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My mate and I destroyed the world once. And it cost us each other. Our memories were wiped. I was turned into a lone wolf, never able to find her. She was trapped inside of human bodies, torturing them until she destroyed them, only to be placed into another body. But everything done in the dark will eventually come to the light. And Jupiter - our God - is ready for change. The world as we know it is hanging by a thin thread, and if Luna - the mood goddess - has her way, my mate will destroy the world. But I won't let that happen again; I won't lose my mate again. This time, I'm going to save her. And this time, she will be their savior instead of their destroyer.

Romance / Fantasy
Author T. Thomas
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I tilted my head up to look at the stars, feeling that strange pull that I always felt whenever darkness came over the earth.

Her dark soul would always call to me, and it was always the strongest at night – when darkness fell over the earth. Her soul – my mate, my other half – was locked inside a human body with no way to escape. She wouldn’t be able to escape until she managed to make the human commit suicide, ruining the human’s soul in the process.

But she never truly escaped. She just got thrown right into the next human’s body.

It was a never-ending cycle, and I could never find her.

The Moon Goddess had done this to Sidero centuries ago when I had failed in my duty as her mate to make her realize she could be good – that she wasn’t evil – wasn’t destructive. But I had failed. I had loved her so much that I joined Sidero in destroying the earth.

Without an ounce of remorse, the Moon Goddess had ripped her from me, sticking her in a random human’s body, and every time my mate had managed to torture that poor human until they killed themselves, the Moon Goddess just stuck her soul right into another human’s body, never allowing me and my mate to reunite.

It was torture for me because every time it happened, I could hear my beautiful mate’s tortured screams as the Moon Goddess forced her into yet another body.

I could never find her. Centuries ago, the Moon Goddess had ripped away my ability to walk away from my pack. I was forever tethered to them – tethered to my duty as their Alpha.

My Beta strode up beside me, looking up at the stars with me. “You know she misses you too, Vulcan,” Apollo told me, his voice quiet as he spoke, knowing that I always felt her strongest at nighttime.

I rubbed my chest right over my heart with the heel of my hand as it began to ache, a feeling of fire rushing through my veins suddenly. I stared down at my arms and my legs. It felt like hot lava was pulsing through me, but it didn’t burn – didn’t hurt me.

It felt awfully familiar, though. Figuring it had something to do with my wolf side, I shrugged it off.

Apollo’s mate, Bellona, strode up beside him. He instantly wrapped an arm around her shoulders, pressing a kiss to her cheek. Jealousy seared through my chest, and I turned my gaze away from the lucky couple.

I would never have that again. I had let my mate down, and now we were to suffer until the end of time.

“No!” A woman’s thunderous roar shook the Earth, bringing me to my knees as the ground beneath my feet quivered from the sheer volume of her voice.

A louder, evil laugh shook the ground right after. Suddenly, the Moon Goddess dropped down from the stars with another, larger man dropping in front of her. He was wearing a cloak that was ripped at the bottom, dragging the ground. A large scythe was in his hand, and a malicious grin crossed his face as he looked down at the seething Moon Goddess from his towering height.

The Gods and Goddesses never came down to Earth. The last time it had happened was because Sidero and I had almost caused an entire apocalypse, and they ripped us from each other to save humanity.

I quickly stood in front of Apollo and Bellona protectively, drawing on my power as Alpha so I would be ready if I needed to protect my pack from whatever was about to happen.

“She wasn’t supposed to be released!” The Moon Goddess yelled at the towering man in front of her.

“It is her time, Luna.” He told her. He turned to look at me, his dark eyes swirling with the fires of Hell. My body violently jerked, and I reached up to clutch my head as pain radiated through it, an onslaught of memories crushing me, bringing me to my knees. I growled as my body grew in size, my bones twisting and snapping to reshape me into my towering height as the God of Fire.

“Ah, Vulcan, I see you remember me now.” Pluto teased as I pushed myself up to my feet. My head was pounding, and my body was throbbing from the pain of being forced to shift and grow, to resume my normal shape.

“God, that hurt.” I breathed as I felt the pain receding, looking up to see my oldest friend, the God of the Underworld and the Dead, Pluto – also known to me as Sidero’s father.

“Apollo, Bellona.” Pluto sarcastically greeted them as I slowly rolled my shoulders, trying to relieve the phantom ache there.

I turned to look at my now old Beta and his mate, but they were glaring at me, hatred gleaming in their eyes as they obviously remembered the destruction Sidero and I had caused before Jupiter had wiped their memories, forcing us to live as wolves that were forced to shift every full moon.

Apollo had hated my guts then. We had once been best friends, but I turned my back on everything that wasn’t Sidero to keep her happy – to keep her with me.

Because that evil entity inside of her would rip her from me otherwise, and I wouldn’t lose my mate. When my memories had been ripped, so had my memory of Sidero’s darker entity. For centuries, I had been forced to believe that my mate was solely responsible for everything that had happened.

But she’s wasn’t. It was whatever evil thing had found a home within her.

I turned away from them, looking around the clearing that I was standing in, rage surging through my veins.

I wanted my mate.

This was also one of the reasons my memories had been buried. I was destructive without her.

“Where is she?” I thundered, fire erupting as the Earth split with my rage.

“Your beautiful Sidero has been released from her vessel,” Pluto told me, trying to calm me. He’d seen the destruction I had wrecked for Sidero – to please her – to keep her with me. He knew I would do it all over again if I did not get my mate soon.

I glared at Pluto. “That does not answer my question, Pluto.” I snarled at him.

He inclined his head behind me. I spun around to face my other half – Sidero. Her black hair floated around her shoulders down to her waist, those lovely, gray eyes begging for destruction as they met mine. She was Pluto’s only child, and the moment I had laid my eyes upon hers, I had fallen in love with her. Her feelings had been the same, but her need for destruction had been even greater. Something in my gut told me that had not changed.

But I would not lose her again. I would not allow Jupiter to put us through this a second time. I would keep her with me.

Luna had locked her away in a human body to rip us apart from each other, and Jupiter had wiped our memories of who we really were when I had failed to save her soul – to bring out the good that I knew she could be.

Instead, Sidero had ruined me in the most beautiful, destructive way.

“Save her this time,” Pluto spoke quietly from behind me. “You are her only hope, Vulcan. Do not let her be ripped from you again. Do not make me lose my daughter again.”

I could only hope that I would be successful this time because last time, I had loved her too much to make her unhappy.

Maybe this time I could love her enough to save her – to save us.

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