Will you stay?

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"There are some things that is mean to be broken" - Abigail Johnson, If I fix you. Some days of your life, you will meet the person that will knock your interest. There are meetings that you want to last forever and sometimes, you will meet someone you want to fix. You will meet someone you want save, someone you think that it is only you, who can save her in her misery. In her dark world, you want to be the light. When she's lost, you want to be her guide. You will do everything for her, But, is that all enough for her to stay? This is base on a true story. I hope you enjoy

Romance / Drama
Chyler Avery
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Life is like a long wide road.

We are the drivers of our own journey. There are people who will ride along with us and take the same road like us. However, we all still have a different path to go.

There may be people who’ll be with us along the way, someone who’ll join us inside the car, have some memories, laugh with us, talk stupid things and such... but then, time will come, they’ll eventually leave and get off our car, or life maybe?

Life is uncertain they say. Now, you can be happy with your favorite person then the next day she wanted to leave you. Today, she will told you how much lucky she is to have you and how much she love you then the next day, it is not you. You are not her favorite person anymore. How uncertain it is right?

I am being too emotional again. Anyway, forget about the drama. I have many things to do.

I open my phone and see the unread message.

“Huh? Who is this?” I ask myself as the unknown number popped up.

“Hey, Blaire, This is James. I do not have load right now so I just ask some random stranger to text you. Anyway, I just want to inform you that we are here already. Text us if you have arrived”

Huh? He asks favor to a random stranger just to tell me that they have arrived, Weird.

I pack my camera, tripod, microphone (just in case) and get ready. My friends and I is in charge of the photography and video of the debutant. In short, they hired us to do the job. The venue is in the beach.

I drive at the location. Mostly I am in charge on the video but Ally asks me to switch. Therefore, I am in charge now in the photos of the event.

After an hour of driving finally, I arrive.

As I open my car door, the smell the sea and feel the breeze of the wind welcome me.

Sea never fails to relax me whenever I am near of it.

Oh, right. I need to inform them.

Hey, where are you? I have arrived.’ I message James.

I stroll around the sand. I remove my socks and walk barefoot. I love this feeling.

The sand touches my feet, me feeling the air, and my eyes are looking at the sea. The sound of the waves is so relaxing.

I get my camera inside the bag and take shots of the peaceful sea. As I wander around and still taking pictures, I notice the girl sitting at the sand, looking at the sea.

“She looks sad.” I mumble. I just look at her as my camera clicks. Well, you can’t blame me. She’s beautiful. She looks like the goddess of the sea. I don’t want to waste this moment. She’s the best subject for my photograph.

She looks at my direction. Maybe she feels my presence.

She smiles.

OMG! What should I do? She shines brightly as she smiles. She’s so pretty and cute, Totally my type.

“uhh. H-hi.” I stutter. I suddenly get nervous.

“Hi.” She brightly greeted me.

“Uhh” was the only thing I can say. I think I am doom. I mean, did she see me taking stolen pictures of her? Gosh! This is embarrassing.

I heard her chuckles.

“You’re cute.” She said.

“Waahh she have a sweet voice.--” Oppss. I am having a conversation with my mind. Aish I didn’t know I’ll said it out loud.

“Thank you.” I hear her reply the she chuckles. Gosh, I am so red right now.

“Lois.” She said, introducing herself.

“Blaire” I reply.

I am still looking at her, memorizing every inch of her face. She has cute chubby cheeks, deep brown eyes and mostly, her lips. I love those especially when she smile.

As I look in her eyes, I feel like she is screaming for help, she needs someone to save her.

The moment I meet her, I know she will become someone special. Someone I want to protect and make her feel that she has me. She is not alone from now on.

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