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Alisha Jackson is a 20 year old woman who didn't have much of a life. She and her sister have been abused by their stepdad after their mom passed away from cancer. After she has found away to escape his clutches, she has made a life for herself and her sister. A few years later, she meets man who is her next door neighbour. He is very nice and respectful. Will be able to break through the walls she has build around herself and can he win over her heart? And what happends if someone she wouldnt have expected to appear returns and threatens their safety? Warning! This book uses strong racial language that is only allowed to use by black people!!! Anyone who feels offended, please just skip this book and move on. ENJOY

Romance / Thriller
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: A New Life

Alisha's POV

"You've made a big mistake coming home late today Ali. I told you what would happen once you would do that again!", my stepdad literally spat those words in my face. "Keysha, go up to your room and wait there for me!", he yelled. He looked and me and smirked. He had that devilish glint in his eyes and i knew what he was about to do to my little sister. As always i jumped in to her rescue. I would never let that psycho lay his hands on her in ANY single way. "Kesh, stay there. I will handle it", i said. I didnt even hear Kesh's footsteps to begin with. She already knows the drill. At least once a day, my stepdad calls her to come up and i tell her to stay downstairs because i'll handled it. I'm not sure if she knows what he's doing to me because she's just five years old, but i think she is growing suspicious of the cuts and bruises on my thighs and belly and about the fingerprints and hickeys on my neck."That's my girl", he said and stalked towards the door. He closed it and gestured me to sit on my bed. "Take those clothes off for me girl, were going to have fun today!", he said and started laughing like a maniac. Oh lord, please help me find a way to get my sister and myself out of this hellhole. Whatever i have to do, I'll do.

I woke up with sweat running down my face. I got up and opened my bedroom door. I ran down the hallway and quietly opened Keysha's bedroom door. She was still sound asleep. I let out a breath i didn't know i was holding. I closed her bedroom door and made my way to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Tomorrow was Kesh's seventh birthday, and i had to decide what to get her and where to take her to.
It's been a year and a half since we escaped our stepdad. I still remember that day like it was yesterday. It was a very bad day, and i did something very bad, but we escaped! That's all that mattered. I finished my glass of water and went back to bed. Tomorrow will be exiting, i just knew it.

I woke up by someone shaking my body. I was so tired but then Andrews face flashed over my face and i jolted up, only to be greeted with a smiling Keysha jumping up and down screaming "Today is my seventh birthday! I'm seven years old. Come on Ali, you promised me pancakes with syrup and scrambled eggs with bacon for breakfast!", and she already ran out of my room. Trust me, she can eat like a madman. When i heard the bathroom door shut, i slowly got out of bed. "Damn, what time is it? Feels like it was just an hour ago that i went to kitchen to get a glass of water!", i groaned and took my phone from the nightstand. It was 9:12 am. Ugh i am soooo tired...wait 9:12 am? Shit! I was late! Why didn't i hear my alarm? I only had till 9:40 to fix my sister up some food before we had to leave for school. I quickly went to my closet to fix myself a cheap but fancy outfit.

Kesh was in first grade and enjoyed it. I don't have any friends or social life because of what i have been through but Kesh was still young which gave her the opportunity to have friends now. The teachers told me that at the start she was all by herself huddled up in the corners. now she even has her own friend group with two other girls i was able to meet and they are really nice and respectful. Almost gives me the feeling that i am an older sister to two other girls and i am telling you, that's some hard work for a sister right there!

I got dressed in three minutes and was able to fix Key up some pancakes and bacon with scrambled eggs in only fifteen minutes and she was done eating in 7. We were out by 9:37 am and got to the bus stop on time. We catched an earlier bus and i dropped her of at school. Damn I'm good, 9:53! Now i can walk to work.

As i reached my work and entered the tall BLK Beauty building, I saw that there was a new receptionist at the desk. "Hi", she said and waved at me. "I'm the new receptionist. My name Asia Brookes, but just call me As.", she gave me a really cute smile. "Hi Asia. My name is Alisha Jackson, but Ali's fine.", i said smiling back. As you guys now, I'm not really that social person, so i was feeling really uncomfortable with this. "Well I'll see you later probably. I don't want to make you late. Don't worry. I know what company i am working for. With the great lioness owner!", now she was laughing, pretty loud if i might add. I quickly glanced over my shoulder just to see if anyone heard it. Thankfully everyone was just minding their business and going their own way. That doesn't mean they didn't hear! Come on this is a magazine and editors company. News is bound to travel. Plus this is an African American company with 80% of African Americans working here. Ain't nobody bout to mind they own business. I quicky but jokingly hit her arm. "Will you shut up. Your first day and you already wanna get fired. Baby, you finna be out of here faster than you can say Beyonce! And thats a fact!", i said. "I'll see you later Asia.", i said and laughed at the face she pulled.

I just finished working on a section of our Magazine BLK Beauty, when i got a call from Keysha's school.

"Hello? Is this Keysha's sister Alisha?"

"Hi, yes it is. Is everything all right with my sister?", i asked hysterically and already got up because i thought that Andrew had finally found us.
"Yes everything is fine. Well kind of. Keysha hit a Student today. You will have to come to school and pick her up after we had a talk with his parents."
"His?! She hit a boy? That's why you are pulling me out of my important work, which pays me money so i can provide for me and my sister?!?!"
"Erm... yeah?"
"Fine. I'll be there in twenty minutes!", i said and angrily hung up the phone.
"What is wrong with that girl?", i yelled and threw my hands up in the air. My colleagues just looked at me like i was a maniac.
"What are looking at? Get back to work!". I know i wouldn't have gotten away with this if i was newcomer and had a low rank here. But those are the perks if you are the best book editor and best Magazine section writer in the company. Also reason enough why i don't have to go and ask my boss if i can leave. I also don't need to be at work on time but i still like to.
I grabbed my bag and headed out. I waved Asia good bye and walked to the bus station going towards Kesh's school.
Oh boy!
What this girl done put me through. By the time i am 30, I'll be looking like a fifty year old woman if this goes on with her.
Lord have mercy on a sister!!!
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