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Chapter 55


Today my siblings and I would be going with Cade and his family to their cabin for thanksgiving. I had asked my mom if she wanted to come. She laughed at me and said she didn’t want to be around snotty rich people. Later, she said that it was fine for the rest of us to go.

She was starting to act less manic. She was working part-time and hanging out with Maria. I was worried because, in the past, she had done this and then gotten extremely depressed a few days later. I would be leaving her all alone even though I knew that her mood was about to take a turn. I had informed Maria and she assured me that she’d check on her every day while I was gone. I didn’t think I would have gone without the reassurance that someone was watching out for her.

In terms of the plane, we were going on a private jet. Leo had given me some trackers so he could know exactly where I was just in case. If I didn’t check in with Leo an hour after we land, he said he’d come with back up. If this was all a trap at least Leo and Xavier would know where I was and would come to help me.

After Cade told me that his dad asked if I broke into the home office, I talked to Leo and Xavier, and we decided to have one of Xavier guys take the blame. Xavier said he was ready for Jeffery to know he was the cause of all his recent ‘bad luck’ and that we would keep my identity secret by having another man take the blame. They set it up so one of Jeffery’s hackers would think that a man was able to break into Jeffery’s house the night I got into the office. The man who they ‘caught’ was attached to Xavier. So, if all that worked Jeffery knew it was Xavier who was after him but thought a man who worked for Xavier was the one who got all the info from his computer in his home office. Overall, I felt confident that Jeffery didn’t know and that this wasn’t a trap. I mean the plans to go to the cabin were made before Jeffery figured out someone stole information from his home computer.

I was currently waiting for Cade and his mom to show up to take my siblings and me to the airport. My mom was also home to see us off. As I watched out the window, I felt my phone buzz. I opened it and read a text from Cade.

Be there in 2 minutes. Look for the Limo.

I quickly replied and started to take my things outside and down to the parking lot. My mom joined me and helped bring Tessa out in her car seat.

As I wait my mom starts to ramble at me about how to behave, “Asegúrate de usar tus modales. Estos son los ricos de Mija, lo esperarán. Además, vístete bien para la cena, no querrás parecer un vago.” (You make sure you use your manners. These are rich people Mija they’ll expect it. Also, dress nicely for their dinner, you don’t want to look like a slob.)

I nod my head. I can never predict how she is going to be from day to day. Last week she wasn’t even home and now she’s telling me how to behave. Sometimes I wonder what goes through her head. I think she cares because why else would she tell me to be well behaved but then she’s also letting me take her newborn. If she really cared about us, wouldn’t she want to look after the baby or at least come with us?

I see a limo pull up and grab some of my bags. Tomás jumps up and down excitedly when he sees Cade get out. Cade starts to help load my things into the trunk. while we do this our moms talk to each other. I can’t really hear what they are saying but neither looks uncomfortable or upset.

“So why a limo?” I ask Cade as we load the trunk.

“My dad says they are cheaper than a cab when you are going to the airport, I don’t think they are but whatever, I’m not mad about a limo ride,” Cade replies with a smile.

“I’ve never been in one,” I admit.

“Well then we’ll have to do all the limo things on the way,” Cade says cheekily.

“So, I’ll see you on Sunday night then, behave yourself Mija,” my mom says to me and then turns to Cade’s mom. “And thank you again for welcoming us and taking them all with you. I really do appreciate your help.”

“Oh, it’s no problem, Lola is a wonderful girl and I love kids.” Cade’s mom replies.

After we say our goodbyes, we head to the airport. On the way, Tomás, Cade, and I all take turns sticking our heads out of the sunroof. We also enjoy the complimentary food and drinks. Overall, I enjoyed the limo ride and would totally do it again. I can see why rich people like them.

The plane ride was less fun. Tessa wouldn’t settle until we were in the air. Then when she finally fell asleep, we were descending which woke her up and made her cry. Cade played with Tomás most of the flight and did surprisingly well while Tessa cried. I think the things he was learning about in therapy were working. Tammy helped with Tessa, and I really appreciated it. She had a way with babies that I didn’t. She could get Tessa settled way faster than I could.

After we landed, we all got into 2 separate SUVs and drove an hour to their cabin. I sent Leo my location and a text about what I was doing. Laura had ended up coming, which surprised me. I thought she wouldn’t want to be in an isolated cabin with Jeffery, but I guess there were 7 other people going so the chances of being alone with him were small. We had the girls plus Tomás in one car and the guys in the other. I enjoyed the ride since I got to talk to Tammy and Laura.

Tammy told us lots of childhood stories about her sons, which Laura and I had a lot of fun hearing. When we arrived at the cabin I was amazed at the building. I knew it would be nice, but I had no idea it was this nice. It was a 3 story A-frame cabin with a wall of windows on either side. It was bigger than any house I’ve ever lived in. As I stood looking at the beautiful piece of architecture Tomás began to play in the snow. When I realized what he was doing it was too late, he was already covered in snow and would need a bath before bed.

The other SUV pulled up and Cade got out. I watched as he joined Tomás in the snow and taught him how to form a snowball. “He’s so good with him,” Laura says to me in a hushed tone while everybody else brings bags inside.

“Yeah, he really is,” I reply and then follow Laura to grab some bags and help with the unpacking.

As I am following Tammy’s instructions on where to put the food Cade comes in with Tomás. Tammy notices and says, “well look at you two, all soaked and cold. Cade, why don’t you show Lola to the room Tomás will be staying in, and then she can help him have a bath while you have a shower?”

“Sure,” Cade replies and motions for me to follow.

“Lola Hunny, I’ll put Tessa down for the night, I have a monitor and everything,” Tammy states.

“Oh, that’s okay I can do it,” I reply.

“It’s fine Lola, you deserve a break, let me help, okay?” Tammy says with a tone that infers she will not take no as an answer.

“I really appreciate all your help, thanks,” I say. I grab Tomás’ bag and follow Cade after she says goodnight to us.

“Can we make a snowman in da morning cade?” Tomás asks as we walk up a set of stairs.

“Of course, as long as the snow is sticky enough,” Cade replies.

We then arrive at what will be Tomás’ room. “So, here’s his room, there’s a bathroom you guys can use across the hall. Our room is down the hall,” Cade says pointing at a door. “You can come there once you put him to bed. I’m going to shower upstairs and then I’ll meet you in our room.”

“Okay,” I say and go into the bathroom with Tomás. I check in with Leo and tell him I’m good and that I was headed to bed once Tomás was done his bath. After Tomás’ bath, I put him to bed. I’m tired and ready for a long night of uninterrupted sleep. As I go down the hall to what will be Cade and my room, I realize that my bags are still at the front door. I turn around and do my best to find my way back downstairs and to the door.

When I finally find my way, I grab my bags and go back the way I came. When I reach the stairs, I hear Jeffery say, “Oh Lola, good I found you. I need to talk to you could you come with me?”

“Ugh, could you tell me here?” I ask not wanting to be alone in a room with him.

“I don’t think you’d want the others to hear what I have to say,” he replies.

I reluctantly nod and follow him. The entire walk I have a sinking feeling in my gut. We enter a den-like room on the main floor. There are 2 couches, a fireplace, and a bearskin rug. Jeffery motions for me to take a seat so I do. He sits across from me, and I watch as he gives me a sickening smile.

“I know that you broke into my office, and I know that you are working for Xavier Mills,” Jeffery says. My ears feel like they are on fire, and I begin to panic. What is he planning to do to me and why did I allow my siblings to be dragged into this mess?

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