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Chapter 45


After we get to my house, I return the car to the garage. We then head inside and up to my room. When we get inside, I ask, “What do you want to do? Watch tv, go to sleep?”

“Tv sounds good,” she replies while picking at her nail polish. She seems nervous and I wonder why. I decide to leave it for a little bit hoping she’ll tell me what’s wrong. I change into pajama pants and get into my bed. Once I’m done in the washroom Lola goes to change. I scroll through my phone while I wait.

I hear her open the door, so I look up and see her. She plays with her hands and shakily walks over to the bed. She climbs in on the other side and looks down.

“Are you okay?” I ask.

“Yeah, I’m good,” She replies.

“Are you sure you seem really nervous? Is something wrong?” I probe wanting her to tell me what’s wrong.

“Well, I just, um I wanted to try um,” Lola stumbles over her words. I watch her confused for a moment and then I feel her hand grab my arm. I watch as she gets onto her knees and crawls closer to me. Lola leans over and starts to kiss me I begin to respond immediately now understanding what she was nervous about.

Lola pulls away and whispers, “I wanted to do this, but I didn’t really know what to say. So yeah, um can we make out?” She finishes with a slight giggle.

As I chuckle at her awkwardness, she places one leg on each side of my lap and starts to slowly lay a trail of kisses down my neck. I place a hand on her waist and say, “of course we can. Tell me if I do something you don’t like, okay?”

She pulls back and nods while nervously chewing her lip. I look and her for a moment enjoying the view. She’s beautiful and on top of that, she understands me as no one has before. She seems nervous which I find both endearing and sad. I wonder if it’s because she’s inexperienced or because she was raped. She said she had been with 3 guys before but based on how she was talking about this just moments ago it seemed new to her.

I let one of my hands slide down to her butt and pull her a bit closer while the other goes up to her head. I run my fingers into her hair and lean in. We start to kiss each other again. Lola slowly slides down onto my lap. I hear her gasp when she feels my erection.

She pulls away and giggles a bit. I kiss her on her nose and smile up at her.

“Sorry, I’m a bit-,” she says as she looks down.

“If you want to stop-” I cut her off only for her to do the same.

“No, I want to keep going, I just, well I’m nervous because it’s you. I really like you and I haven’t done this stuff very much. I want to be enough for you.” Lola explains.

“Nothing you do is going to be a letdown,” I say a bit confused. Usually, Lola is confident. Why would she think she’s not enough for me?

“Look usually when I’m with a guy it’s only about pleasing myself. With you, it’s different. There’s a deeper connection and it kind of scares me. I’ve never had that before.” Lola explains while chewing her lip.

“I know what you mean. I’ve never felt like this before, I don’t want to hurt you or take things too far as well.” I say. I’m glad we are having this conversation.

“How about we agree to communicate, I’ll let you know if you are doing something I like or don’t like and you do the same,” Lola suggests.

“Sure,” I say. Then, because I’m impatient I lean in and start kissing her again. I pull her back into my lap and groin. She starts to grind on me, and I kiss down her neck. I begin to pull her top up. I pull away and look at her, she nods her head up and down so I continue to pull her shirt up.

I throw her shirt aside and glance at her, her boobs are on display and my hands immediately find them. I play with one nipple while I kiss down her chest. I hear her gasp as I continue. I smile a bit when I glance up at her face. She has her eyes completely closed and he mouth wide open.

I shift so that she lies down beside me. My hands move to go down her pants. When I reach her waistband I ask, “Is this okay?”

“Yeah,” she replies breathlessly. I slowly move my hand into her pajama shorts. I make sure I stay so I am beside her and not on top. My fingers find her folds and I start to explore. She is extremely wet which makes me harden even more. I begin to glide my fingers up and down from her hole to her folds. The whole time watching her face to make sure she’s okay.

I being to stroke her, but she doesn’t respond, I keep trying to find the spot where her clit is but am unsuccessful. “Um, could you help me?” I say a bit embarrassed.

“Yeah, um here,” Lola says and then puts one of her hands on mine. She guides my fingers to her clit. When I begin to move them, she gasps, “Not so much pressure.” She says so I let up a bit.

I move my finger over the spot and Lola begins to moan, I speed up and she starts to mumble yes and other incoherent words. I start to kiss her neck as I rub her faster. I move down to her nipple and take it into my mouth. I feel her seize below me and make more noises and grunts. I keep rubbing but slow down and let up the pressure.

When her orgasm is over, I look up at her and smile. She gives me a smile back and sits up.

“That was, wow, great is the word I think,” Lola says clearly out of breath.

“I’m glad, that was the first time I’ve done that,” I tell her honestly.

“Really?” Lola asks looking surprised.

“Yeah, much like you when I hooked up with girls it was about pleasing myself, I never cared enough I guess,” I say.

Lola looks me up and down. I see a smirk cross her face. “I want to try something I’ve never done either,” she tells me.

Then she crawls on top of me. She starts to kiss me, and I let her take control. She kisses down down my exposed stomach and to the waistband of my pants. She grips the sides of my pants and looks up at me. I nod at her and then she slowly pulls my pants down. I have to help a bit by lifting myself up. She slides my pants to my knees and then crawls back on top.

She looks up at me and says, “remember I haven’t done this before so you might have to give me some pointers.” I nod at her too distracted about what she’s going to do to say anything out loud.

I watch as she stares at my penis. She runs a hand up my thigh and wraps it around. She starts to gently tug up and down. When I’m about to tell her to go faster she leans down and puts her mouth around my tip, I have to admit I was expecting a hand job but I’m more than happy for the change.

I give off a happy groan which she hears and starts to move her head up and down. I feel her tongue play with my slit while her other hand moves to fondle my balls. When I feel her take me deep down her throat, I close my eyes and grunt. It feels amazing.

She slowly speeds up and bobs up and down while her hands continue to help out. As the pressure builds up, I force my hands to stay in place. I want to grab her head and move it, but I know that she wouldn’t like that. Instead, I say, “Faster,” so she knows what I want.

She responds and speeds up. I feel myself burst, I let out groans and grunts as I unload into her mouth. Lola slows down and lets me finish. I feel her move up towards me. When I come down from my high, I look at her and smile. She gives me a kiss and I can taste myself on her lips. I never thought it would be so attractive.

Lola pulls back and says, “so was it good?”

“Amazing, best I’ve ever had,” I tell her.

“Really?” Lola asks playfully as she sits up.

“Really,” I say. I watch as Lola grabs her shirt and puts it back on. At that moment I realize my pants are still down around my knees, so I sit up and pull them back on. I turn to Lola who has laid down, I lay beside her and wrap my arms around her. We cuddle for a while.

Lola breaks the silence by saying, “you mean a lot to me, Cade.”

“You mean a lot to me too. I think that I might be in love with you.” I say. then I realize what I just said.

As I begin to tense up Lola replies to my comment, “Me to Cade. This might be a first for me. The ruthless evil girl actually falling in love. Who would have thought?”

I kiss her on her forehead and say, “Don’t call yourself evil, you are anything but.”

“You don’t know everything I’ve done,” Lola says. I sit up and look at her. She has a few tears running down her cheeks. I reach out to give her a hug, but she pulls away. “I need a minute,” she says and then runs into the washroom. I sit there in silence and watch the door.

20 minutes later Lola comes out of the washroom and back to bed, “I’m sorry about that, I just needed to calm myself down. I’ve done a lot of things I’m not proud of and my guilt caught up with me back there.”

“Like everything you’ve told me so far I’m sure you had your reasons. Lola, you aren’t evil, you have been in terrible positions where you had to make choices where neither one was right. You’ve done what you had to in order to survive. I’d never blame you or stop feeling the way I do because I found out about one of those unfair circumstances.” I tell Lola honestly. I know there are things she’s done that she hasn’t told me about yet. I know over time she will, and I am willing to give her the chance to explain. I see her start to shut down again, so I continue, “Please let me love you, so far nothing you’ve told me about your life has scared me away. Just give me the chance.”

“Okay,” Lola says and then takes a deep breath. “Please, if you ever hear something about me, give me the chance to explain, okay?”

“It’s a deal, same goes for me,” I say and Lola nods. We get back into bed and hold each other. We talk about our night and other things until we start yawning. We slowly fall asleep wrapped around each other. While I’m drifting off, I think of the future I have with Lola. I can’t believe how much I am looking forward to it.

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