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Chapter 58


“For fuck sakes Cade, you have everything you could ever want, just go,” Jeffery says.

“No,” Cade replies.

“Well, I’ll go next then, I’m thankful for Cade, he took a chance and got to know me and now I have all of you in my life as well,” I say trying to change the focus to me and away from Cade.

“That was a very nice Lola,” Tammy says also trying to diffuse the tension.

“I’m tankful for snow!” Tomás blurts out since it is now his turn.

I see Tammy shake her head and smile. “That’s good enough lets all dig in.” We all follow her orders and start to eat. As we are eating Laura and I start to talk about the snow and how different it is to not be in the dessert. By the end of the meal, we are all having a nice conversation about winter sports. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Cade helping Tomás cut up his turkey. The cite warms my heart.

Once we are done eating Cade, Laura, Kyle, and I help clean up while Tammy watches my siblings and Noah and Jeffery go watch a sports game in the living room.

“I turned the hot tub on if you guys want to join us when we’re done cleaning up,” Kyle says to Cade and me.

“Yeah, sure that sounds good,” Cade replies.

“Are you sure, I feel like I need to watch Tomás and Tessa more, your mom has been doing way too much,” I say in a hushed tone.

“Nonsense Lola, you deserve a weekend off and I’m happy to help out,” Tammy says from the doorway. When did she get here?

“I really appreciate it,” I say honestly.

“I know Lola and trust me it’s no bother,” Tammy says with a big smile. I am so thankful for all her help this weekend. I have a lot going through my mind and it’s nice to be able to think and have a break.

When we finish cleaning up we go up to our room to change. As I grab my orange swimsuit Cade asks, “did my father do anything to you?”

“No,” I say giving him a questioning look.

“It’s just that he keeps staring at you and making these weird comments,” Cade expands.

“Yeah, I’ve noticed,” I say hoping Cade drops this. The reason Jeffery is doing this is to keep me in line and assert his dominance. But I can’t let Cade know this.

“I want to talk to him; it has to stop. If he thinks he can try what he pulled on Laura with you he’s wrong. I’m going right now,” Cade says getting himself worked up even more. As he walks towards the door, I lightly grab his arm.

“Cade, no. I’ll let you know if he does anything more. But please don’t go confront him. I don’t want a big fight right now. I have so much going on and I really want to just relax. Once I get home, I have to deal with my mom. Please leave it until we get back. We both don’t need the extra stress of you confronting him tonight,” I plead. I don’t want Cade to confront his dad right now. I have no plan for the whole situation and his dad and him fighting over me would only lead to a worse situation than I am already in.

“I just don’t want him hurting you Lola. I love you and care about you so much. I know him, I saw what he tried to do to Laura. I would never forgive myself if he did that to you,” Cade says softly.

“I know that,” I reply with a sigh. “Look I’ll tell you if he does anything more than stare and makes comments. I’ll even tell you what the comments were if you aren’t around to hear them. Please just leave it until we’re back. And if he tries anything I give you full permission to confront him while we are here,” I say

“Are you sure?” Cade asks.

“Yes, I really want a stress-free weekend,” I add.

“Okay, but one more rude comment and I’ll say something,” Cade says.

“Okay, thank you,” I say giving him a kiss on the cheek.

Then I go to the washroom to change. As I’m changing, I decide to take everyone’s advice and enjoy this weekend because once I get home, I won’t have a chance to. I’ll need to deal with my mom and Jeffery. Maybe relaxing would help me to reset and think more clearly about everything. I needed to do something different, I had no plan and no good ideas.

After I’m changed, I walk down the hall and into our room. Cade is sitting on the bed playing on his phone with 2 towels thrown across his lap. He continues to look down since he didn’t hear me come in.

I watch him for a moment. I don’t know how I ended up falling in love with him. This whole thing started out as a job to survive, I never planned on liking let alone falling in love with the boy I was sent to deceive. He was just too amazing not to. The way he treated me, listened to me, and respected me was like no other person had before. Not to mention he was extremely good-looking with his black curls and sharp jawline. And those dark blue eyes, God they were amazing. On top of all this, I could tell he cared about me the way I did him.

I watch as he looks up and notices that I’m there. A big smile crosses his face, and he looks me up and down. His look is hard to describe, a mix of admiration and love. He stands up and comes towards me.

“This bikini gets me every time, you look so good,” Cade says as he runs his hand down my neck and to my shoulder.

“Really?” I ask teasingly.

“Mhm,” Cade says and then begins to lightly kiss my neck.

I pull away and say, “let’s get to the hot tub, we can do this later.”

“Okay,” Cade replies.

When we get to the hot tub Laura and Kyle are already inside. The hot tub is on an outdoor deck that is somewhat shielded from the wilderness. Cade and I place our towels on the hooks and then get in. I’m surprised by how calm the warm water makes me feel.

“So, what do you think of the cabin?” Kyle asks me.

“It’s really nice. I was shocked at how big it is,” I answer.

“Yeah, it’s bigger than most houses,” Laura adds.

“I’m not sure why my dad bought it, we only use it a few times a year. And even when we are all here there’s extra room,” Kyle says.

“I think he bought it for a tax write-off or something, he turned most of the land into a nature reserve to get a big tax break one year,” Cade says.

Laura shakes her head, “how can he build such a big building and get a tax write-off for leaving the rest of the land alone?”

“Yeah, the worlds messed up,” Cade replies leaning back.

“Enough of tax talk guys, I’m so sick of taxes. I just wrote a paper and a midterm on taxes,” Kyle says with a groan.

We all laugh a bit and begin to talk about less serious topics. Laura tells me some stories about her roommate who is driving her nuts and Kyle tells me about a time when Cade projectile vomited during a soccer game onto the ref when he was 7.

As I’m laughing Laura pipes up, “Wow it’s 9 already, I should head inside I want to get started on a paper before I head to bed. It was nice talking with you guys.”

“I’ll join you, night guys,” Kyle says and get out. The two go inside leaving Cade and me alone.

“I can’t believe that vomiting story, that would have been so funny to see,” I say to Cade.

“Not from my perspective, I bet you have a whole bunch of embarrassing stories too Lola,” Cade says with a playful smirk.

“But I’m not the one with two brothers and a mom wanting to tell you,” I reply.

I watch Cade get closer to me, he reaches his hand out and starts to ticket me. I try to move away but I’m laughing too hard too. I instead try to reach out to tickle Cade back, but it doesn’t work.

He slows his tickles down and I begin to catch my breath. Cade slowly moves in and begins to kiss me. I respond and smile into the kiss. As we kiss it turns more passionate and I start to run out of breath.

I pull away to catch my breath and say, “want to go up to our room?”

Cade stares at me lost in the moment, “Uh sure, yeah, yeah let’s go.” He eventually replies.

I smile at him and get out of the hot tub. I feel his eyes watching me as I go to grab a towel. I decide to put on a bit of a show for him. I casually move my hips as I walk. When I reach the towels, I drop one on the floor and then slowly bend down to pick it up. As I’m standing up, I feel Cade’s hands touch my hips. I lean into his hold.

“God, you’re killing me,” he whispers.

I slowly turn my head and flash him a big smile. There’s something about when Cade watches me, I feel appreciated and wanted. It’s an amazing feeling. I think it was different than with anyone else I had been with because I knew how he felt about me. Plus, I knew he cared for and respected me.

I moved away from Cade and wrapped my towel around me. He takes his towel and does the same. I grab his hand and lead him towards our room. When we reach our door, I open it and pull him inside. As soon as he shuts the door, I drop my towel and start to feverishly kiss him. He responds immediately and we walk towards the bed. He guides me down and pulls back, I examine his face as he looks me over. One of his hands is holding the side of my head and I can feel his thumb stroking my temple.

“You are so amazing,” Cade whispers.

“You’re incredible Cade,” I reply with a genuine smile.

I watch as he smiles back. He slowly moves in and gives me a slow tender kiss. It’s as if he trying to tell me how much he loves me through the kiss. He moves to my neck and delicately kisses down to my breast. I feel him reach around to the back of my bikini top. He stops and looks up at me for permission. I nod and help him untie my top. When both ties are undone, I toss it onto the floor and lean back as Cade continues to kiss and tease my breasts. When he gets to my nipple, I feel him take it into his mouth and lightly nip it with his teeth. I let out a gasp and he continue to kiss down my body.

He takes his time trailing down my stomach, when he reaches my bikini bottoms, he looks up and asks, “Is this alright?”

I let out a breathy “yeah,” in response.

Cade pulls my bottoms off and kneels on the floor beside the bed where my legs are hanging down. He kisses up my thigh and stops when he gets to my vagina. He switches to the other leg and repeats his slow kisses. I can barely contain myself by the time he starts to kiss my folds.

“Oh god,” I let out as he starts to speed up. At this, he adds his hands. I feel one rub my clit while the other grips my thigh. I feel him stoke, flick, lick, and blow. As I let out a groan he keeps going. I can hardly think straight as he continues. I feel my orgasm slowly building. It hits me and I let out moans and pants as Cade keeps going letting me ride it out.

As I still Cade pulls back and smiles. I sit up and we look at each other for a moment in adoration. I feel tingles run through my entire body. I don’t know what I did to deserve such an amazing guy like Cade.

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