Lovely Fate

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THIS IS A BOYXBOY! IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT THEN DON'T READ IT! Sure Justin Vasques is a famous singer but why does he need to have fangirls and guys? And even on top of that, haters? Though, there is this one guy that has actually caught Justin's eyes. Justin has never been in love until he meets this guy. Justin is in for a ride after he realizes the truth as to why he was actually sent to a public school. It was all Leo's fault.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

16 years old and I already fucked up. Hi. My name is Justin Vasques. I’ve always had money. Only because I’m a good singer and I post very little videos on the internet. The thing about me is that I’m being forced to go to a public school when I was always homeschooled. I already have a bad feeling about this. I don’t want fangirls all over me because I get all types of love comments from the girls and gay guys. But I get hate comments constantly by other guys. Oh well.

I sighed because I was behind the passenger seat with my head on the window. I grew up rich. My dad is a lawyer, my mom is a reasonable doctor. But the thing about this life is that we have money so people automatically assume I bribe lawyers to get out of trouble. They automatically assume that I am going to cause trouble just because they think I’m a rebel because I’m rich and have tattoos or because I’ve had trouble before I got this singer life. Things have changed since then and it scares me. I have haters but I have fans at the same time.

I sighed as we arrived. It was medium sized but there were a lot of people. Like a lot. I guess people heard I was coming to this school. There were way too many girls. I huffed as my body guards had to push people back. I opened the door and got out and a bodyguard glared at me. I hate it when they open the door for me either way. I closed the door and looked at the crowd with a grin. They shrieked, getting excited. I winced because it was loud but I loved it when they went wild. I just pushed past my bodyguards as I walked into the crowd.

I went straight through as they followed me, asking for autographs and stuff like that. There were two guys leaning on the wall when I entered the building but they were glaring right into my soul. I felt shivers go down my spine. I just sighed. Haters, I’m assuming. I walked as the fangirls followed me. Keeping up an act for everyone is so hard but yet the acting is the easy part. But when everyone comments on your life, it’s hard. So I just always keep my head up so I don’t get more hate comments than what I already get.

Nobody understands that being a singer is hard. They think it’s easy because we have money. I wish it were that easy but it really isn’t. A foul smell invaded my thoughts and my nose. I groaned because of how bad it smelt and I realized I was in the cafeteria. My god, what were they cooking, human flesh? Jeez it stuck so bad. The girls wouldn’t even come past the line to enter the cafeteria and they were all covering their noses. Wow, such an amazing school, am I right? I rolled my eyes as I went through the cafeteria and end up on the other side of the school. Because honestly, they were now starting to get annoying.

I sighed as I walked with my head down, avoiding all eye contact with all the guys that passed me in the hallway.

“Hey hey hey.” A guy said and put his hand on my chest to stop me from moving. I kept my head down. “Look at me.” He said. I could smell his breath. It smelled like mint. Like it was freshly brushed over and over again until it was perfect.

“U-um. Yes?” I asked softly. I looked him in the eye, raising my head. His eyes were ocean blue with dark hair crowding around his face. His hair was at least shoulder length but he looked…

“You’re the singer, right? Justin… Justin Vasques.” He said and narrowed his eyes slightly, peering into my light green eyes.

“Yeah, that’s me.” I muttered with a small frown. He was at least half a foot taller than me and he smelled good, like really good.

“Hm, you don’t seem to be proud to be a singer.” He said with a raised eyebrow. He crossed his arms over his chest and I noticed the rings on his fingers and the chain necklace around his neck.

“Not everything is pleasing in this world.” I muttered. I sighed. “I should really get going. Those girls are going to come after me soon and I really don’t want to deal with them.”

“Ah, don’t worry about them, they aren’t allowed to come over to this part of school. You just escaped the female side. This is the male side.” He said and slung his arm over my shoulders. I felt heat prick up into my cheeks but I hid it.

“There’s sides?” I asked.

“Yes. Now come. We have to find your dorm. I should see if you can bunk with me so that nothing bad happens to you. Most of the guys in this school are haters.” He said.

“Right.” I muttered slowly.

“Did I introduce myself? Well my name is Leo Carpens, nice to meet you in person Justin. Now let’s go to the office.” Leo said and moved his arm from my shoulders as I quietly walked behind him. I had nothing to say but then, I had thousands of things to say. I was practically about to scream once we reached the office. “Let’s go.” Leo said and opened the door for me.

“The people behind the desk are glaring at me.” I whispered as Leo entered the room. He laughed a deep laugh. Almost making me laugh along with him.

“Ms. Finch.” Leo said as he leaned against the counter with a grin on his face. Ms. Finch just sighed.

“What, Leo? Came here to torture the people in detention again?” Ms. Finch said as she typed on her computer a little.

“I would never!” Leo said playfully which made Ms. Finch glare at him. “Actually, this is Justin. He’s new.” Leo said. Ms. Finch looked at me up and down slowly.

“You look familiar.” She said as she looked at her computer and typed something else before clicking on something with her mouse.

“Uh… yeah. I’m a singer.” I muttered. That’s when she stopped and looked at me.

“The Justin Vasques? Dang, never imagined meeting a star.” Ms. Finch said as her scowl turned into a smile. The printer started going.

“Yeah now you did.” I say with a nervous chuckle. Ms. Finch grabbed the paper from the printer and handed it to me.

“Leo’s a good guy. He’ll take good care of you.” Ms. Finch said. “I just never seen him interact with anybody but his friends.”

“Alright, Ms. Finch. Enough. I can be friends with who I want.” Leo said with a grin.

“Friends?” Ms. Finch asked with a raised eyebrow. “With that look?” Ms. Finch pointed out and Leo dropped his grin and his eyes went cold. My eyes widened slightly due to the sudden gesture. “If anything you have something planned for this poor guy and he doesn’t need that, Leo. He’s just gotten here.” She said with a frown.

“I’ll do what I please.” Leo growled. He grabbed my wrist and dragged me out of the office.


“Shut up.” He growled as he pulled me into the bathroom and closed the door. I pulled my wrist free from his grip.

“Leo, what the hell?” I asked and shook out my wrist. “Why was she saying that? What the hell is that supposed to mean!?” I asked, really confused.

“You are so naive just for being a singer.” Leo growled. I was going to say something but I shut my mouth. He sighed deeply and looked at me up and down slowly.

“W-what?” I asked softly, my stammering wasn’t making the situation easier.

“I like you, Justin.” Leo said. My eyes widened but I hid the heat that had randomly climbed its way into my cheeks.

“W-what do you mean, you like me?” I asked. I almost felt like I was going to cry.

“You started singing when you were 7 years old, got viral by age 9, now nobody can top that in just 2 years. I’ve liked you since I saw you when you were 13 years old.” Leo said between gritted teeth.

“W-wait…” I muttered softly, trying to process everything.

“No. Listen.” He said as he took a step towards me. I stepped back. “You had an amazing voice. And the way you talk to your fans… it was like you were just talking to me personally. I… I fell for you the second you hit puberty. You were so cute and talented and smart. I couldn’t resist.” Leo said as he took another step to me. I took a step back and reached the wall.

“I-I don’t understand. That’s not even… how…” I asked quietly. He took another step to me but now his body was against mine and he had my wrist pinned by my head on my right side. My eyes widened when I realized how close he was. I could smell every part of him making my heart thump in my chest. My cheeks heated up even more but I couldn’t stop it this time. I kept my mouth shut.

“I like you, Justin. And soon, I’m going to make you mine.” He said huskily into my ear causing me to shiver. “I’ve already claimed you.” He said huskily in my ear as his hand came under my shirt and felt on my stomach then my chest. I wanted to cry so bad but I wasn’t going to let him win.

“Tell me, Justin, why’s your heart pounding so hard?” Leo asked with a grin. I shook my head and his hand moved lower back to my stomach slowly. “Answer.” Leo said softly.

“B-because you’re too close.” I whispered and shoved him off of me, making him stumble back and hit the floor hard. “I… I’m sorry!” I say and kneel beside him. “Are you okay!?” I asked, concern filling every part of me.

“I’m fine.” Leo said but the grin came back on his face. He grabbed my hand and my cheeks reheated up. “Don’t worry about me.” He muttered huskily. His hand was ice cold compared to mine. He brought my hand up to his lips and kissed my knuckles gently making my face heat up worse. “It’s cute though.” He muttered softly but I pulled my hand away.

“W-whatever. Just stop doing that.” I muttered as I stood up.

“Help me up?” He asked as he held out his hand. I sighed and grabbed his hand. My mistake. He pulled me down on top of him. Our legs were intertwined with each other. Our faces were so close and my heart was pounding so hard in my chest. He grabbed my hand and placed it over his chest. His heart was pounding hard, just like mine. “Do you trust me?” He asked softly.

“B-but… I just met you.” I whispered. I intended for it to come out coldly but it came out so… weak.

“So?” He murmured. “I already made you mine. So just deal with it.” He said softly. My eyes widened when he grabbed the sides of my face with his hands and his lips met mine. It felt like my body was on fire. His right hand trailed down to my waist and moved me to a different position where both his legs were between mine. My hands were resting on his chest but unwillingly, they wrapped around his neck so that I was holding him against me. I wanted more from him and I hated that feeling. He pisses me off.

He pulled away and I ended up coughing. I didn’t realize how he took the air out of me. He had a grin on his face as he looked at me. We were still really close.

“I..” I say and I realize and rage filled me instantly. “Hey! What the hell!?” I say as I jumped away from him so that I was on the other side of the bathroom. He chuckled. “Why are you laughing?! It’s not funny!” I screamed, my face felt like it was ready to melt.

“It is funny.” Leo said as he climbed to his feet. “God, come on, Justin.” Leo muttered as he ran his hand through my hair. “So soft.” He whispered. I smacked his hand away.

“Don’t touch me, idiot.” I say with a ‘hmph.’ He chuckled and wrapped an arm around my shoulders and pulled my side into his.

“Let’s get out of this bathroom.” He muttered as we walked out of the bathroom like that. His arm wrapped around my shoulder, him making me pissed by making comments, right now I wish I never have met him.

Once I make it to class, I felt relief pour out of me because him and I don’t share hardly any classes together. The only classes we share is Gym and lunch. But lunch doesn’t count. I took a deep breath and sat in the back middle next to a girl. She was cute but she seemed a little off.

“Hi, Justin.” She muttered as her head hit the desktop.

“Whoa, you okay?” I asked softly.

“No. I’m tired of this. Those girls are so mean to me. I did nothing to them and they always shove me around and make me do their bidding.” The girl muttered.

“What’s your name?” I asked.

“Bella.” She muttered. She looked really sad.

“I’ll be right back.” I say softly as I stood up and went to the group of girls who instantly paid attention to me. “Ladies.” I say with a small smile and do a small nod at them.

“Justin. Eek, told you he’d talk to me.” The girl said with blonde hair.

“Yeah uh, hey. You guys are being mean to one of my best friends?” I questioned with a raised eyebrow. Before they could say anything, I interrupted. “Listen, you stay the hell away from Bella, got it? If you come near her one more time, I won’t hesitate to expose you guys. I know everyone’s secrets at this school so if you really want to test someone that’ll hurt you in a heartbeat, go ahead. Or I’ll tell Mac that Lilith has been sleeping with her dad.” I growled angrily.

“You;ve been what!?” Mac screamed as she looked at Lilith. Lilith looked petrified.

“I’d keep your mouth shut around her, or else.” I growled and sat back down. Bella was in awe.

“That was so cool!” She exclaimed. “How did you know all that information?” Bella asked curiously. I took out an ear piece.

“It’s so I can find out information on people if I mention their names. Or if they know I’m angry, then they’ll tell me stuff that only they know about.” I say with a small shrug.

“Damn, that was badass.” Bella muttered. I just grinned as the class begun. I was glad that I made a friend but it was better when I knew I had control. I sighed as the class ended in 50 minutes. I was tired of writing so much. Too many notes. Right as I walked out the door, Leo was waiting there.

“Hey there, shortie.” Leo said, a playful grin on his face. I rolled my eyes and intentioned of walking passed him but he grabbed my hand and turned me around to face him.

“What?” I asked. His thumb went over my wrist and I felt my pulse start to pick up speed. He grinned when he felt my heartbeat. I pulled my hand away.

“Come. I’ll walk you to your second class.” Leo said.

“Why… I don’t want that. I’ll find my own way.” I muttered. Bella walked out.

“Hey I’ll see ya around Justin.” She said with a smile. I grinned.

“See ya Bell.” I say. Already on the nickname basis. Leo looked between me and Bella then his gaze just dropped dead on me. “What? Am I not allowed to have friends?” I asked.

“Have as many friends as you need. I’m walking you to class.” Leo said.

“I can walk by myself. That’s why I have two feet and legs for a reason.” I say. He scoffed and crossed his arms over his chest.

“Fine. Then let’s play that way.” Leo said. My eyes widened when he picked me up like a baby.

“Let me go!” I growled, trying to get out of his hold but he was holding on too tight. “Seriously put me down! I can go myself!” I hissed, anger was bubbling inside my chest. I tugged his arm and that was a mistake because he let go of me and I fell to the floor. I hit hard but nothing was bleeding or injured. Possibly my butt would be bruised. “Seriously, Jerk!!?” I growled.

“You wanted down.” Leo said with a small shrug. I was going to say something but he had already turned around and left. I sigh. I was very angry. Ugh, he makes me pissed to the point where I want to punch him. I get off the ground and I realized I was right in front of where my other class was. That jerk… I rolled my eyes and went in. I sat down in the front instead of the back only because Bella was in there.

“Are you friends with Leo?” Bella asked curiously with a raised eyebrow.

“No. We are not friends.” I huffed.

“Then why were you guys talking? Plus, nobody’s really friends with Leo.” Bella said as she grabbed out her notebook.

“Why not?” I asked.

“Well the thing is… Leo is hard to… communicate with. He always starts arguments and gets into major fights to where the other person is unconscious. He bullies almost everyone. I mean, he hasn’t exactly had the best life but that doesn’t mean you do that to other people.” Bella said.

“Hm. Well he seems pretty stubborn.” I muttered.

“He’s majorly stubborn. Once he puts his mind to something, there’s no turning back. He will do anything to get what he wants, even if he hurts others in the process.” Bella said.

“Really?” I asked softly. “H-he told me he likes me.” I muttered and avoided eye contact with Bella.

“Oh… well that’s not good.” Bella muttered.

“Why?” I asked.

“He gets obsessive. If you don’t like him back, he’ll make you fall for him and then break your heart to have fun or he’ll make it hell for you. He’s never really fallen for anybody but once they do, they all complain about it.” Bella said.

“Like how obsessive?” I asked.

“Like to the point where you become the housewife. Tending to chores, tending to feeding him. Tending to everything while he works. It can get very tiring but when you don’t listen, he’ll make it worse.” Bella said. “They say he’s an understanding guy but he lets his judgment get in the way.”

“Oh.” I say. That’s all I could say. She was saying bad things about him but when we first met, he didn’t seem violent or anything. But then, he did say he’s liked me since way back then. But he was nice to everyone we came across besides the teacher Ms. Finch. But they seem to have a history.

I wonder what it would be like to help him out in life though. Cleaning, cooking, doing everything. But I wonder what the punishment would be if I didn’t listen. I wouldn’t want the punishment to be cruel or anything. I’d want it to be different. I sighed as I drew on the corner of the page in front of me. I wonder. Once this class was over, I instantly left. I seen no sign of Leo. Whatever. Why was I even thinking of him? Whatever. I just met him. I don’t need that conflict in my life. I huffed as I walked the halls until I reached my next class. I double checked the paper to double check before heading in. My eyes widened when I saw him leaning against a desk in the back with his friends.

I put my head down as I walked over by the window and sat down. I just realized he had a few tattoos on his arm. He didn’t even look my way, not once. His wrist was filled with dark leather bracelets while the chain on his neck just hung there. But then his fingers came up and he started playing with it just as soon as a girl walked over to him. He had a huge a grin on his face.

I turned around so that I wasn’t looking at him. He’s a guy. I shouldn’t be thinking about a guy. I can have all the girls I want and I think about a guy I just met. I scoffed at myself and minded my own business until someone tapped my shoulder. I looked over with a raised eyebrow.

“U-um. Hi.” A girl said softly. She was short and her cheeks were a bright pink as she avoided my eye contact.

“Yes?” I asked softly.

“Uh… you see… I’m a big fan of yours.” She said, it almost came out as a whisper. I smiled at her and her eyes finally met mine but they widened and her cheeks darkened with blush which made me chuckle lightly.

“What’s your name, cutie?” I asked. I will say, she was adorable. She was blushing like crazy and she was short. She smelled like roses. Her dark hair flowed over her shoulders, stopping at her ribcage. She had light blue eyes that were too shy.

“U-um.. Julia.” She whispered softly.

“Nice to meet you.” I say softly. “So what did you need?”

“Um, I just wanted to know if I could get your autograph. Y-you see, my little sister, Hayley really wants to meet you.” Julia said really softly.

“Yeah.” I say with a small nod. I looked out the corner of my eye and saw Leo glaring at us. I grabbed a piece of paper and signed it. “Here. Tell your sister I hope she grows up to be as beautiful as you.” I say. Her eyes widened. If anything, her cheeks were darkened quickly. The classroom got quiet and all the girls were looking at me. She grabbed the paper.

“Y-you think I’m beautiful?” She asked softly.

“Of course. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Your light blue eyes with your dark hair, you look smart and beautiful. Tell your little sister that you hope she grows as beautiful and smart like you.” I say softly. Most of the girls’ jaws dropped.

“T-thank you.” She whispered.

“Of course Julia.” I say with a grin. She nodded but sat down beside me. I grabbed out another sheet of paper and started drawing on it. I noticed how Leo was glaring at me even harder than before. I rolled my eyes and continued to draw. “So… you know Leo right?” I asked softly.

“Yeah. He’s my brother.” Julia whispered.

“Wait. He’s your brother?” I asked. She nodded. “But your so shy and you guys look nothing alike.” I say, completely shocked.

“He has our mom’s features while me and my little sister have our dad’s. Leo was always mean to me but really nice to my little sister. I don’t know what I’ve done to make him hate me so much.” Julia said. The thing about that is that Leo heard that. Everyone heard that.

“Hey, forget that dick. You don’t need him.” I growled. Everyone’s eyes widened, including Leo’s, including Julia’s. “Listen, if he wants to be a jerk, then don’t let him. You need to stand up for yourself. I can already tell that your kinda shy but so what? Take advantage of it. Nobody should take shit from that asshat, especially you since you probably have to put up with it constantly. Don’t let him tear you down.” I growled. She giggled and she jumped into my arms, her arms wrapping around my neck.

“Thank you.” She whispered before she pulled away and sat down in the chair. I don’t think anybody has anything to say. If anything, I think everyone was speechless. I don’t know why but Bella mentioned nobody messes with him. Probably because of his tough act. I wonder what would happen if someone tried to hurt Julia. Would he stand up for her or just let her get trampled. That’s when the teacher walked into the classroom.

“Alright welcome. Sit.” He told the class coldly. “My name is Mr. Colt. Now listen…” He said but his voice faded as he started talking. My eyes went to outside as I got lost in thought. Why would he be such a jerk to his own sister? If anything, she seems innocent and nice. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with her. Maybe he’s just doing all that so that he- “Mr. Vasques!” The teacher snapped. I nearly jumped out of my seat.

“Yes?” I asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Notes. You missed the first half of notes.” He growled angrily. Oops, my bad.

“Sorry.” I muttered but then I realized something. “Wait, did you just yell at me?” I questioned with a scoff. His expression changed to nervous.

“I-I didn’t mean it. You see-”

“Shut it. If I wanted to pay attention in your class, then I would have. But still doesn’t give you the right to yell at me. You are so lucky I’m not calling my lawyer. If it happens again, expect you to be suspended from this job for a month. No pays, nothing. Because I’m assuming you have a wife and kids correct?” I asked. The class snickered.

“Y-yes.” The teacher stammered.

“And you need the money to pay for everything, right?” I asked. He nodded. “Ok then. So don’t you dare yell at me again.” I say. I grabbed a toothpick out of my pocket and stuck it in my mouth to chew on. He’s pissed me off to the point where I needed to chew on a toothpick. I hate people who have the nerve to disrespect others. “Teach.” I say.

“Right. So anyways.” he said and cleared his throat as he got back into teaching. Once the class was over, I headed out instantly. Bella was waiting for me.

“So, I got texted that you totally shut a teacher up!” Bella said excitedly.

“Indeed I did.” I say with a small head nod.

“Ooh cool. Why do you have a toothpick in your mouth?” Bella asked curiously.

“Oh. I’m pissed. Isn’t it lunch time yet?” I asked.

“Yeah. Today its rice and chicken. Now let’s go.” Bella said as she began skipping down the hallway. I grinned as I was about to go but someone grabbed my arm to prevent me from going. He turned me around so that I was facing him.

“What?” I asked Leo harshly as I smacked his hand away.

“We need to talk.” Leo said.

“No we don’t. Don’t touch me.” I growled.

“Or what, gonna call your lawyer?”

“Ooh, no. I will do something much worse.”

“Oh yeah? Like what? Cry? I’m talking to you.”

“No but fine. No touching.” I growled. He sighed and nodded and he led the way to the bathroom. Why was it always the bathroom? Plus, this was only my first day here at an actual public school and it’s already a piece of shit. I sighed as we reached the bathroom. He double checked to make sure nobody else was in there until he locked the door. “What?” I asked.

“Why’d you call me all those names, Justin?” Leo asked. I was going to respond but he grabbed my wrist and pulled our bodies together. My face heated up. I was about to pull away but his arms tightened around my waist quickly. “Answer.” He growled.

“B-because she said you were mean to her.” I stammered. He scoffed and glared at me deeply.

“Yeah that’s not true. I’m not mean to either of my sisters.” Leo huffed as he pulled away from me.

“What…” I start but trailed off.

“She lied. I wouldn’t hurt any of my sisters. I’d hurt anyone who would hurt them. I love my sisters to death, so there, Justin. You were played.” Leo said as he twirled his chain around his fingers that was around his neck.

“So… you’re saying she lied?” I asked softly.

“Yes. She did. So then she can talk to you because she’s liked you ever since I’ve liked you.” Leo said. I felt heat rise in my cheeks. “Listen. Just be careful around her. The last time she’s became obsessed with… it didn’t end well. Try not to talk to Bella so much around Julia.” Leo said and clenched his jaw as his hands fell to his side.

“W-why?” I asked softly, stammering. I hated it when I stammered. It made me feel weak. Feel powerless. But that wasn’t true. I had strength but I always hide it.

“Because if you don’t then Julia will kill Bella.” Leo said and he opened the door.

“Wait, what do you mean, ‘kill Bella?’ She didn’t seem to be the type to do that.” I say, defending her which made him scoff.

“Just go. Just watch Julia’s movement around you, watch how she looks at Bella when you are around her. I live with her, believe me, I know. I was in the same boat as you. Now get your ass out before I push you in a puddle of wet cement.” Leo said with a grin. I quickly walked out from the bathroom and went to lunch. I was hungry. Bella was waiting there for me.

“Hey dummy, let’s get some food.” Bella said with a grin. I nodded and we both found a seat we can sit in. That’s when Julia came over.

“Bella.” Julia said as she looked at Bella coldly then her look softened when she saw me.

“Hey, Julia.” I say with a nervous chuckle. “I… I am hungry. Let’s just get food, okay?” I asked. They both nodded.

“So… are you free after school, Justin?” Julia asked. Before I could say anything, Leo appeared.

“Actually, Julia, he’s busy.” Leo said as he peered at his sister coldly.

“What? He needs to answer, not you.” Julia huffed.

“He’s busy.” Leo said. Thank god, he came to my rescue. “Plus, Justin here doesn’t like either of you. Maybe as friends but nothing more. Justin is already dating someone.” Leo said. The last part was a lie. I was single. But the other parts were true.

“Who!?” Julia asked as anger filled her voice.

“No one of your concern. Now, Justin. You are gonna sit with me, okay?” Leo said and I nodded as blush filled my cheeks. Why was I blushing?

“Ok.” I muttered. Julia huffed angrily and I glanced at Bella who just shrugged with a shit eating grin on her face. I sighed as me and Leo walked over to his seat and I sat down next to him. “Hey, thanks for that.” I muttered.

“You don’t need to be crowded by Julia. Now you see what I mean?” Leo said with a raised eyebrow.

“Wait. What about Bella though?” I asked. “Technically, shouldn’t she feel the same way?”

“No. No no no. Bella doesn’t like guys.” Leo said as he grabbed a fry from his neighbor on the other side of him since that guy wasn’t around and he popped it into his mouth.

“Oh… well dang.” I muttered.

“Hey, you hungry? I can go get you some fries or something?” Leo offered. I shook my head.

“Nah, I’m good.” I say softly.

“Well then what’s wrong?” Leo asked.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“You’re droopy and you look like you are about to cry. So what is it? Like a girl but she don’t like you back? Oh wait, you like Bella but she isn’t into guys, is that it?” Leo asked.

“No… none of those. I’m just… confused.” I say softly. “I mean, I heard horrible things about you from everyone I’ve met so far but honestly you aren’t that bad of guy.” I muttered.

“That’s because you haven’t known me long enough to understand. I always cause trouble for everything. It’s my specialty.” Leo said with a grin.

“Hm.” I hummed. He sighed.

“There’s clearly something else on your mind. Explain.” Leo huffed. I shook my head. “Yes, please do. I’m listening.”

“U-um. I just…” I whispered. Why was I whispering? I should be confident enough to ask him. “When you said you like me..” I muttered and trailed off. He sighed.

“Let’s go somewhere more private to discuss this.” Leo said. I nodded as we both stood up. We went to the other side of the school where there was not a single soul in sight. “Finish.” He said.

“It’s just when you said you like me, I felt my heart pick up its speed. What does that mean? And what do you exactly mean by you liking me?” I asked. Why couldn’t I keep that first part to myself? “I-i’m just curious.” I muttered softly. He chuckled. Like a volcano exploding.

“It means that I want to kiss you right now if that clears things up.” Leo said.

“But we just met!” I exclaimed.

“I know. But I’ve liked you for a while and I hate waiting for something that’s mine.” He said huskily in my ear. I felt my legs start to tremble for some reason and my face got really hot.

“B-but..” I stammered but no other words could come out. He grabbed my hands and held it up by my chest and he slowly laced our fingers together until they were locked.

“Perfect fit.” He said. His eyes were staring right into my mine. My heart was pounding so hard that I could hear it in my ears. His lips met mine and my eyes widened. He pulled away for barely a second enough for me to say something.

“W-wait s-” I started but he cut me off when his mouth collided on mine. His leg wedged between mine as a hand gripped my waist, holding our bodies together. His other hand was resting on my cheek, keeping our lips together. I closed my eyes and just let him take me wherever he needed. His tongue trailed against mine slowly until it darted deep into my throat, cutting off my breath.

Shit, I couldn’t breathe. A moan escaped my throat as his tongue explored my throat slowly. I dug my tongue into his mouth and let it roll around in there slowly, experimenting with the flavors and textures. He tasted good, like cinnamon and mint. My hands unwillingly wrapped around his neck the longer we kissed. He pulled away and I ended up coughing and gasping for breath. He just stood there taking slow even breaths. I still had his taste in my mouth.

“We should get back, lunch is about over by now.” Leo muttered huskily. I looked at the clock on the wall.

“What time does lunch have to be over?” I asked softly with my cheeks a dark crimson.

“In about five minutes.” Leo said. “Let’s go.” he said. I nodded and I was about to but I couldn’t.

“U-um… Leo..?” I asked softly.

“Hm?” He asked.

“Um, I have to use the bathroom.” I muttered.

“Make it fast.” Leo said as he walked away. I nodded and walked down the hall slowly until I made it to the men’s bathroom. My heart was pounding. What the hell is wrong with me? I heard the bell ring but it was faint. My mind was up to other things instead.

Once I left the bathroom, I left down the hall. The hallways were empty which means that I was late. Late on my first day. Of course. Not surprising. I didn’t have any more classes with Leo but it still bothered me. We kissed but… my body reacted a weird way. I actually… liked it.

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