You Belong To Me

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"You are not alone. Whatever you do, I am always with you." He smiled and came to me. "I know." I smiled still worried. He came closer to me and took my hand carefully in his. "Don't worry. We will find some way to catch him. Then we will punish him together." He said in a very soft and sweet voice and hugged me. ~~~~ Winnie is a kind, lovely and careless girl, who likes to be on her own world. Suddenly one day a tall, good-looking guy came and said that Winnie's father had not died of cancer, but her father had been killed by a group of bad guys who called themselves 'Dark Shadow Gang'. What will Winnie do then? Why did someone kill her father? Why didn't her mother tell her that? Will she be able to find out the whole truth? And who is this guy who suddenly came and said this? Read this book to find out more.

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 (The Mission)

Winnie's POV,

When I came in front of the mansion where a big party has been held, I looked around very carefully and checked. I look at every security guard who is keeping a very good eye on the surroundings.

It seems that security has been tightened a lot. I need to be more careful and normal. I just want to get inside somehow.

Luckily I have an invitation card to go in which I don't know how Nathan managed. No one can enter here without this card.

However, I was able to get inside through that card.

There are a lot of people here and everyone is from wealthy family.

I don't like to come in this type of party. Cause I get very bored here. But now my main purpose is not this party but something else.

I think the host of this party has not come here yet. I have to check everything here very carefully so that no one suspects me.

I am walking very carefully and looking at everything with the corner of my eye.

At first I need to know where the thing I'm looking for is!

They will not keep it in any easy place of course. It will be in a place where no one can easily go or see. And the security system will be more tight there.

I went upstairs without anyone noticing, where there weren't many. There are many rooms here. Which room can it be in?

I saw a lot of rooms and finally came in front of a room that looks very old. Looks like it's here. I smirked.

Before I entered the room, I looked around and saw that no one was coming.

Whoa! Cool! From the outside this room looks very old but inside is completely different. And there are many antique things up front which are very valuable.

"Here it is!" I said in my mind.

Inside a glass box in front is a precious diamond. But you need a password to open it. And if you touch it without password, the security alarm will start ringing.

But what could be the password! Here you can try 3 times and I have already tried once. And unfortunately that password was wrong.


Okay. I still have two chances. And I hope I can open this lock.

"Hey! Where have you been!?" someone shouted. I think one of the security guard.

"Um sorry I went to the rest room for a while." another guard answered.

Oh no! oh no! I need to hurry! What will be the password!?

"Seriously! Are you crazy! You know what would happen if our master found out!?" he shouted again, this time a little loudly.

"Now hurry and check there!" he ordered another. "If anything, boss will kill the two of us!"

No no please don't come, please. Stay where you are for a while and argue with each other.

I felt my heart beating very frantically. I was starting to beg in my mind for not to come them here. If they catch me now then all our plans will go to the vain before it start.

Shit! They are coming here! I have to go somehow now. I saw another door in the back which was locked.

Damn it! All problems need to happen now!

They are more closer and closer. They will come here now!

I somehow managed to open the door with my master key and quickly get out.

Oh thanks god! I was so scared. Now I am feeling a lot of relief.

I went down avoiding everyone's attention and calmed myself down and somehow tried to stay normal. I have to get out of here now.

"Can I dance with you?" someone asked and I was shocked or truth to be told that I got scared. I felt as if the police had caught the thief!

"Oh, you scared me!" I looked at the man.

"Well are you looking for something or someone?" he came closer to me.

"Nope. Why?" I was scared but I behaved normally.

"Nothing. I was just watching you walk around that's why." I didn't tell him anything else, I remained silent.

"Well you can call me Ray. Would you like to dance with me?" he asked, extending his hand towards me.

I smiled. "I'm Winifred. You just call me Winnie." I gave him my hand and he took me to the other side where everyone was dancing.

I am not in the mood to dance but I have agreed to dance with him so that no one will suspect me. I have to be as normal as I can. I have to pretend like others and I have to act like I am enjoying the party.

"Wow you're so good at dancing." he complimented with a small smile, still we were dancing and holding hands.

I said nothing more. Because I'm not here to dance and I'm not in the mood to talk or dance.

Finally when I somehow moved away from him. I have to leave fast now.

Just then the host of this party whose name is I guess Robert, that's what Nathan told me, he finally came with his wife.

Whoa! Perfect entry!

I realized that I could not escape from here. And because of my on mistake, I can be suspicious in their eyes. So I have to think about everything carefully and then I can do something.

Without wasting any more time, I took the opportunity to go to Robert's wife when she was alone.

"Hello. Nice to meet you." I greeted.
She looked at me with a confused look then smiled. "Nice to meet you too."

"You came with him, right?" she pointed me at Ray.

I just smiled and nodded. Well, I'm not with him and I don't even know him. But she thinks whatever she wants or like. This is my advantage. I don't have to make any other excuses or story to tell her.

"I saw you dancing. You two looked like a very beautiful couple." she smiled sweetly.

"Thanks." I hugged her.

"Is he your boyfriend? Or are you dating each other?" she asked curiously.

Ugh! Do I really have to answer such an obvious question now?

I just remained silent and blushed. Well, I was just pretending...nothing else.

She giggled. "Ow, you are blushing!"

She stopped then continued, "I'm sorry to ask you so many questions together." she smiled.

I shook my head. " It's okay aunty." I smiled sweetly again.

"Oh by the way, I'm Camilla." she introduced herself.

"And my name is Wi-" I got cut off when someone started yelling.

This means that they find out that the red diamond is not there.

I chuckled and immediately I made it disappear from my face.

That doesn't belong to him. They are bad people. So I stole just it.

Wait! No! I didn't steal it. I'll just take it wherever it belongs. And here I have good intentions not bad.

Anyway, Camilla excuses me and goes to Robert. And after a while, some security guards started checking everyone. And one of the security guard comes to check me too.

"Please let me check you and your bag." the guard said in a cold voice.

I gave him my handbag. He checked everything but he found nothing.

"Thank you." with that he left and I smirked.

I knew it would happen. So I had already planned for this. And I hid it somewhere else.

Can you guess that where I hid it? I have hidden it somewhere where no one will ever suspect and check.

After a while everything goes as before and a lot of gossiping starts.

Robert is nowhere to be seen. And I know why. I smirk again.

They will not find anything even if they check the CCTV footage. Nathan will see and handle the footage of all the CCTV cameras here. So I don't have to stress about it.

I went to the washroom where Camilla went. "Oh you again." she looked at me.

"Yeah." I smiled.

"Did you enjoy the party?" she asked. I shook my head.

"But it looks like there's a problem. Is everything alright?" I asked looking worried.

Seeing her, she clearly looks upset. So I hugged her. "Don't worry aunt." Or I could say I hugged her to get my things inside her bag carefully.

"You're a really sweet girl, dear. And don't worry I'm fine. Robert will see everything. So I don't need to tension." she said and give a small smile.

I smirked and smiled inside myself. And to show her from the outside I looked sad and smiled weakly.

After talking to Camilla, I left the mansion. The reason I came here is complete. I mean my mission is complete.

I knew it was the safest place to hide in her bag. No one would suspect ever Robert's wife and no one would check her.

So when I hugged her for the first time, I put everything in Camilla's handbag and took it out again at the right time.


After I went out there was a car in front for me and I went inside that car.

"So have you been able to complete this mission??" Nathan asked as soon as I got inside the car.

I smiled. "What do you think?" I looked at him.

"I knew you could." he said proudly.

"Let's get out of here first." I said and he started the car immediately.

"Were you scared?" he asked me without looking at me.

"A little but then I took care of myself." I said.

"I thought they would catch me. But luckily there was another secret door in the back, about which you told me before." I added.

He laughed. "They checked everyone and found nothing." I said again.

"So where did you hide that?" he asked and I answered. "In Robert's wife's handbag. No one would suspect her and I was right." I laughed and he laughed too.

"Oh and you won't see this diamond? What are you going to do with it now?" I asked curiously.

"Well I'll see later and I'll get it where it should be." he answered.

And I sounded, "O"


Hiii my lovely readers!
Welcome here!

This is the first chapter of my book and I hope you like it.

Let me know in the comments what you think about this book or this chapter.

And another thing,
I hope you will ignore my grammatical mistakes and
support me.

And please be patient with me. 。◕‿◕。

Feel free to vote and comment.

See you all in the next chapter!
....Love y'all:)

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