola has helped me more than I can express. “What are you doing after you graduate?” I ask getting curious.

“I’m not sure, I might try to get a full-time job and take evening classes. It really depends on my mom and if I can get scholarships or financial aid.”

“If money wasn’t a problem, what would you do?”

“I’d go into law; I’d want to represent youth. Maybe even get involved in politics or government one-day writing social policy or representing people like me.” Lola says with passion.

“I think you should go for it, you’re really smart and have the drive. I’m sure I could help you figure out the money stuff.”

“No Cade, that’s too much to ask of you. Let’s see how things are by the end of the year. I’ve applied to schools in Phoenix, I don’t want to move away from my family. Mr. Garett said I would qualify for financial aid, and I could get a student loan. I’m sure I’ll be able to work while I take classes, lots of people do.”

“Yeah, sure,” I say, I want to help her with this, but I can see it’s too soon. Maybe once we’ve been together, she’ll let me help. We could even get a place together or she could move into the pool house.

Wow, I can’t believe my thoughts went there. I think I’m falling for her, fast.

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