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choose love

Chapter 4: Choose Love
My mother once said to me there are two kinds of men you’ll meet. The first will give you the life you want and the second will give you the love you desire. If you’re one of the lucky few, you will find both in the one person. But if you ever find yourself having to choose between the two, then always choose love.- Lang Leav, Universe of us.

“Let’s meet.”
My phone vibrated and I have received a message from Lois. She wants to meet me, I wonder why. On the other hand, it felt weird. After I talked to her last night, I have this feeling to clear all my appointments or schedules for her.
I arrive to the place she told me to meet her. As always, she arrives early.
“Why?” I ask the moment I see her.
“Nothing, I just miss you.” She said.
“I doubt.” I said. She just chuckle.
“I want to buy a book. I just finished the book I am reading.”
“What book?” I ask.
“Turtles all the way down.”
“Wow. That was the book my friend loves to buy. She even asks me to buy that for her as a Christmas gift.” I remember my friend Arlene she is a book lover. She shares to me the books she had, about poems. Especially that one that is written by my favorite author. I love to write poems. All my friends know about it.
“Did you buy it for her?” she asks.
“Nope. I don’t have money. Anyway, what book are you planning to buy?”
“Sad girls by Lang Leav.” She said.
“Ohh.” I didn’t say much. I am not familiar with books though and I hate reading. I don’t have much attention when it comes to reading but I love to write. How ironic right?
“Tell me more about yourself. I mean you as a person not your past.” Lois said.
“Hmm” I am thinking things I want to share to her. Oh! I know now. All.
All about me.
“I am Blaire.” I said.
“I know your name. duh!”
I laugh “Chill. Hmm I love to write poems, I am interested in photography, video editing, anything related to arts and ahm I really want to try to do portraits. I want to make a portrait of the person I love. Also, I know how to dance and play badminton.” I cheekily said.
“Ohh. I have a friend that is really good at drawing. She helped me a lot in drawings back when we are in college,” She said.
“Wow. When I am at high school and college, they always appoint me to draw if that is a group project. Sometimes I volunteer to draw when I saw my friend having a hard time on our activity and I just finish mine.”
“What a good friend are you.”
“Nah, just a talented one,” I said cockily then laugh.
“So full of yourself huh?” she commented.
Lois just bought the books she needed and now we are finding a restaurant to have some lunch.
“Where do you want to eat?” I ask.
“Anywhere,” she said.
“Where is that place? Are the food in there is delicious?” I ask her jokingly.
She just rolled her eyes on me. I laugh.
“Hahaha just kidding. Hmm let’s eat at my favorite fast food.” Then I drag her.
We arrive and find a comfortable sit for the both of us.
“You order.” She said.
“I am shy. You go there. Shoo” I said.
She rolled her eyes again in me but obey me. I chuckles. She’s cute.
Minutes passed and she just got back to our seat. There is a lot of people eating here.
“Tell me, why do you love this place?” She asks. We are waiting for our order to arrive.
“Because this place serves a delicious food and the chicken here is my favorite. My all time favorite.” I answer proudly and happily.
“Do you know, I dated all of my Ex-girlfriends here? I have a lot of memory about this place.” I smile remembering those days I’ve waited in this fast food but different branch, for my first love to arrive. Also my second girlfriend always treat me here whenever we dated. My best friend and I love to eat here after exam or after we got the money from our scholarship. I had a different story of every person that comes to my life here in this fast food.
“Then I don’t want to eat again in this place.” She said.
“Why?” I asks. So sudden?
“I want to be different than them. So you will only remember me in that one place.” She said.
I Chuckle. “What a selfish girl” I commented.
“I’m serious!” she said.
“Fine. Then we won’t eat here if we meet again. Let’s find another place that you suggest,” I said.
She smiles happily.
“Where did the two of you dated?” I asks. I want to know where did they usually go with her exes when they re on a date.
“Who? The first one or the last one?” She said
“Hmm both?”
“I don’t remember where.”
I look at her in a poker face. “Seriously?”
“Kidding. Anywhere we like. Nothing in particular unlike yours.”
“Hmm I see.” I said.
We continued eating and roam around after.
“Where we should go next?” I ask.
“I don’t know.”
“I want to go to your place.” I openly said.
“Nah. Visitors are not allowed in there. What if we go to your place?” She suggested.
“Hmm okay. If you want.”
I drove us at my place.
“My house is small. It’s just minimalist type. And I am a messy person hehe” I warned her as I park my car.
We entered at my house.
“Hmm the interior is cute.” I hear her say.
“Feel at home, I’ll just change my clothes.” I said. Then I go to my room.
After I change into a comfy one, I go back to Lois and see what she is doing.
“What are you doing?” I ask.
“Arranging some stuff. I got stress whenever I see those things that are not arranged.” She said. She arranges the magazine in the center table.
“I know but stop that, you are a visitor. Let me do that later.” I said
She stops and washes her hands with alcohol and tissue.
She sit downs and washes her hands,
She takes the remote and washes her hands,
She gets the glasses on water and washes her hand.
It’s like everything she do, she needs to wash her hands after.
“I notice that you always wash your hands, it’s not like my apartment is that dirty or messy. Hmm may I know why is that?” I ask
“Uhh sorry. Just an habit. Please don’t mind me.” She said shyly

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