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Chapter 60


After 2 hours Lola, Laura, and my mom finally picked dresses for the gala. I wasn’t allowed to see any of them, and my mom said I could know the color closer to the date. It was strange how she was so set on the guys not seeing the dresses, but I let her have her way since there was no point in fighting over it. When I was younger, she used to do things like this all the time. We all had to take ballroom dancing lessons one year because she said that she didn’t want us to embarrass our family. She was had always been a bit of a perfectionist over events where others would see us.

The rest of Friday went by, and I had a great day. Lola and I played with Tomás for most of the afternoon and had a movie night with both her siblings before bed. I was doing so much better around Tessa now. I was using the techniques that Mr. Garet taught me and they actually helped. Maybe the guy wasn’t so bad and actually knew what he was doing.

Saturday went by a lot like Friday, but I did some homework with Lola’s help. We were making lots of progress with our history project and I was all caught up in Spanish. I was starting to dread leaving on Sunday. I liked being with Lola all day and was glad my family was getting along so well.

Things were going great until after supper on Saturday. Everyone had left the dining room but Lola, my dad, and me. Lola and I had volunteered to clean up and my dad had stayed at the table. We were cleaning up while my dad sat watching Lola take dishes from the table and into the kitchen.

“Why are you staring at her?” I ask as I wipe the table off.

“Just enjoying the view,” he says with an evil smirk.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I ask throwing the rag onto the table.

“Just that Lola is a very attractive young lady,” he replies leaning back in his chair.

“If you think you can try what you did to Laura with her your wrong,” I say in a serious tone.

“Look Cade, I get whatever I want, this is my property and you’re living under my roof. If I want to have some fun with Laura or Lola I will,” he says casually.

All I can see is red. I go up to him and attempt to punch him in the face. He grabs me and throws me to the floor. He gets on top of me, and I brace myself for the punches, but they never come. Instead, he’s pulled off me by Kyle.

“What the hell did you do to Laura?” Kyle fumes.

I get up off the floor and see Lola standing in the doorway to the kitchen with wide eyes. I go over to her and grab her hand. I stand so I’m in front of her, I don’t want her getting hurt by anyone.

“Nothing more than a kiss, she came onto me, and Cade walked in on it. He’s convinced I tried to force myself on her but that’s not true,” my dad rushes out.

Unlike me, Kyle is big and bulky. Just like my dad. Kyle could actually do some damage if he wanted to. That’s why he stopped hitting Kyle as he got older, he knew Kyle could fight back.

“Bullshit, I heard what you said, that you get whatever you want and that if you want to have some fun with Laura or Lola you will, don’t fucking lie to me!” Kyle yells out.

I turn and see my mom and Laura standing in the other doorway. I guess they hear all the yelling.

“If that’s the truth why didn’t Laura tell you? She came onto me and doesn’t want you to know. And as far as what you heard I was winding Cade up, you know how he is,” My dad rants while getting up off the floor.

“Kyle that’s not true, he tried to rape me, and Cade walked in and stopped it,” Laura yells out.

“Why didn’t you tell me,” Kyle cries out as he brokenly looks at Laura.

“I was embarrassed and scared,” Laura tries to explain but starts to cry.

“Fuck this, you are all fucked,” Kyle says and then leaves the room. Laura chases him out.

“Jesus Christ Jeffery, couldn’t keep it in your pants around your sons’ girlfriends? Really?” My mom says while shaking her head.

“At least I could leave my room, Tammy. You don’t get to have an opinion on anything that happened while you had your depression holiday,” My dad tells my mom.

“You’re an asshole,” My mom says.

“At least I’m not a worthless whore,” My dad replies.

I feel Lola pull her arm out of my grasp. “Enough!” Lola yells. Both my parents turn and look at her. “That’s enough fighting for tonight. I think you should both leave and calm down. Separately.”

“Yes, yes, that’s a good idea, I’ll be in the master bedroom,” My mom shakily says. I watch her begin to cry as she leaves the room.

“Fucking bastard, always have to ruin things,” My dad says turning to me.

Lola steps in between us. I try to get in front of her in case he tries to hit us, but she holds me back. “It’s time for you to leave and calm down,” Lola calmly repeats to my dad.

“This is none of your business, step aside and let me put my son in his place,” my dad replies.

“Let you beat him because you’re mad? No way. Get out of here before you embrace yourself. And if you ever try anything like you did on Laura to me, I’ll kill you, I don’t give a shit who you are or who you know,” Lola says getting close to him. I can’t believe the amount of confidence she has. Most people fear my dad. The only reason I stand up to him is to get him to stop hurting my mom.

My dad steps back and shakes his head slowly, “You better hope you can fix this mess.” Then he leaves the room. I hear him slam the door to the den a few moments later.

“Holy shit,” I say.

“Yeah, holy shit,” Lola says.

“Thanks, you were, wow. No one stands up to him, that was insane,” I say trying to process what just happened.

“You do, that’s why he constantly tries to devalue your words and hits you. He doesn’t want to lose any power,” she states.

“In any case that was extremely brave of you,” I say.

“Where’s Tomás and Tessa?” Lola says with urgency. I had completely forgotten that they were here.

“I’m not sure, my mom was watching them in the living room, lets look there,” I say.

When we reach the living room no one is there so we run upstairs and see Noah, Tomás, and Tessa in Tomás’ room. We both breathe a sigh of relief.

“Mom told me to bring them up here when we heard the commotion start. What happened?” Noah asks.

“Dad and I got in a fight over him staring at Lola. Kyle overheard and found out that dad tried to rape Laura, then it escalated,” I explain as Lola checks on her siblings.

“Wait what happened?” Noah asks.

Lola gives me a look and I take him into the hall where Tomás can’t hear us. I explain all of what happened with Laura and the entire fight tonight. “I knew he wasn’t the best but now, well now I don’t even know,” Noah replies.

Lola comes out of the room and says, “I think someone should check on your mom.”

Before either of us can respond Laura comes running down the halls and says, “Where are the car keys?”

“Why?” I ask her.

“Kyle left, he wouldn’t listen to me and said he needed to get away from everyone. I need to follow him,” Laura exclaims with tears running down her face.

“Laura you can’t drive in this state, I’m sure he’ll be okay and will hear you out in the morning. Right now, he is angry with his father and needs time to calm down,” Lola calmly explains. I can’t believe how calm she is in a crisis.

“Yeah but, but, what if he gets hurt? It’s dark and the roads are icy and he’s also not in a state to be driving,” Laura rambles through tears.

“How about Cade and I go and follow to make sure he is okay. You and Noah can check on Tammy and watch Tomás and Tessa while we go, does that sound alright to everyone?” Lola asks.

“I think we should all stay together, Kyle will be fine,” I say.

“Cade, he’s always going after you when you aren’t okay, it’s your turn to do the same for him,” Lola says. She’s right and I know it, I just don’t want her or her siblings to be put in any more danger.

“You’re right but I don’t want anything to happen to anyone if I leave. Maybe everyone else stays in the master in case my dad has another outburst,” I add thinking of a way to decrease the chance of something happening while we are gone.

“Yeah, yeah, we can do that,” Noah says nodding.

“I hope he doesn’t, does the door lock to that room?” Lola asks.

“Yeah, it does, and I think he’ll leave us alone, he’s never left angry and come back swinging. He’ll stay in his den until moring and act like nothing happened, that what he always does,” Noah says.

We all go up to the master and talk to my mom. She’s doing okay for the situation. We get Tomás all set up and Lola tells him he’s getting to camp out in the nicest room in the house. By the time we leave, they are all watching a movie in the giant room while my mom rocks Tessa to sleep.

“Do you think your dad will try anything? ” Lola asks as we walk to the garage.

“No, he’s usually fine after he leaves the situation, but I think putting them all in one room was the best,” I say.

“I hope your right,” Lola says. We get into the car and I drive down the snowy road following the tracks Kyle left.

“He’s headed to town, probably that dive bar,” I say when I realize what way he went.

Lola nods, and we drive in silence for a while. The road is dark and it’s snowy, so I concentrate on my driving. About halfway to town, I decided to ask what’s been on my mind, “Would you actually kill my dad if he tried anything?”

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