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Chapter 6

I woke up to knocking on my door. A woman with a short blonde bob pops her head in.

"Hi, I'm Alice, Xavier's wife. I hope you slept okay. I brought some breakfast and a change of clothes."

With that, she opens the door and comes in with a tray and a bag of clothes. She sets the tray beside me while I sit up.

As I start eating, she says, "So how are you feeling?"

"Umm okay, I guess. Still a bit drowsy." I tell her as I pick up a piece of bacon.

"Oh, those brutes. I'm sorry that they did that to you. Xavier never listens to me. I thought he should just invite you here. But apparently, I'm too trusting. But look at you. You're so sweet I doubt you could even hurt a fly." Oh, if she only knew everything I've done. At least she thinks I look sweet.

Once I finish my meal and get dressed, Alice leads me to their living room. I spot Mike on the couch.

"Mike sweetie, Lola is ready now," Alice says and then leaves the room.

"Hey so um, come sit here, I'm going to be showing you some tricks on the computer to help you a bit." He tells me while patting the spot beside him.

As I sit down, I ask, "So I had that fight scheduled yesterday but I was here, can I call them or you call them?"

"Oh yeah, shoot, you're not allowed to call so I'll do it now."

Mike leaves the room to make the call. It sucks that I still have to work with him after knowing he didn't want his dad to give me a chance. But it's only for 2 days then I don't have to see him again.

As he walks back into the room he says, "So since you missed last night you have to fight 4 more times, after that, you can be out. There will be 1 fight every 2 weeks. So, you'll be done in mid-September. If you want more fights, you can ask them once your home."

God this boy made me mad. I feel like he knew his dad was going to offer me a position, so he tricked me into fighting to get back at me. Maybe I was just being dramatic but from the look on his face, I didn't think like I was wrong.

After a morning of hacking, I had lunch with Xavier's family plus Leo. His 2 daughters were even nicer than their mom. They told me all about their majors and what colleges they went to. Dana- the younger one offered to give me a tour of her campus in the fall, she went to school in Vegas and thought I could make a trip of it.

Kendal, the older of the sisters went to school in New York. She was getting a master's degree in microbiology. She said that if I was ever in New York to call her.

Once lunch was over Xavier, Leo, and I went to the office and went over all the details.

I was going to be in all of Cade's classes but 2 since they didn't want it to seem too suspicious. They also told me to join the drama club since the younger brother Noah was in it.

The next day was much of the same. Leo also added in some self-defence training. He said he thought I needed the lessons after watching me fight last week.

Leo seemed like a good person. He vouched for me when he had no reason to. We had also been getting along quite well. I had to remember that he was loyal to Xavier. He would report everything I did just like with Mike. I needed to be smart whenever Leo was around.

On Monday morning I had breakfast with Xavier's family one more time before going home. Everyone was at the table but Mike, we were all waiting to start eating.

"I think we should start without him. I doubt he's coming." Dana said.

"What did he say when you checked on him?" Xavier asked Alice.

"He said he'd come right away, but that was a half-hour ago. Let's start, he should have been here by now." Alice replied.

We all start to dig in. Kendal then spoke up, "Typical Mike, how did he turn out to be such a baby?"

"Now don't talk down about your brother, you know he had a hard time recently," Alice says back.

"It wasn't a hard time though. He tried to blame his mistakes on Lola. Now he's too much of a coward to have breakfast with her." Dana pipes up.

"This is not the time girls," Xavier says to them with a stern look.

"She should know. He tried to burn her. Lola, he said you ratted on him to the cops. He tried to get my dad to kill you, so he'd get another chance." Kendal says.

"Maybe we should change the subject. Do you girls have any plans for today?" Leo says trying to stop the fight that is brewing.

"Fuck off Leo!" Dana says.

"That was uncalled for apologize!" Xavier demands as the table erupts into chaos. It seems everyone but me is speaking all at once.

Suddenly I heard Alice yell "enough!"

Everyone quiets down and Alice continues, "Lola what my daughters said was true. But you don't need to worry. Mike will be working with me here in Texas he will have nothing to do with you in Arizona. You have Leo with you. You can trust him. He has been working for us for over 20 years and has told nothing but the truth. Now that that topic is covered, we can discuss our plans for the day after Dana apologizes."

"I'm sorry Leo, I shouldn’t have said that to you. I was angry at Mike and took it out on you. It was uncalled for." Dana says sincerely.

"It's alright, thank you for apologizing," Leo says.

We all took turns talking about our plans. Once breakfast was done, I say goodbye to everyone but Mike. Leo leads me to the garage where he hands me a blind fold.

"Wear this until I tell you to take it off." He tells me.

I get in the passenger's seat and put the blindfold on. As he starts to drive, I ask, "How long of a drive is it?"

"I can't give you the exact time but around 13 hours. We should get there before 10 pm." He tells me.

"Wow, that's long. I can drive later if you get tired."

"I'll be fine."

After a while of award silence, he tells me I can take off the blindfold. I open my eyes to see a desert. No surprise there. I turn to him and say, "Thanks for vouching for me. I owe you one."

"No, you don't. I only told the truth. Xavier made the deacon himself." He said while he focused on the road.

"Well in any case thank you. As you know I really needed a break. I'm going to get my diploma and be able to support my family. I never thought it would work out." I tell him.

During the drive, I ask Leo if he could give me more fighting lessons. I also told him about how I had to do 4 more fights. He agreed and said we'd start going to a gym on Wednesday.

After an entire day of driving, we pull up outside my apartment. Somehow my car is parked in my spot. After I say goodbye to Leo I walk into my apartment.

What I see before me makes my blood boil. Tomás is sucking on a crack pipe while my mom is hooking up with a man on the couch. Never a dull moment in my life.
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