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Chapter 50


I was getting ready for my date with Cade. I was going over to his house so his mom could look after my siblings while Cade took me ‘somewhere’. He was keeping it a supersize, which I didn’t like too much. Leo wouldn’t be following as he needed to oversee things for Xavier.

As I did my makeup, I let my thoughts drift towards Xavier and Jeffery. Since I had gotten the info he wanted on Jeffery, Xavier was able to shut down almost all of Jeffery’s businesses outside of Arizona. Over 750 missing people had been found in warehouses in Utah and New Mexico. Xavier gave tips to the cops who raided the locations.

Around 100 of those who were found were American the rest were from other countries. I was shocked by how far Jeffries connections in the human trafficking world were. After taking everyone’s statements the police were able to help most go back to their families. Unfortunately, the warehouses had no legal connections to Jeffery and most of the witnesses were too afraid to say anything about the people who were in charge of the operation. I wanted to talk to some of the people who were found to find out who else Jeffery was working with, but Xavier said no for now. He wanted to eliminate Jeffrey. He said we may investigate others involved in the future but for now, we didn’t have enough resources. I was disappointed but not surprised, sure Xavier was against Human trafficking, but he didn’t really care as long as it didn’t impact his business. Taking Jeffery down gave him the ability to take over those Territories and expand his empire.

Xavier also wanted me to help Leo take some people out tomorrow, they were associates of Jeffry. Men who were making deals with Jeffry here in Phoenix. Xavier said they were all helping with the construction of the new warehouse near Phoenix. When I told Xavier that I’d rather not he got angry and said he had been paying me to do nothing for a month and that I needed to do something to earn what he was paying me. I reluctantly agreed, I had done stuff like this before but never liked it. Killing people wasn’t something I liked no matter how evil or how much they deserved it.

Once my makeup was done, I started to curl my hair. I let my thoughts change to Cade, I wonder what he would think of me if he knew that I had killed people. He said he would understand anything I did but this was probably not what he thought when he said that. I wanted more than anything to have a future with him where I didn’t have to keep secrets or hide my past. I wanted to tell him about these things, but I didn’t know if it was too soon or how to bring it up.

When I’m done my hair, I put on a tight pleather skirt. I pair it with a black and red iron maiden t-shit. I put a black leather jacket on top and finish the outfit with my combat boots. I look tough but I think it suits me.

I grab Tessa from her crib in my room and get my things together. I get Tomás to pack his bag of toys and then we all head out to my car. After I get everyone buckled in, I run through what I brought to make sure I had everything. We were planning on sleeping over, so I didn’t want to forget anything we’d need.

When we get to Cade’s house He comes outside and helps me bring everything inside. After we say goodbye to his mom we head back to my car.

“Is it alright if you drive?” Cade asks.

“Yeah sure, why though?” I ask a bit confused.

“So, I’m not allowed my car for another week. My dad found out I took his car without asking so this is my punishment. I haven’t had it since Halloween. Noah’s been driving me to school.” Cade explains.

“It’s no problem then,” I say, and we get into my car. “Where to?”

“Head east, I made a reservation at a restaurant. It’s not super fancy since I didn’t think you’d like that, but it’s pretty nice.” Cade explains while glancing nervously out the window.

On the way, we talk about our past week at school. Our history teacher was impressed by our project so far and had told Cade that he was proud of how much he had turned his work ethic around. Cade’s Spanish teacher was also happy with Cade, he got a B+ on the retest.

We had an amazing dinner at an Italian restaurant. We talked about Tomás a lot and we discussed Cade’s family cabin. It was in Colorado, and it would have snow. I told him this would be the first time Tomás had ever seen snow. Cade was pretty excited to show him snow and play with him in it. I also found out we’d be flying to the cabin since would take over 9 hours to drive there. I needed to talk to Leo about this. I knew Xavier said not to get on a plane with Jeffery, but I really wanted to go.

Our date was going great, and in true Lola fashion something had to go wrong. Honestly, I should have seen it coming I mean I lived in a state of constant chaos, a great night with a guy I loved was out of the cards for me.

After supper, as we were driving to a place to go bowling, I noticed an unmarked police car trailing me. I decided to tell Cade my suspicions.

“So don’t freak out but I think a cop is following us,” I say.

“What? Where?” Cade asks looking behind us.

“2 cars back, that black SUV. I’m going to make 4 right turns. If he’s still there then we can worry,” I say recalling what Carl had told me to do if I thought someone was following me.

After 4 right turns he was still there. “Shit, I need you to listen because I think he is going to pull us over. My phone password is 8008. If he pulls us over and makes me get out, I need you to open my phone and text a guy named Brian, he’s the only Brian in my contacts. Send him our location and say it’s Will come ASAP. Don’t let the cop see you doing this. If you can without the cop seeing call Brian too. Got it?” I ask trying to stay calm.

“Um yeah, I think,” Cade says as he turns and watches out the back window.

“Tell me what I told you to do,” I say.

“8008, to open your phone, text Brian that it’s Will come ASAP and send location. Call Brian if I can.” Cade repeats.

Just then the unmarked police car’s lights go on. I pull to the side. As I wait, I hand Cade my phone and look around as I roll down my window. The street has no one else on it. Since it’s late at night it’s dark and not many people are out to begin with, add the fact that he specifically picked a deserted street and I think I know who pulled me over.

When Will walks up to the driver’s side I tense up. This is what I thought was going to happen, but I still hoped I was wrong.

“Can I get you to step out of the car miss,” Will says. “Sir you stay in the vehicle.”

I nod and open the door. I get out and follow Will to behind his SUV.

“Any idea why I pulled you over today miss?” Will says with an evil smirk.

“You tell me,” I reply.

“I’m going to pat you down, please place your arms on the rear windshield,” Will tells me. I play along with whatever he is doing and follow his instructions. He doesn’t try to hide that he isn’t doing a pat down and begins to feel me up. The whole time I cringe and hope that Cade is on the phone with Brian.

When I feel Will’s hands go up my skirt I jump away. “Fucking stop,” I yell.

“I’ll have to cuff you if you are not going to take orders, Miss Sanchez,” Will says with a smirk.

“What do you want?” I ask.

“I want to see how far I can push you,” Will says as he grabs my wrists and pins me to the SUV. “You are a cop killer and deserve this, remember that.” Then he pulls my skirt up to my waist and places his hands on my exposed ass. He grinds into me, and I feel his erection through his uniform pants.

I feel a wave of panic as I realize what he wants to do. I try to think what to do to get out of this. I start to use some of my self-defence knowledge to get out of his grasp. It doesn’t work because he’s almost twice my size. Now I’m at an even worse angle pinned to the car.

He laughs and says, “it won’t be that easy to get out of this Lola.” I hear him unzip his pants and then I feel his penis rub on my ass. I being to fully panic and start to thrash around. I manage to push him away for a moment but in the process, my underwear rips off because he had grabbed them. I try to run but Will grabs me from behind and slams my bare ass into him. He grabs my vagina with one hand and wraps the other around my throat. As I’m about to cry out for help a car pulls up and Brain gets out.

Since Will is momentarily distracted and my hands are free, I go for his gun. I grab it and pull it out of its holster. Brian runs and tackles Will. I quickly pull my skirt down, turn the safety off and point the gun at Will.

“Do it you fuckin bitch! Kill me like you killed your father.” Will yells.

I cock the gun and aim for him. At this I hear Cade yell, “Lola!” At some point he had gotten out of the car.

I look between Cade and Will trying to decide what to do. If I kill him Cade will see, and I’ll be charged. I’ll have to go to court and may not get off. If I don’t Will goes free and will try this again.

As I’m thinking Will yells, “do it, kill me just like your father you heartless bitch.”

And then I hear sirens, cops are coming. If I kill him, I’ll definitely be arrested, so I decide to shoot Will in the knee.

“I shot him in the knee, so he’d stop attacking me, Brian got her just after I shot him,” I say.

Brian looks up from where he is holding down Will and nods in understanding. He drags him to the side so there is a trail of blood. “You should him just before I got here. Then I tackled him and restrained him,” He replies.

“Fucking lying cop killer!” Will yells out.

Once the first responders arrive Will is taken by the paramedics and looked at. The cops sit me, Brian, and Cade down separately to get our statements. I told them about all of Will past behaviour and Brain warning me about him in September. After collecting the evidence and seeing the emotional state Will was in, they let me go. They said I would hear from them in the morning, but they didn’t think charges were going to be laid against me. I was pretty sure they said this and made that decision because they didn’t want me to press sexual assault charges against Will and because Brain vouched for me.

When they let us go I ask Cade to drive. I’m clearly in no state to, he agrees. While driving towards his house Cade asks, “Lola did you kill your dad?”

“Don’t ask questions you don’t want the answer to,” I reply.

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