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Chapter 43


Lola and Tomás had arrived a few moments ago. I was trying to readjust my costume before I went downstairs. The jumpsuit was white and way too tight. Especially on my crotch, it showed everything. I was regretting not trying it on until 10 minutes ago.

Old Cade would have given up and not dressed up. Who am I kidding old Cade never would have tried dressing up in the first place. I can’t believe I want to go out on Halloween for fun and not just get high.

As I’m trying to readjust the ill-fitting pants, I hear a knock at my door.

“Just a minute,” I yell.

“Are you alright in there? Your mom sent me to check on you,” I hear Lola say.

“Uh yeah I’m fine, I just, we’ll the costume doesn’t fit right,” I say honestly.

“Can I come in and help?” Lola asks.

“Yeah, although I don’t think there is any helping this,” I say. I put my hands over my crotch area as Lola walks in.

She looks me up and down. While she does this, I notice how good she looks in her costume. Unlike mine hers fits her perfectly, and she looks extremely hot even though she is showing very little skin.

“You look amazing,” I blurt out. I feel my cheeks heat up as she gives me a small smile.

“Thanks,” she says quietly and continues to inspect my costume. “I mean is pretty tight, but I think it’ll be fine.” She says and then I move my hands, which makes her giggle.

“I can’t take a kid trick-or-treating looking like this,” I say.

“Sorry, it’s just really funny. This is why I told you to try it on before you bought it,” she says through giggles.

“I know you did. I think I shouldn’t wear a costume.” I say a bit defeated.

“How about you wear a pair of black pants. We can cut the bottom part off. The shirt looks fine.” Lola says trying to problem solve.

“Ugh sure. I have scissors in my desk I’ll go get the pants.” I tell her.

After a bit of fussing with it, I end up with a race car driver top and black pants. By itself, it would be hard to tell what I was trying to be but since I’ll be with Tomás and Lola it will make enough sense.

We go downstairs where my mom and Tomás are. I hear my mom telling him a story about how she convinced her friends her house was haunted. Tomás laughs with her as she gets to the funny part.

“She’s really good with him. I see where you get it from,” Lola says as she walks by flashing me a smile in the process. Wow, she’s amazing, I don’t know how I ended up being this lucky. I stood there staring at her in admiration for a moment before I heard my name being called.

“Cade, I asked if it was alright to have Lola, Tomás, and Tessa over for that movie night next Saturday?” My mom asks.

“Uh yeah, that’s fine with me,” I say.

“Okay, so it’s settled then! I want pictures and then you three can head out.” My mom says while grabbing her phone.

Lola, Tomás, and I posed for some pictures and then started our trick-or-treating route. We went through my neighborhood. At first, it was weird for me, I hadn’t done this since I was 12. Some of my neighbors who recognized me were polite, but I could tell others were thinking about all the gossip they heard. One asked if Tomás was my son. When I said no, she explained that it seemed possible with all of my shenanigans over the past few years.

“Want to try another neighborhood? Maybe someplace where houses are closer together that way Tomás can get more candy with less walking.” Lola asks picking up on the rudeness of my rich neighbors.

“I tink that would be a good idea. My legs are gettin sore, but I want more candy.” Tomás says.

“Sure, let’s head back to my place and we can drive somewhere else,” I say. I’m glad we are leaving my neighborhood. I’ve had enough of my rude neighbors for the night.

When we get to my house Tomás asks if we can take one of the fancier cars. Since my dad isn’t here, I say yes. We move Tomás’ car seat into a white McLaren GT. Tomás jumps up and down excitedly. I see Lola has a worried look on her face. I turn to her and raise my eyebrows in question.

“Are you sure you are allowed to take this out?” She answers while chewing her lip.

“No, but my dad isn’t here so I won’t get in trouble until at least Monday,” I explain my logic.

I grab Tomás and help him get clipped in. After I put the seat up, I turn to Lola who still looks worried and hasn’t gotten in the passenger’s seat yet.

“Are you going to get in or are we leaving you here?” I playfully ask.

“I don’t want you to get in trouble with your dad over this. And after all those mean comments and glares tonight are you sure you’re, okay?” She asks in a hushed voice as she steps closer to me.

“Look, those people suck but I’m fine. I want to have a fun night and that includes taking you guys out in this car. I don’t care what my dad thinks, as long as I don’t wreck it everything will be okay. Why have all these cars if we never use them?” I try to reassure her. I get why she thinks I’m purposely doing this, so I get in trouble. She knows me too well. I had a hard time and now I want to set myself up. I mean that is kind of what I’m doing, but honestly, I want to have a fun night. Kyle does this all the time, and my dad usually doesn’t know. When he does find out he doesn’t seem to care. I know my dad has different standards of what is okay for me to do versus Kyle, but I’ll deal with him later.

“Okay, but you have to let me drive once we drop Tomás off,” Lola says we a small grin.

“It’s a deal,” I tell her.

Once we are in the car we drive into a random middle-class neighborhood on the way to Maria’s house. We take Tomás around for about an hour. When 9 hits Tomás starts having trouble keeping his eyes open.

“Hey Mijo, you ready to call it a night?” Lola asks Tomás.

He gives her a look that says he’s too tired to keep going but doesn’t want to stop.

“How about we go to one more house and then tomorrow I will give you the leftover candy from my house?” I say.

“Yes, let’s do that!” Tomás says with a grin.

We finish up with trick-or-treating and then take Tomás to Maria’s house. I wait in the car while Lola takes him inside. He fell asleep on the way, so she carries him. I watch from the car and see Diego answer the door. He talks to Lola for a moment until his mother Maria comes to the door. She talks to Lola and then takes Tomás. Maria disappears inside and I see Lola turn to leave but Diego grabs her arm. I see them talk for a while; Lola looks like she is getting upset. Diego says something else which causes Lola to shake her head and look down. She says something else and then walks away. Diego watches until Lola reaches the car.

“What was that all about?” I ask as she comes over to my door.

“Just more drama I don’t need. Let me drive?” Lola asks.

“Ugh sure,” I reply. I get out and go to the passenger’s side. As I’m getting in I see that Lola is texting someone.

“I told Clarissa that we will be there soon,” She explains.

Lola then readjusts the seat and the mirror. As she does this I ask, “want to talk about what just happened?” Part of me is curious and the other part wants to be there for her.

“Not at the moment, let me blow off some steam first,” She replies.

Then she steps on the gas and drives to the freeway. Once we hit the freeway she starts to speed up and weave in and out of the lanes. I mostly enjoy the ride until she starts to leave the city limits.

“Where are we going?” I ask.

“Somewhere with no cops so we can see how fast this thing can go,” she says with a smile.

Normally I’d find this really hot, I mean I definitely did but I was starting to also be a bit scared based on how she was driving, and that Diego said something that clearly upset her.

“Just don’t wreck the car,” I say.

Lola doesn’t reply and keeps her eyes locked on the road. It’s almost like she’s in a trance. She makes a few turns, and we end up on an unlit poorly maintained single-lane highway. Lola presses on the gas and we start to speed up. I watch as the speedometer inches up, when we hit 200 mph, I scream something unintelligible.

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